Fat Cat Pritzker

Rich fat cat JB Pritzker talks one game publicly.  Meanwhile, he acts very differently in his private beliefs.  In his private life, he makes it a point to hire non-union labor while courting unions in his campaign for Illinois Governor.  In his private conversations, he grades African-Americans on a scale of offensiveness.  And now in his race for governor, he courts the African-American community, surrounding himself with that community's so-called leaders to appeal to urban voters.  And now, some of the handful of people of color working on Pritzker's campaign have filed suit, alleging racial discrimination in how they were treated by the campaign.

Any organization is only as good as the person at the the top.  In this case, the Pritzker campaign workers – both current (and undoubtedly these current are really 'soon to be former') and former – describe the Pritzker campaign as "a cesspool of racial discrimination and harassment."


Not only were people of color – African-Americans and Latinos in the Pritzker campaign – denied the same benefits as white workers, but they also typically found themselves sent to the high-crime south and west sides of Chicago.  Undoubtedly because Pritzker-logic deemed that blacks should work black neighborhoods for some reason.

From the MSN report:

"Contrary to the candidate's many public avowals, rather than working to meaningfully address discrimination, racism is perpetuated, condoned and ratified by the campaign," said the complaint, which made multiple references to J.B. Pritzker's comment regarding the "least offensive" black candidate in a 2008 wiretapped conversation with imprisoned former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.  

Did anyone *really* believe Pritzker's "many public avowals" that he was not really, deep down, a bigot in treating blacks like servants instead of equals and leaders?  Anyone who grades black people on a scale of "offensiveness" cannot claim any sort of open-mindedness when it comes to race.  Let's face it:  JB uses minorities as servants.  He doesn't treat them as equals or leaders.

Oh yeah, it gets better.

One staffer, a former campaign worker for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and a Florida gubernatorial campaign, traveled over 1,000 miles to work for Pritzker in Illinois and was "one of the few blacks not herded into POD 4," according to the suit. She was later informed by the campaign that she had been hired to meet a "black female organizer quota," it said. She was assigned to work in Peoria and stay with a family that was "friendly to the campaign."

However, when the Peoria Pritzker supporters found out the field organizer was black, they refused to let her stay with them.

Black female organizer quotas?  Wow.  Could the racism and racist discrimination in Pritzker's campaign go any deeper?  Well, they probably could.

"As a result, she was forced to sleep in her car and at the campaign office," the suit said. Eventually Pritzker's director of field operations found her a hotel "in an unsafe part of town."

Mighty white of him or her to put her up in a fleabag hotel.  In a campaign that's seen the most personal wealth plowed into it in the NATION's history.

From the Chicago Sun-Times.  They don't get a link because they hide their story behind a paywall.

It’s now official.

Democrat J.B. Pritzker has pumped more of his own money into a campaign than any other self-financing candidate  in U.S. history.

The Gold Coast billionaire’s $146.5 million has bought him a place in the record books, breezing past Republican Meg Whitman, who set the previous record in 2010, when the former eBay honcho churned $144 million of her own fortune into her losing battle against Democrat Jerry Brown.

The combined $234 million that Pritzker and Gov. Bruce Rauner have raised in their bitter battle falls short of the combined $280 million that Brown and Whitman ultimately spent.

Yes, that's more than Donald Trump poured into his race for President of the entire nation.  Amazing how badly JB wants this job.

So Pritzker has already poured $145 million, plus who knows how many more tens of millions into his campaign and he can't afford a decent room for his campaign workers?

Could the racism and race discrimination go even deeper?  Glad you asked.

Some of the other allegations in the suit:

  • Field organizers were assigned racist tasks like "go round up 40 black guys."
  • Using "crass and racially discriminatory language."
  • Attempting to "intimidate and harangue" black and Latino organizers for asserting their constitutional rights.
  • Campaign officials placed personnel in positions for which they were unqualified "solely to act as overseers and stifle the complaints" of minorities.

And this guy is up 15 points in polling data?

On his campaign pledging to double Illinois state taxes?  To enact gun bans and gun control?  To welcome illegal aliens to Illinois?

What are people thinking?




48 thoughts on “SERVANTS, NOT EQUALS OR LEADERS: JB Pritzker campaign sued for racial discrimination”
  1. Jesus what a scumbag.  If he winsthis election, you can just about count on him going to prison for corruption.

  2. As far as  iam concerned.   Anybody that would vote for him is just as bad as he is.    The lying  is unbelievable.   Just like crooked Hillary.   But the people who vote for them must believe the lies  they tell or they’de  have enough  sence not to vote for a liar like that …   

  3. Jobs are starting to come back to Illinois. The tax plan that JB wants will put a stop to those jobs and future jobs.

     Is Illinois that DUMB?

    Why hasn't Jeanne Ives endorsed Rauner?  Does she want to turn over the governors mansion to JB.  

  4. Why hasn't Jeanne Ives endorsed Rauner? I'd bet it's because even tho Rauner is a good measure better than Pritzker……. He's a miserable excuse for a governor. An intelligent and convicted voter looks at the candidates in entirety…….. Not just cherry picking what seems most important at the time. A true conservative is just that…. Conservative .There is much more to conservative than 2A rights. I'd rather vote my convictions and know I did right, than hold nose and vote for a "less scummy" scum bag. To each their own….. But don't knock those who refuse to compromise their Morales, values, and belief's.

    1. A vote for anyone other than Rauner, or no vote at all, is a vote for  JumBo Prickster.

      To each their own……

    2. And what you just provided…. is a perfect example of institutionalized, simple minded thinking. You are correct, to each their own. Stay in the box, it's safer and more comfortable there.

    3. Like many others here, you puzzle me.

      Are you a troll? The truth is, I have no idea. Or, are you too stubborn and/or too dumb to realize what JB will do to the gun owners in Illinois as well as most business people, and their employees?

      My family has been in Illinois long enough to have to use their guns to fight indigionous warriors. If JB wins all of my employees are going to be offered a choice to relocate to Tennessee or look for another job. My wife and I are going to leave life-long friends behind with that move. The bright spot is we will be joining a number of family members and lots of friends that will also be leaving for Tennessee. 

    4. My family too has been in Illinois since my forefathers immagrated (legally) and settled here. I am fully aware of what Pritzker will likely be like in office. I will not vote for him, and steer anyone who will listen away from voting for him. BUT, I am also fully aware of the things Rauner HAS ALREADY done…..and am concerned about what he will do once he gets what he wants (another 4 years). He hasn't kept his word or done anything that I would consider good in the last 4 years, why would we think that would change? I , again, will not vote for Rauner, and again, try to educate others on the dangers of going along with the all to common " hold your nose" and vote method. If something smells so bad that you have to hold your nose…… You are best to walk away and do something else. By preaching the small-minded principle of " hold your nose and vote for Rauner" it is enabling a scum bag to stay in office. That isn't what I call a good outcome to an election. 

    5. Ives is asked who her supporters should vote for in gov's race: "I don't want them to vote for JB Pritzker. I don't want them vote for Sam McCann, who is JB Pritzker's associate…What I am really focused on is I don't want my voters to vote for any Democratic state rep." Sun Times Article

  5. You know what you call a conservative that votes their values?   Loser. 

    Conservatives dont know how to win. 

    If you dont like Rauner? Ok; I know he is a weak republican, but why turn over the governors mansion to Pritzker?

     hold your nose and vote Rauner 

    1. Do you know what you call a conservative that "holds their nose" and votes for Rauner?  Sellout. An accumulation of short sightedness is why we are in the situation we are in….. It surley isn't the answer to get us out. 

    2. So I guess allowing Prickster to become governor is the answer.

      When you're in a state like Illannoy, you're not going to make changes in leaps and bounds. They're going to come a little at a time. 

      Prickster will make changes in leaps and bounds, in the wrond direction. Kiss a lot of your gun rights goodbye.

    3. Again with the simple minded thinking. Politicians get away with the things they get away with because of the brand of thinking you are using. People need to stop accepting the lesser evil and pretending that it is ok…… It's not. If more people would muster the resolve to actually act and/or vote their convictions, we would be headed in the correct direction. And BTW, the play on words with his last name may seem funny to you, but it only serves to blatantly show your immaturity. 

    4. I’m guessing you are a paid troll for this guy, otherwise you wouldn’t even consider him. 

      So let’s take this a step higher. Would you (or did you) vote for Hillary, just because you thought Trump was a pig with his comments? Regardless if he was the better pick or “lessor” of two evils?

      if this guy gets into the Governors office, it will take decades to repair the damage he causes. Gun rights alone will be taken back to a time when you couldn’t even leave your house with them. 

      Everyone, ignore this troll. He is paid to throw misinformation out there. Vote the way you see best for Illinois and your rights. I wish you luck and hope your state will once become great again, back when it produced the likes of Lincoln! 

    5. Ha! Alpha Co. You couldn't be farther from the truth, even if you made a concerted effort. I am, always have been, and always will be a proud Trump supporter….. And Vocal about it to anyone who asks. Do I approve of or agree with everything he does? No. But when I look at him in entirety….. As I suggested others do with our candidates for governor…….I consider him more than Worthy of my vote. As for calling me a troll, you are letting you ignorance hang out. Maybe you should go back and read the thread, I have never said to vote for Pritzker….. Not will I ever say to vote for Pritzker……. He is a miserable individual that consumes more than he contributes…..I personally have no use for him. I also have no use for Rauner…… Don't vote for the lesser of evils…… Just like formerparatrooper says…..IT'S STILL EVIL.

    6. And just to be clear and dispell the "troll" myth further

      I voted Rauner once…… Never again. He has delivered on exactly zero of his promises, and gone backwards in some other key areas. Rauner only concerns himself with Rauner, and that does NOT make a proper candidate for any political position

    7. To you who say you'll refuse to "hold your nose" and vote Rauner, please reconsider.  He may be a mook, but he's OUR mook.  Think last term of O'Blowme's presidon'tcy………….we the Republicans were the minority.  We couldn't accomplish anything on our own, but we sure as hell could obstruct, and that is what Mitch McConnell and the boys DID DO!   And look what that obstruction got us!!!  NOW, we have Trump as president, and TWO CONSERVATIVE appointments to the supreme court who will be there for AT LEAST THIRTY YEARS!   That's why you hold your nose and vote Rauner.  If we have been unable to enact any of Rauner's goals, BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE THE DUMBOCRATS ARE IN CONTROL OF ILLINOIS' GENERAL ASSEMBLY, at least we can be in POWER and STOP them from implementing ANY of their anti-Illinois and anti-American socialist, anti-GOD, anti-GUNS programs.  That is why.  Sometimes you're the cannon.  Sometimes you're the cannonball.  SOME of use are the guys who are PLaCE HOLDERS.  Just hold a Republican seat in the GA or Congress UNTIL we achieve power, then watch Trump roll!   But even in my small town, the amount of money this fat cat JB is spending is mind-boggling.  When a guy spends THAT MUCH MONEY just to become governator of the un-great state of Illinois, you KNOW HE IS beholden to people you will NOT like calling his shots. 

  6. Voting for the lesser of the two evils is still voting for evil. 


    Rauners incompetence killed veterans in Quincy. JB is a cheat and a racist. Neither earned a vote. 

    1. Formerparatrooper…… My man! You and I are in agreement. I appreciate you using logic and intelligence….. Thank you for being outside the "box"…..I consider myself in good company.

  7. The people railing against Rauner are supporting the destruction of our State and our Country.

     These people are supporting the policies of George Soros and the end of western civilization has we know it today

    Lets be honest; Rauner is a weak Republican governor but he is our best choice because so-called conservatives didn’t support their causes during the primary.

    So-called conservatives could have voted for Jeanne Ives but instead they stayed home. The turn out during the primary was a sad example of the apathy of conservatives. Republican turn-out was half of the democrats. 

    A vote for Rauner is a vote to give we the people the time to build a true political movement that will help us save the 2A and our state.   

     Call Jeanne Ives and ask her to endorse Rauner. An endorsement of Rauner by Ives will prove she is a team player If  she does not endorse Rauner then she is turning the governors mansion over to Pritzker

    1. If Jeanne Ives endorses Rauner, it will only prove one thing……. That she has SOLD OUT and is a SELL OUT. My desire is that she stays the course and proves that she has a spine and resolve…… Unlike a lot of others…

      Most often it is better to be right, than with the popular crowd

  8. In 2012, we had two very poor candidates running for president. 25 million of my fellow Christians/Conservatives that were registered to vote decided to stay home.

    Their reason for not voting; they were not going to vote for a Mormon. Because these Christians did not vote good pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun Republicans at the local and State level lost their elections.

    These so-called Conservatives/Christians were selfish, lazy and stupid.

    In States like Illinois were the Bolshevik Democrats controls both Houses of the General Assembly, which also means they control the committees that decide which legislation will be brought to the floor for a vote. This means a Conservative/ Christian agenda will not get a chance to be heard.

    This level of stubbornness by Christians and Conservatives is the real reason we are in the mess we are in today.

    Vote Rauner and use his office to work for a stronger better Republican Party in Illinois.

    1. Voting for Pritzker is unacceptable

      Voting for Rauner is unacceptable


      One simple question:

      Where would we be today if our Founding Father's would have "held there noses"  and accepted the lesser of evils? 

    2. Your equating the American Revolution to voting for governor Rauner.

      The lesser of two evils argument is not accurate in this case.. With Rauner we have a chance to make peaceful change possible by building party. 

      Your view draws upon violence for change. 

      I dont not support your view.

      All we have to do is vote for the best possible candidate each election and work to keep those politicians on track and we can turn our state around. But we must participate to make this happen.

      It starts by voting Rauner and Republican

  9. GSL, you have see the post on second City cop, a female officer who changed her name to a cop killer who is still a fugitive after escaping from prison was just given one of those famous merit promotions to sergeant.  What universe is CPD in! Unbelievable.

  10. Rauner=RINO, period

    Rauner=LIBERAL, period

    Take the time to educate yourselves on Rauner as a candidate in entirety…. Not just what he says today about gun rights (that will change tomorrow). Complete your due diligence in researching before you vote for ANYONE. 

    If you still decide to vote Rauner…… Or Pitzker…… Or anyone……

    To each his own

    But do remember, there are consequences, for America, the state of Illinois, and the voters.

    There is a faction of people out there, resolve enough in their Beliefs, convictions, morals, and values…… To not be involved with things that violate their beliefs, convictions, morals, and values. 

    Not voting is a vote for the opposition, you say?

    Voting for anyone but Rauner is a wasted vote, you say?

    Stop being so simple minded. 

    Vote you're convictions, and know that you did what was right and good. 


  11. well what about the silent majority.        I didn’t  know about that until we voted trump in—-so cant we just  go vote. —-Don’t worry about the polls.      Hell. They didn’t ask us who we were  gonna vote for. Before either ..I know my vote is not included. In the POLLS  nobody ever asked me, did they ask you ??

  12. From LinkedIn:
    If you are an investor thinking about Illinois, I would recommend waiting until the results of the Governor's election are in. If the incumbent wins (Rauner) proceed with caution. If the challenger (JB Pritzker) wins, don't even think about it. While Rauner has made many mistakes, they were primarily because he wasn't an experienced politician and because he tried to do too much, too quickly. Pritzker is also inexperienced, but worse, his motivation is purely intended to bolster his ego. Nothing he has done in his life came from anything other than inherited wealth and he badly needs to reassure himself that he actually has worth.
    Most of Illinois geographically will vote for Rauner on November 6, but it won’t make a lot of difference. Political scientists divide Illinois into three sections. First there’s Chicago, which fills almost all of Cook County. Then there’s the Chicago suburbs. And then there’s everywhere else. Technically, everywhere else is called “downstate.”. Chicago, politically, is as blue as a Cubs cap, of course. The once reliably red suburbs slip occasionally toward a pale periwinkle, though experts differ on when or whether the change will be permanent. Everywhere else, 90 percent of the state’s landmass, is Republican. It’s not unheard of in the last 20 years for a statewide Republican candidate to carry every county but one or two and still lose his race, so long as Cook County is one of the counties he loses.
    Rauner’s victory in 2014 was a kind of reverse fluke. He lost Cook County, he won the suburbs and downstate, and he still managed to win the election, though his popular vote barely rose above 50 percent. He became the first Republican governor since a man named George Ryan won in 1999. But this underestimates the uniqueness of Rauner’s victory: Republicans and Democrats had rotated in and out of the governor’s mansion in the capital of Springfield for 40 years without much change in the way the state was governed. A lot of them were crooks—four of Rauner’s nine predecessors, including Ryan, went to jail. Alone among recent governors, Rauner ran as a radical: a reformer who promised to upend, in fact to reverse, the way his predecessors had governed the state. Staying out of jail would be a bonus.
    Four years later, Rauner and his critics, Republicans and Democrats alike, agree that his efforts at reform haven’t succeeded, although they differ on why this is so. Rauner’s chief problem in his re-election, according to polls, is that his critics include two out of every three voters in the state. The three most recent surveys put his support at 30, 32, and 27 percent. Pritzker, a billionaire businessman from Chicago, runs 15 to 20 points ahead. “He’s the most unpopular governor in the history of the state,” says Christopher Z. Mooney, a political scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. No one disputes this. The question is what comes in the wake of Rauner’s failure. And everyone seems to agree that Chicago, for all its crime and fiscal mismanagement, will thrive after its fashion, as one of the great cities of the world. And the suburbs will probably trail along after Chicago. But downstate . .
    Even in the midwest, Illinois stands out for its economic nightmare. Adam Schuster, an economist with the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank stated “We’re not functionally insolvent. But we’re right on the doorstep.” Estimates of the state government’s debt vary wildly, but the watchdog group Truth in Accounting puts the number at $216 billion, including unpaid current accounts and unfunded obligations such as pensions—especially pensions. This jaw-dropping figure places Illinois 48th out of the 50 states. Credit agencies rate Illinois’s general obligation bonds at just above junk status. The state avoids junk ratings, analysts say, only because it retains the power to tax and thus, theoretically, the power to balance its books at a single confiscatory stroke. For practical purposes, in other words, Illinois’s bonds are junk.
    For the last two years the state operated without a budget, greatly adding to the general air of political and economic chaos. Finally a group of Republican legislators in the capital joined with the Democratic majority this summer to cobble a compromise. The governor vetoed it, and the veto was overridden. The bipartisan compromise raised the state income tax rate from 3.75 to 4.95 percent—the reason for the governor’s veto. Among the 50 states, Illinois’s income tax rate is only middling, ranking from 25th to 36th depending on who’s doing the counting, but overall its total average tax burden, according to the economic research firm WalletHub, is the worst in the country. A home-owning family in Illinois earning the U.S. median income of $55,000 can expect to pay 14.89 percent of that to the state. For comparison’s sake, they would pay 11.86 percent if they moved next door to Indiana and just 5.67 percent for number one Alaska. In many Illinois municipalities it’s not unusual for owners of a house assessed in the $150,000-$200,000 range to be paying more in property taxes than in principal and interest on their mortgage.
    People have, and are continuing to leave, Illinois. From 2015 to 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau tells us, 114,000 residents left Illinois, an out-migration rate of 9 per 1,000 citizens. What is even more frightening is that the number is expected to triple over the next two years if Pritzker wins the election. Based on a study done by an Illinois university, 47% of the populace has stated, that given the opportunity, they would leave Illinois. The overwhelming reason for the average Illinois resident was taxes, and the overwhelming reason for businesses was regulation and the workman's compensation rules and rates.
    The current Governor has tried to change these things, but has been surprised to learn that the Chicago Democratic Machine had more power than he did as a sitting Governor. In 2014, Bruce Rauner thought he had it figured out. He ran for governor that year on a “Turnaround Agenda” to “shake up Springfield,” the sleepy capital famous for a sclerotic bureaucracy overseen by an inert, self-dealing legislature of part-time pols. As an outsider with very little political experience and a venture-capital fortune large enough to fund his own campaign, Rauner seemed the model of a selfless public servant.
     Rauner’s turnaround agenda was admirably but also too ambitious: 44 separate reforms, including term limits for politicians, caps on property taxes, and dozens of other items designed to offend any constituency that had a strangle-hold on some coalition of state legislators. Tort reforms and workers’ compensation cutbacks (Illinois is often called the most litigious state in the country) would pass only over the dead, plump bodies of trial lawyers. Restoring sanity to the runaway pension system would lose him the votes of more than a million pensioners. A repeal of prevailing wage laws and compulsory union dues would run into the solid wall of legislators financed by state and municipal worker unions, who would also kill new apprenticeship programs designed to bypass organized labor.
    Rauner decided to do everything all at once in his first year. He would advance each reform while also fulfilling his mandatory duty of reaching a budget deal with the same legislators the rest of his agenda was trying to emasculate. He looked surprised when the large Democratic majorities in both the senate and house were disinclined to help him. Rauner’s signal success came from outside the system. In 2015 he launched the lawsuit that came to the Supreme Court as Janus v. AFSCME—a landmark decision in the history of labor law forbidding unions from collecting dues from nonmembers.
    The fight with Mike Madigan, the leader of the Chicago Democrats ended up freezing the budget. The mainstream media decided to take sides, and knowing better than to cross Madigan began to paint Rauner as the villain. Rauner was depicted in the press as a confused, petulant idiot rather than as a "Mister Deeds goes to Springfield".
    In an attempt to placate his enemies to at least get part of what he had planned to do done, he compromised with some of his enemies on "social issues" and found himself in a vicious primary fight. Winning that primary by only a small margin, he found himself faced with all of Madigan's wrath and J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire willing to spend whatever it would take to win the Governor's race.
    Pritzker is unwavering in his support for good things and fiercely opposed to the bad. Tax revenues are good things. He proposes to replace the state’s flat income tax, mandated by the constitution for now, though he declines to say who would pay the higher rates, aside, of course, from the rich (undefined). He is planning a “vehicle miles tax,” which would tax drivers for each mile they drive while monitoring the location of the vehicle in live time thanks to pricy GPS systems vehicle owners would be required to have installed. He wants Illinois to be the first state with statewide mandated rent control, that of course his hotels would be exempt from.
    Pritzker is a part of state politics but only as it plays out in the smoke-filled back rooms of Chicago and Springfield. He has been the go to guy for Illinois Democrats for years. Pritzker inherited from one of the largest fortunes in the country, with holdings ranging from cruise lines to hotel chains. His main success has been to avoid the financial disasters his less discreet siblings and cousins have managed to engineer with their share of the family money.
    This year he has pumped over $200 million of his own money into his campaign. The ads and the debates have become ugly along the way with the majority of media doing what they can to help Pritzker because they recognize Madigan is behind helping Pritzker spend his money. While Rauner tries to point this out, others belittle him as an excuse maker.
    Madigan's ideology is whatever it takes. Madigan has moved with the direction of his party. He began his career, for instance, when Catholic politicians like him understood abortion to be murder, and he’s just as comfortable today with its status as the preeminent sacrament of feminist individualism. The purpose of a machine, as Madigan sees it, is the allocation among friends of the spoils of power: the jobs, contracts, services, and perquisites that government affords. It’s a very practical mindset. It’s all about ends and not means. And that kind of thinking doesn’t really require any one person to take responsibility for long-term planning of the government’s direction.”
    Madigan is highly intelligent. When the legislature is in session he always eats dinner in the same seat at the same Springfield restaurant. Lunch is an apple, sometimes two, at his desk, and in meetings he seldom speaks: The signal that the meeting is over is when he starts eating the apple. He doesn’t use email and seldom a cell phone, preferring communication face to face. He recognizes the large FBI presence in Springfield, and is careful not to make the same mistakes others have made.
    Madigan’s power is enforced quietly and without pity. Under house rules, all legislative staff report to the leader. All perks from office space to parking slots flow through his office. He has an active program of internships and apprenticeships, bringing in recruits from all over the state. Most important, he is not only the house majority leader, he is chairman of the state party. Every dollar of party campaign funding is under his control. Over the years a dozen wayward Democrats who crossed him on important votes have found themselves suddenly faced with primary challengers, well-funded and usually victorious. And every other Democratic officeholder knows it could happen to them.
    “There’s one common denominator in Springfield over the last 40 years as the state has gotten deeper in trouble. And that’s Madigan. He was a delegate to the constitutional convention of 1970 when a provision was inserted into the new state constitution that state pensions, once enacted by the legislature, could never be reduced. Increases have been regular and untouchable ever since, thanks to Madigan and his colleagues, with the resulting horror stories that fill the state’s newspapers—like the retired teacher from the Chicago suburbs with a $452,000 pension payout. Eighty percent of the state’s last tax increase went to the pension system.
    Sooner or later, a political machine becomes its own object: The purpose of the machine is to keep the machine alive. This is the evolutionary stage that the Chicago machine, downstate version, has reached over Madigan’s long reign. Rauner, given a second term, now has more experience and possibly could be more successful reversing it or at least obstructing it, but there is no sign that Pritzker, once elected, would care to. Governor Pritzker’s political destiny will likely resemble that of Louisiana’s Oscar K. Allen, a puppet that the state’s true ruler, Huey Long, installed in the governor’s chair in the 1930s. He earned the nickname “OK.” “A leaf blew in through OK’s office window yesterday,” one observer said. “He signed it.”

    1. This is an excellent analysis of the problems facing Illinois. Rauner had no idea of the nightmare that is the Chicago Machine. He was over whelmed and attacked at every level.

      On the other Hand JB Pritzker is Madigan’s hand picked Boy!

      Pritzker has one goal; “Take Every Gun Illinoisans Own”

      Pritzker doesn’t give a rats rear-end that his policies will turn Illinois into a third world country, all he cares about is that Democrats are in charge.

      I am also aware that people will leave Illinois if Pritzker is elected.

      Vote Rauner  our only hope

  13. A vote for anyone other than Rauner is a vote to repeal the 2A in Illinois. 

    We also need to vote for nothing but Republicans at all levels

    1. That……. is simple minded and incorrect. Rauner is no great champion for 2A rights, nor a myraid of other rights. It really isn't proper for you to try and "fear monger" people into voting the way you see fit. People need to research candidates ( local and state) , thru valid information sources, and vote for the best candidates as they see fit. At this point, any way you shake it, we are in deep trouble. 


    2. OK. We know you are persistant. Rauner may not be our great champion, but JB has declared war on the NRA and gun owners. That does not leave us any other choice if we care about gun ownership in Illinois. Rauner has, to some extent, protected us. JB has publicly promised to destroy us. There isn't much research called for beyond their public actions and statements.

      The same is true in the AG race. KRauol is strongly anti gun and has both voted and said so. What research is necessary here?

      The voting records of incumbents are widely available on 2A. The only time research is called for is on candidates with little or no record, or on local races where there is little, if any, coverage on their 2A views. 

    3. I swear, you can lead a horse to water…. But…….

      I have continually suggested people look at candidates in their entirety. Their voting record on 2A issues is but a piece of them as a politician. The most 2A backing politician in the world isn't worth much if he fails everywhere else.

      Open your eyes (both of them) and try and think. There IS research that needs done. Just because their 2A record passes muster doesn't mean the candidate gets a pass.


      Seriously, you need to know who you are voting for and what ALL they stand for. I desire to see a true Republican victory….. But I also refuse to vote for someone who stands in direct opposition to me on other non comprable issues…… Regardless of the excuses they, or you, give for their actions and in actions. 

      Believe it or not, there is SO much more to it than 2A issues, don't pretend like there isn't.

    4. I would not consider myself simple minded – but I am single minded. If JB is anti gun, I am anti JB. McCann hasn't got a chance in H*ll nor has the Libertarian. That makes my vote Rauner.

      I do often vote Libertarian for some candidates, but not for the Governor's race.

  14.  Rep. Jeanne Ives was asked this about Gov. Rauner on the Big John and Ramblin’ Ray show

    "So, you’re going to vote for him, but you’re not endorsing him – Isn’t that kind of a distinction without a difference?”​

    I imagine it would be, but an endorsement would be like a strong appeal for this guy to have four more years, and, look, I feel like part of being a Republican, quite frankly, and being in that contest against him. But you know, I will vote for him. He won fair and square, I guess. But you know, I can’t stand on the stage and endorse somebody who’s done some of the stuff he’s done. And you’re right it’s a distinction without a difference, but that’s where I stand.

    And after bemoaning the negative attacks this election cycle against Republicans, Rep. Ives went on to say that a grand jury should be empaneled to indict Pritzker, his wife and his brother-in-law over that property tax thing

    1. We have to stop the Democrats at the State and Local level. Voting straight Republican is best chance to stop the Blue wave from taking our gun rights in Illinois.

  15. This election is for more than the governors office its for our country!

    Vote Republican

    1. Sing

      To the tune of Love is Blue

      Blue, blue, my world is blue
      Blue is my world now I’m stuck with you
      Gray, gray, my life is gray
      Cold is my heart since hope went away

      Red, red, my eyes are red
      Crying for the way you mess with my head
      Green, green, my moneys gone
      Your new taxes came with the dawn

      When you spoke about guns fear gripped my heart
      Cause I knew my guns and I soon would part

      Black, black, the nights I've known
      Illinois's screwed so lost and alone

    2. IT HAS BEGUN :
      SB3637 11/07/2018 Senator Julie A. Morrison (D) 29th District and Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D) 16th District Majority Caucus Whip have introduced an ammo tax bill. From reading it, I'm guessing it is a shell or markup bill that will fleshed out when it hits the final committee. The camel's nose is under the tent.

  16. @Puttingthetruthout,,,,although your commments about Rauner are worthy, your position of not voting for the lesser of the two evils is bullshit. No, I get it, I understand. But these are the cards dealt to us. Perhaps you yourself would be a better governor but you (most likely) will never be on the ballot. The establishment gives us shit candidates to choose from at most all levels, so what are you going to do? Never vote again? It's what they want. Congrats for succumbing to their mind games it's the easy way out. INSTEAD perhaps you can work to help put a good (not a lesser than) candidate on the ballot. As is much of life, I will continue to play the cards that are dealt to me knowing that if I always fold,,,I can't win.

    1. Sad truth is a lot of Conservatives, Christians and gun owners stayed home this election. The reason why could be apathy, not understanding the issues or maybe they were like some people that believe their vote doesn’t count.

      What ever the reason it hurt our state, our country and our future.

      If you want to win you must first vote and work to defeat your opposition. Then the real work begins at the local and county level. 

  17. Breaking News; just in, Democrats are still finding votes that have not yet been counted. Not sure when the number of new votes/ballots willl stop being found. But expect NO republicans to have been elected this past election. 

    Turn in your guns mr and mrs America. The democrats swept the election because christians and gun owners stayed home

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