Some folks have said that the GSL website is down.  No, it's not down.  It can only handle about 500 connections at once and if you're not one of those first 500, you get a 503 error or some other one.  Or the server omits the pictures.

I share your pain.  I intended to post a couple of things late yesterday, but the gun ban bill post proved the straw (railroad tie?) that broke the camel's back.  I couldn't get on, much less use WordPress to fashion a post with pictures.  Returning today, new posts keep us right up at that maximum connections number and some folks are still having some issues.

Patience.  Try, try again if you get an error.  We're just buried with traffic right now.  If it persists, we may migrate to a more robust connection.  But for now, we'll stay here.  Life's busy enough for our volunteers to add to their GSL workload.

Thanks for understanding.