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That did not take long.  Despite Governor JB Pritzker saying that he didn't know that lawmakers would push for a gun ban this year, it has arrived.  Senator Julie Morrison filed SB-107 yesterday.  It would ban all semi-auto rifles and pistols that can accept a 10+ round magazine.  That eliminates virtually all of the best selling personal defense pistols.

Yes, even your Colt 1911, would become a banned scary gun under Morrison's legislation. 

Image via sportsman's guide.
Image via sportsman's guide.

Thank you Sportsman's Guide.  But don't blame them.

Ditto for your kid's Ruger 10/22…  BANNED.

ftd-ruger10-22But she doesn't stop there!  Guns with certain features that cannot accept magazines of greater than ten rounds – or guns with fixed magazines with certain features would also become banned.

For all of you shotgun afficionados:  The legislation bans virtually all semi-auto shotguns.  Well, any that accept 5 rounds in their magazines. 

Browning-Silver-ShotgunsAnd thanks to shorty shells, that's pretty much all of them.  

What about existing guns?  You'll have 300 days to register them with the Illinois State Police.  Paying a $25 per gun fee.  

How long will the registration last?  

Until the next piece of legislation flat out bans the registered guns.

Thinking of ignoring the registration requirement?  Well, you risk a felony if you take it out of the home to the range.  Or even in the home if the police end up in your home or a neighbor sees it in the window.  Because, maybe you have a medical issue or a fire or a call for service to the police department…

But why register them when the Illinois General Assembly will likely pass a seperate magazine ban later this spring anyway.  Which Pritzker will sign.

This bill, as I see it, is not the total ban we hoped the over-reaching, gun-hating Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly would file.  A total ban would give us the best chance at fighting this in court and, playing the long game, eventually over-turning every gun ban nationwide via the Supreme Court.  This ban, the state would argue, isn't really a ban because existing guns could be registered.  Sort of like Chicago did with handguns.  You could have a handgun if it was registered.  And registration was closed to new guns.  Have a nice day. 

And of course, people like Ed Burke who passed the ban get to ignore it with the exemptions for themselves.

Welcome to Illinois.  Is it any wonder why scores of thousands of productive citizens are moving out of the state each and every year?

140 thoughts on “ILLINOIS GUN BAN INTRODUCED: Any semi-auto rifle, pistol that can accept 10+ rd. magazine plus most semi-auto shotguns”
  1. This is ridiculous your taking every honest citizens right away. This will do nothing. We who hunt and put food on or tables rights are being threatened.  Protecting our homes from wrong doing individuals. I will be looking to leave this state. I will not let my rights be infringed upon 

    1. Whether you leave the state doesn’t matter, to them, you’re just a dirty capitalist pig that clings to his guns and his bible. 

      The anti-gun movement is much like the pro-abortion movement; it did not start over night.  The pro-abortion movement actually started back during the Grant administration. The fact it took almost a 100 years before they could murder the un-born means nothing to the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks are in it for the long haul. They know how to play the long game. 

      The fact that the Bolsheviks pushed the gun lobby into compromising and making concessions so they could tear down our pro-gun culture is only apart of their master strategy to meet their ultimate goal; "Total Disarmament of the People" 

       If you think your going to stand up for your rights and scream on the roof tops; well they got a “Red Flag Law” now that allows them to take your guns if you get to loud.  “Red Flag Laws” like FOID cards are just another part of the master plan.

      Remember this comrades ….

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
           Because I was not a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
           Because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
           Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    2. Wow listen to this hypocrisy… First, there is no such thing as "pro-abortion," just as there is no such thing as "pro-life."  It's "pro-choice" and "anti-abortion."   Second, and here is where the hypocrisy comes in–both issues are about PERSONAL CHOICE and FREEDOM.  If you support the Second Amendment you need to support the whole Constitution. 

    3. sounds like its time for illinois residents to vote or recall these as-h-l-s out of office instead of them running you out of the state,your home,away from family,your jobs,why would you give up everything you have worked for to a bunch of political leeches that have done nothing in their lives but live and get rich off of you,you have to STAY AND  FIGHT FOR WHATS YOURS,not run

    4. No, these pre-abortionists are just that. What they want is a dead baby, period.  

      There is no mention in the Constitution of abortion, but there is the Second Amendment. You mention personal choice. What about the choice of the unborn human?  Just because five or six old men decide that an unborn human has no rights doesn't make it so. A few old men also once declared that slaves were less than human. We all know the history of that, or do you?

      Calling them pro-choice is an attempt to glorify an act of murder. Calling those in favor of life anti-abortion is an attempt to make them appear merely opposed to something.

    5. Find a liberal who actually has read the constitution is like finding big foot or a liberal who isn't living of of a conservatives tax dollars. 

    6. Don, It's PRO LIFE or PRO DEATH. You're either for letting the life naturally develop and become what nature intended or you're for stopping what nature intended by forcing death. PERIOD. Here's a question (s)…. Is that fetus / lump of tissue / mass of cells / whatever you pro deathers call it to not admit it's a baby, is it alive ? is it human ? does it have a beating human heart ? if yes then you're in favor of stopping a living human heart beat. that's pro death. stop trying to make it seem like some kind of liberty.

    7. People are so funny.  Ignorance can be fixed, but stupdiity is forever.  A few things: 

      1.  Perhaps my training in law is not as good as some of yours… but the Constitution does not constrain our rights.  It guarantees certain rights explicitly, At the end it reserves all rights not explicitly stated "to the people."  In other words, as we say in law, "what is not explicitly forbidden is implicitly permitted."  Some people probably don't read that far, or they just don't grasp what it means.  Nothing in the Constitution gives you the right to drive a car either… but I digress.

      2.  Here we go with the name calling.  It's so funny when haters have knee-jerk reactions and make fools of themselves.  I'm not a liberal I'm a Libertarian.  That's the ultimate conservative.  If you don't believe in individual liberties then you're not a true conservative.  Sorry, religious haters… but you contradict yourselves. 

      3.  I know some people try to inject pseudo-science into the abortion debate, but, no… whether or not there is a heartbeat is not relevant.  It's about brain development and ability to survive as an independent entity.  

      I know I used a lot of big words and concepts, but you are all smarter than me so it won't be a problem I suppose.


    8. Don Jordan,

      When the baby being killed has a say in the "decision" about it's well-being, I'll agree tht it's "personal choice".  Until then, it's a person murdering another.

    9. This would also go for police officers.what it becomes a band that means all officers have to follow it they are not above the law they uphold the law


    10. No, there are only pro-abortion and pro-choice. I am pro plenty of choices. I am pro-abstinance, pro-adoption, pro-contraceptive, pro-birth control, and pro-parenthood. All the pro-abortion folks are for is abortion.

    11. We need to push the County mandated Gun Sanctuary Movement in Counties that have not passed such a referendum. The counties with the larger cities are going to be the most difficult . Also Learn to fill out Witness slips for all proposed legislation being considered in Springfield. And PRESSURE your Representatives to vote against any newer legislation by exposing how they vote in the local press in your area. This is going to be the toughest time for gun owners to preserve our rights that we have ever faced. let people who live outside of Illinois know that they can help their relatives by filling out Witness slips too. We need NUMBERS! IGOLD better make 2010(10,000 + people) look like a like we were practicing! Be There this year!

  2. IGOLD should be crowded this year. For a change. When Todd Vandermyde said "now is not the time for complacency" a few years ago, not many were there to hear him. I guess they were out somewhere being complacent. I wonder if they're still complacent? You can't have it both ways.


  3. This is discriminating to the disabled. Some people, like me, can't use a revolver. Thank God I'm moving to Colorado in June.

    1. I already have my property in Wi 4 bd home 3 acares all paid off taxes are dirt cheep and i shoot in my back yard and cops join in if they are in area …2 years daughter graduates High School and bye bye illinois 

  4. Im sorry I have been a gun carrier since 1985 legally and now you want to take it away, then I guess law enforcement will not be able to carry them also because it will be illegal to carry. just about everyone that is legal to carry, carries a 9mm. this law needs to go away, if a criminal wants a gun he will get it legal or not.   quit hurting the legal people.

    1. By exempting law enforcement from this law and not allowing the general public to be able to have option of equal force as law enforcement. This might be able to be argued as a discriminatory action which is illegal.

    2. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court ruled in the 2008 Heller decision that the right belongs to individuals in their homes for self-defense while also including, as dicta, that the right is not unlimited and does not preclude the existence of certain long-standing prohibitions such as those forbidding "the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill" or restrictions on "the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons." State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right.

  5. This has to be one of the most MORONIC things I've read. Illinois has some of the most COMMUNISTIC LAWS in the lower 48 states. Chicago is s GUN FREE area an we all see how that's working out. People need to wake up. 

  6. When are gun owners going to rise up and take action, and we know what action needs to be taken

    1. When we stop preaching to the choir, put on our yellow vests, and go stand in the 

      legislative chambers in Springfield with signs

    2. I will be there with. I have my yellow vest and ready. It is long overdue, over taxing us and now wanting to take our 2A, next will be 1A. I am so disturbed that our social media will be policed. 

  7. I have been a legal gun owner for many years. I have no intention of buying and extended mag for my guns. Why would I??? If this becomes law, you're better off joing the bad guys and just throw your FOID card in the garbage. Legal gun owners are just that, legal law abiding citizens who only want personal protection at home. 

    1. So if you are out with your kids at a movie or restaurant and some nut comes in, then what? Sorry, I refuse to be a sitting duck. I’m going to protect my family at all times. If some jack wagon decides to pick my location to start shooting up the place, he’s gonna have a bad day. 

  8. In other states very few people have complied with these bans. Next election gun owners and hunters better get off their rear ends and vote. I can see moving from this state soon.

  9. Moving from one state to the next will not help!  The liberals and shadow government want you disarmed!  There are some that say,"I will not comply!".  Are you ready to fight, perhaps die to protect your liberty?  As long as Chicago and surround towns, cities and counties are controled by democrats, they will pack the state assembly and the govenors office and you will be fighting a loosing (political) battle.  If the courts will not reverse this, there are only two options; fight or surrender!  To fight, you must have enough people to support you on the line, otherwise you die alone for nothing.  If you surrender, you might as well be dead because they now control everything.  I'm 71 years old and a combat veteran of Viet-Nam.  I never thought a free nation would come to this point!  I have not yet decided if I will fight or just live out my remaining years.  I will not try to tell others what they should do I leave that to them.  I say only this,  This country is dying.  Not from an outside force but internally and I'm glad and hopefull that I will not live long enough to see its' death!


    1. we cant beat the dead Vote in illinois demorats controled it since JFK won with it Nixon should of battled him on illinois then now its to late

    2. You'll never win by voting as long as the Democrats flood the polls with illegal voters.  Volunteer to work the polls and deny any non-citizens the ability to vote.  Also, get involved with the voter rolls and make them clean it up.  Democrats only win by cheating… Stop the cheating and get your state back.

    3. You speak the truth. Our nation is in trouble. We have a progressive radical extremist party in our govt. 

  10. The law is ridiculous, but I don’t see where it proposes banning all of those pistols. It says pistols with a fixed magazine of more than 10. I don’t see any mention of capacity limits under the pistol with detachable magazine.

    (B) a semiautomatic pistol or any semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;
    (C) a semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and has one or more of the following:
    (i) any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand;
    (ii) a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock;
    (iii) a shroud attached to the barrel, or that partially or completely encircles the barrel, allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned, but excluding a slide that encloses the barrel;
    (iv) a muzzle brake or muzzle compensator; or
    (v) the capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip;

    1. This article does say rifles and pistols that will accept mags of 10+ rounds, but what responsible gun owner is going to rely on an article on a website to inform them of the gun laws in his state when they can read the actual propoed bill on the IL General Assembly website where they can also get the phone number of their state reps. they need to call and politely share their disappointment, disagreement, and objections with. And since very few bills that get passed are passed as written in the proposal, you can also read the bill exactly as it's written when passed. Relying on any information about state laws without verifying it through the state is a good way to get arrested. And possibly ending with a felony conviction when it involves a firearm. 


    2. If it meant pistols with a fixed magazine, it would say

      (B) a semiautomatic pistol that has a fixed magazine or any semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

      but it says

      (B) a semiautomatic pistol

      or any semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine,

      that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

    3. No, it says

      (B) a semiautomatic pistol or any semi-automatic rifle

      that has a fixed magazine,

      that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

      If they meant what you said, there would be a comma after the word pistol.

  11. It says sometging about any gun that can accept a mag over 10 rds.  they make hi cap mags for everything!

    1. Keep reading.  It's pretty clear to me that this would not apply to, say, a 1911, because the magazine is inserted into the handgrip.  Someone simply misread and this article makes an incorrect assumption.  I don't like the bill, but it would NOT ban 1911's — not the way I'm reading it anyway.  

    2. If it meant pistols with a fixed magazine, it would say

      (B) a semiautomatic pistol that has a fixed magazine or any semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

      but it says

      (B) a semiautomatic pistol

      or any semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine,

      that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

      Essentially – if a magazine exists *anywhere* that holds more than 10 and fits your gun, your gun will now be illegal to own. Since, as shown in the article, 15-round mags exist for the 1911, 1911s would now be illegal.

    3. Again, keep reading, Sgt K.  It also says AND HAS ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING (and goes on to list features that clearly exclude, say, a 1911).  

    4. Here are the other features a pistol would need to have in addition to the ability to accept a magazine over 10 rounds:


      any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand;

              ii. a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock;

      a shroud attached to the barrel, or that partially or completely encircles the barrel, allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned, but excluding a slide that encloses the barrel;

      iv a muzzle brake or muzzle compensator; or

       v.  the capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pisto grip;

  12. I'm moving to Illinois this summer in advance of a job I accepted.  I'm bringing all my firearms with me, and TPTB in Illinois can kiss my grits if they think I'm registering a damn thing with them.  Legal or not, I'm not going to comply with this totalitarian BS.  These laws do NOTHING to curb gun violence because criminals don't play by the same rules anyhow.

    1. Moved back home to IL to care for my elderly mother.  She is 82.  Told her not getting another FOID CARD..Told her she needs to get one so my guns and ammo can be in her house legally.  7 mi from IN. No FOID card needed in other 49 states so it's only a 7 mi drive for ammo.

  13. This is another way for the Dumocrats to try to become an even bigger puppet master, plus rob from our pockets. Downstaters UNITE and stop this crap. Get out there and VOTE and get rid of these control freaks and pick pockets.

  14. Please, this has nothing to do with being Law abiding or being responsible; it has to do with government power.

    Bolsheviks run for public office to take power, do you really think that JB spent his money because he wants to help people?  

    Bolsheviks are driven by ideology. Issues like Gun control, abortion, immigration, free stuff like health care are tools used by the Bolsheviks to create a dependency, undermine our culture and to train people to jump through hoops to exercise their rights.

    I have argued for years the real danger of the gun control was undermining our culture.

    Gun ownership is a “Benefit” of our Culture. We are losing our gun rights because we are losing our Culture.

    Working at the Local County level, building a grass roots coalition maybe the only peaceful way we have to turn this around.   

    Find out who you’re local Country Republican chairman is and get involved. Getting pro-gun people on the ballot and helping get them elected is our best hope.

    1. Um you must be in the wrong forum… why the hell are you talking about Bolsheviks.  People like you give normal firearms-owning citizens a bad name. 

    2. Thank you for your input. I will find out who runs the Republican party in my county and get involved.

      We need a grass roots effort in Illinois

      The Democrats have went way far left and do not respect the people. 

  15. Will be at I gold for the first time this year……..and I will never vote demacrat again untill they come to their senses. I voted republican for the first time this year.

  16. Hyperbole! The first firearm shown M1911, has a 7 round capacity. Not affected in any way. It would do you good to stop the extremist blathering and get down to facts.

    1. Mike38

      Read again:, "any firearm with the "ability" to accept a magazine over 10 rounds…" There are magazines available for the 1911 that will hold more than the restricted ammount, therefore the 1911 will be a "banned firearm" according to the communistic democRAT-ICK sponsored legislation. WAKE UP TO REALITY!!!

    2. Mike, Does anyone make a stick mag that holds more than 10 rounds and fits in a 1911 ? yes !!! they do so guess what ??? It would be on the list. get your head out of your ass my friend because they want it all.

    3. Keep reading.  It's pretty clear to me that this would not apply to, say, a 1911, because the magazine is inserted into the handgrip.  Someone simply misread and this article makes an incorrect assumption.  I don't like the bill, but it would NOT ban 1911's — not the way I'm reading it anyway.  


  17. Read the bill.  You guys are missing the "and" clauses.  It's a ban on a rifle with a FIXED magazine that can hold over 10 rounds or one the is detachable AND has specific features.  (no I don't support the bill!).

  18. These law makers,judges, politicians, governers no matter what state they are in, they are the one’s breaking our laws, they think they could just make up laws as they please…… They are trying to destroy a law already in place our 2nd amendment.. These corrupt politicians need to be voted out forever

  19. Is it time the citizens of the state declare civil war on the elected officials that come from the city of Chicago? Citizens of IL, rise up against the tyranny and oppression of the current state government. CALL your representatives and DEMAND they oppose this. You don’t pay taxes to have your God-given rights taken away.

  20. Well, good job Illinois. Going to start looking for a job tranfer out of this state. You can have your high taxes. Im done with this state

  21. How about posting a link to allow readers to write to their state reps to let them know that they oppose so they can actually start taking some action an letting their voices be heard. Instead of just posting these articles of potential possibilities of proposed bills and fear mongnering? It can help make sure this DOESN'T happen

    1. If you are the least bit interrested you just need to look up Il. Govmt., Why do you need a link?

  22. I Glady will not comply. Get them from the ones who break the law, which will be me if this is passed

  23. If you're a Democrat and a gun owner who voted Democrat this is what we all get. Thanks for eliminating our rights.

    1. …or if you are one of the many thousands of dumbA$$ lllinois lazy non-voters that did not like the way the republican candidate parted her hair, van he drove or whatever BS fake fact that occupied your CNN brainwashed head!!!  You should have car pooled every legal voter with a pulse you knew to the polls to wash out the illegals' votes so we informed fighters could make a difference. Are you happy now with your Fat Cat Gov and Madigan's minions?!!!

  24. We the people have had enough of this bullshit. We will not comply. We will put you in your place politicians. Si vis pacem, para bellum

    1. Seriously? You think anyone takes the "sanctuary county" B.S. seriously? Only people with zero common sense ever held Any faith in that nonsense. State law trumps county "resolutions" every time. All a "sanctuary county" ever did was give false hope to the uniformed at best. Wake up and pay attention

  25. The sad part is that they will legalise abortion but ban guns. So murder is allowed but defending your family is not. People have fallen off the bus. 

    1. God-less is what they are, it's no simpler than that. If you heard what they just did in New York state in regards to abortion and how it was literally celebrated, there is no answer other than that.

    2. I did and it makes me sick. What I don't get is that you kill a baby and its not murder but yet you kill some one with a firearm and its murder. There is no difference! They want to disarm the people but what about the millions of illegal guns on the streets. All I see is that they want to control the public that are honest but they will never control the criminals. I would allow the public access to more arms. 

    3. What I find ironic is that If someone kills a pregnant lady. It's considered a double homicide. 

  26. When alconol was taken away from use it still was sold on the black market just like guns will be sold. Just provide traning for the people to carry. But you will never stop the bad guys.

  27. So President Trump must absolutely build the wall. That way he will assure reelection in 2020 and the Supreme Court will be absolutely packed with conservatives for decades to come. That is the only way our gun rights survive. Please mr. Trump build the wall! You must keep your principal campaign promise.

  28. None of the gun laws can take your gun away the second amendment is a God given right so sorry but I'm in the right for using my supposed banned gun to stop any and all that try to come and take it 


  29. Yep we live in a Hitler ran Illinois , there is no way they can enforce oor to doir and try to take our guns away these laws unless the go oor and that will not be in their best intrest because a lot of them will be shot off the porch . I will never give up my guns even if I have to die to protect the second amendment  , so good luck pigs 

  30. Sadly this is because too many gun owners, CCL holders, and supposed Patriots do nothing to stop this garbage or they actually vote for those attacking our rights. Now all the bitching and crying won't do anything because the liberal scum has infested Springfield. We have 2.2 million FOID card holders and 300,000 CCL holders in this state. where are they ???? wake em' up and get them to join fight, make phone calls, send emails, and show up demanding an end to this BS. this is just the begining of what the commiecrat marxist filth has in store for US.

  31. The year 1791 was a long time ago. It's a completely different world now. Do civilians really need automatic weapons?

    Is it fair on a child to have to struggle through life with nothing?

    1. FYI: Automatic weapons aka "machine guns" have been banned for civilian use since 1934. You should get your facts straight before you regurgitate the Socialist Democrat Party talking points. 

    2. Mike,

      Is it "fair" on taxpayers  to struggle through life while parasites bring children into the world without the ability or means to support the offspring? What has this statement have to do with this article or thread of comments? Go back to the DumboUnderground (DU") website where your ignorance is welcomed to prove everyone there isn't as stupid as yourself!

    1. Mike,

      Not many people can afford "automatic" firearms, they can be legally owned with expensive special permits but most people are not in that income range as well as fireing "automatic" firearms uses a lot of expensive ammunition.

      On the other hand, SEMI-automatic firearms are the standard among law enforcement personell and favored among self-defense officianados everywhere because of the fact that evil and evil thugs are prevelant throughout our country and many times the evil ones hunt in packs, like the gang-bangers in murder-city-Chitcago.

      Take you anti-firearms blather back to Briton, please, where criminals murder with soon-to-be-abolished knives.

      Mike, you are showing your ignorance, or is it stupidity?

    1. Mike:

      It is not your place to telll me or any citizen what we "need" or don't need. If you choose not to own firearms or a bow with arrows is not my concern as well.

      Do you have your own security team, Mr. Madigan? Do you personally pay their wages or do you rely on taxpayer funds for your protection?

    2. The fact is that you don't know what you are talking about. I hunt, and I own guns to protect my home and my family. 

  32. As someone who lives in Iowa alongside the Mississippi river, nothing good has come from Illinois in recent years. Now there's no reason for me to spend one cent in the state of Illinois.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have been thinking the very same thing. While it may not be practical for all of us to buy outside Illinois those that are on the border need to spend their money out of state or online as much as possible.  

      We need to stop doing as much business with Illinois businesses as possible. The only exception will be the very few gun dealers left in the state. 

      “Bankrupt Illinois” spend your money out of state every chance you can.

       We need to make Illinois become Venezuela to hasten the collapse of the Left

  33. All of Illinois gets punished by democratic shitcago and its bullshit glad I’m in indiana

  34. Illinois, YOU SUCK! Why don't you just turn honest people into criminals you Morons! Read the Constitution & the 2nd amendment. I defy you! You ignorant pompas anal retentive's.

    Sincerely Craig J. Beaudry Sr.

    1. Craig,

      Illinois and many of our citizens are fine people, our politicians are out for themselves and desire to "control" their constituants like many politicians. The illiterate and kool-ade drinkers in and around Chitcago overwhelm common-sense downstate voters with the deceased voters and those who vote in many different precincts, voting early, often, and more often.

  35. You don't need guns to protect your home and your family. I am entitled to my opinion. I own a crossbow and a rifle. I don't hate guns, I hate terrorists and bad people who choose to use guns to kill innocent people. Don't tell me I dont know what I'm talking about. I served in Iraq. I've done bad things with guns

    1. Your choice is not to use a firearm for home defense, as someone who has served and fought in more engagements that just OIF, I choose to use a firearm.   I cannot tell you what to use, nor can you tell me. That is the my opinion. 

      If you feel guilt about what you did, let me pass on to you advice I recieved from a wise man who fought from Normandy Beach to Berlin. " If you kill someone in doing your duty, do not allow guilt to consume you. Just as they were doing their duty,  you were doing yours.  Respect those you kill, don't gloat and remember your job is to come home with the same honor you left with".  

      Thank you for your service Brother.


    2. Mr. Madigan,

      You have no right to tell me or anyone what I NEED or DON'T NEED!!!! You are like most people,  everyone has an "opinion", but, "opinions" are like rectoms, everybody has one and they all stink, especially yours, because your opinion relies on your belief that you know what is best for every other person you address when you state "you don't need guns…" and "Don't tell me…". Go procreate yourself mr. madigan, while you are at it procreate with your buddy JB Prickhead, our new governor.

  36. Good news! The Hi-Point C-9 will not be subject to the ban. C-9 comes with an 8 round magazine with an option to upgrade to a 10 round extended magazine. They may be cheap, heavy and unwieldy but they will be legal in Illinois. 

  37. As a Michigander perhaps I overstep my bounds when I say that you Illinois types got what you deserved. As a state you continously vote into office those whose political views are contrary to your own and then complain when they do exactly what they said they were going to. The same thing happens in other states yet many will not take advantage of their rights to peacefully protest against such legislation. You sit at home and dsay it will never pass, or I am too bust to attend that rally, or even vote. This country, much less Illinois or even my own state, is going down the crapper because we think the loonies, Marxist, and so-called progressives will never succeed. Well the Barbarians are at the Gate and they're starting to push!

  38. Oh yeah! This is REALLY going to cut the crime down now! Oh man! It’s going to be a world of difference. Lmfao

  39. It's simple. Do not comply and be ready to make examples of henchmen. A few examples made and the henchmen will refuse to enforce. Once they attack at 3 am, all gun owners become family. They surround you, we surround them. We outnumber and outgun them. 


  40. We as citizens have the right to defend ourselves from all enemies. That includes a government that may decide to turn on us.  Look at Hitler ? Those folks stood no chance after he had their weapons removed . If we all complied to this law. We would have nothing to defend ourselves against the outlaws because you can bet your ass they will keep their's. 

  41. Ladies and gentlemen, 

         A couple of points of interest:

    1.) The NRA hasn't had our back on this. All of the information channels I have that are connected to them STRONGLY suggest that they are going to do NOTHING more than a token effort for us here in Illinois. The GOA has some things in the works, and apparently has more stroke than the NRA. IF the NRA leaves us hanging on this…… We should turn our backs to THEM. 

    2.) It is ignorant to routinely correlate the number of FOID cards and CCW permits to voter turn out numbers. It's impossible to know if those numbers are even accurate….. Relocation, death, vacationing, snow birding, hospitalization, being inferred in nursing homes, illness, etc, etc. Some people on here are constantly slamming their own for not voting…… When in actuality EVERY SINGLE patriot (key word) I know, not only votes….. But writes letters, makes phone calls, goes to rallies, trys to educate others on the Constitution and country's founding. The truth is that a majority of people are "half in". So it would be advised to stop trashing the people who WILL actually be fighting to hold on to America. 

  42. We may have a major problem. I just learned from  a guy that talked to his State rep and he told me the NRA and the ISRA is MIA so far in Springfield. I was also told the dems are pushing these bills on a fast track. They may be voted on very early maybe next week.

  43.  II bet  their body guards tote ten+magazine's to protect their sorry arses.and as far as abortion goes,the one performing them and the onse having them will all have to face Jesus one day.

  44. So dose that mean that his body guards and all the police officers in the State will be out matched buy every gag and criminal in the State.


  45. Well I don't live in Illinois but; California which needs to have the State of Jefferson and the San Juaquin valley and Southern Sierra district separate from the Looney Left coast are attacking our ammunition.  What is sad and stupid is a good simple pump shotgun can in the right hands fire nearly as rapidly as a semi-automatic but; Don't tell these gun nuts!   They hear Automatic and it does not matter the qualifier in front of it.  What is sad is the stupidity that thinks this will affect the criminals that steal their guns or get them elsewhere while law abiding citizens and most 2nd amendment supporters will try to comply or make a hidey hole that can be used to keep them until the SHTF and then who cares.  Yeah in California you can not kill game with lead anymore just people and paper targets.

  46. Everyone needs to move out of that pathetic shithole of a state! I did and it was the best decision i've ever made! The politicians are the real criminals in that state. Low job wages, high property taxes, plus it's probably the biggest police state in our country. No thanks…I'll live happily ever after in Nebraska!

  47. We the people need to be heard. The second Amendment must stand strong in Illinois. NRA we need you now more then ever!! Make a stand in Springfield!!!

  48. Yet they have one, if not the highest gun related deaths. I feel bad for the honest individuals there. They'll be easy pickings

  49. A Bolshevik Jew gains office and the first thing he does is defy the Constitution.

    The eternal enemies of Western Civilization and Christianity.

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