Illinois Election Map

by Mike Keleher


Well the mid-term election is over…thank you very much! It is now finally safe to turn on my TV, radio, pick up my mail or even answer my phone again and not be bombarded by negative attack ads!

Good grief. I have been on the planet for quite a few spins around the sun and have never, ever see such nasty, name calling, obfuscation and outright fear mongering in an election cycle as we have just endured. I have a more than average appreciation for "the law" and legal process, (not so much with law makers)  and have been amazed with all the election verbosity and blowing everything so out of proportion or extended to bizarre potential consequences (Lives will be lost! Families Shattered! Dogs and Cats living together!). I don't want to be law maker-heeding the old advice that people who love the law or sausages should never see where either one is made.

 According the the campaigns, it is a wonder we can ever live without your elected leader of choice. They all claim to be so wonderful! How can we manage our own lives without them? They must be so wise and important and have answers to all of our societal problems-which continue year after year here in Illinois. 

Watching the Judge Kavanaugh hearings I thought we had finally hit bottom with just how low the liberal agenda could go with their attacks, but this election phase has renewed my disappointed belief in there being no bottom in that well. The Democratic side has been emboldened to even trot gun control back out into the spotlight as a campaign issue. They had burned fingers on it a couple of elections ago, but this year the whole kitchen was open to throw anything in it out at the voters. As and example of Ridiculous In Action, I saw one negative ad alleging a candidate was backing the NRA agenda (oh the horrors!) and thus they obviously wanted to give machine guns to criminals and mental patients.  Puh-lease. 

No topic was too dumb or too outlandish. The touting of how bad "beliefs" held by a candidate could somehow be converted if elected to the exalted position of Dog Catcher into over throwing the Constitution, the Supreme Court interpretations of that document and our entire way of life if some they were some how voted into that lofty position of power.   

Nationwide, the Republicans had a pretty good election. The Dems had a very good election sequence. Here in Illinois, we were kicked in our collective teeth this year with the Democrat candidates winning all the big state jobs to include Governor. Incumbent Governor Rauner, was of course not much of a choice to cheer about- he was something like the third worst rated governor in the nation and had an approval rating in one study of 2.7% (might have been just his family giving him the thumbs up in that poll).  Newly elected Governor J.B. Pritzker is no bigger prize. He is enourmously wealthy and widely acknowledged to be a Mike Madigan insider, and was caught by the FBI on wiretap with Gov Blago begging a high powered state job and making negative racial comments back in 2008. I am sure alliances with the new Governor will rival any seen in an episode of "Game of Thrones." Gee how could the fiscally doomed state of Illinois be so lucky?  With a tradition rich with federal indictments against sitting or former Illinois Governors our future is so bright we out to wear shades!

How about those plans to tax gasoline more to support the failing state and Metra trains? There is another doozy supposedly being kicked around about taxing people for using the roads by their mileage-wow, turn the whole state into a gigantic toll road process! Brilliant. Reminds me of the old Beatles song about the tax man taxing the street and if you go too far he will tax your feet. Get ready. Down in Springfield, new legislatures never met a tax they did not like.

I saw some numbers in print which said Pritzker spent something like $160 million dollars campaigning for this $177,000 a year job. Could have tossed that money against the state pension debt and covered almost two thirds of it.

So what can we anticipate from this new Governor? Well we don't have to worry about him declaring Illinois to be exempt from Federal Immigration Law….Republican Rauner already did that. How about firearms laws? Well, going back to March of 2018 Pritzker laid out his beliefs in that arena at a public debate.  They were all bad for law abiding gun owners. He said he supported banning Bump Stocks, banning "assault rifles" (whatever definition he makes of that scary phrase), banning high capacity magazines, and supports the state scheme to license firearms dealers (who are already vetted and regulated by the federal government) to insure "only the right people" can sell guns in Illinois. None of these liberal responses of course have any iota of impact upon criminals who don't follow the law in the first place! Wait….what? You mean those people don't follow the laws we have in place now? They are still shooting people in Chicago?  Well, buy God! We need to make some new laws for them to ignore! 

No Bump Stocks have ever been connected to a crime in Illinois-the federal government is still wrangling that thorny issue declaring that piece of technology to be "too dangerous". We already suffered through assault rifle import bans and high capacity magazine restrictions under the Bill Clinton era rulesl-and it did not change any crime statistics. Rifles are so rarely used in crimes, more people are actually killed with sticks, rocks and bludgeons every year than with rifles. It's just bad law. 

There was a terrible shooting last week in California when a murderer shot twelve people to death in a bar. California already has some of the most stringent (and ridiculous) gun laws in the country to include pistol magazine magazines being restricted to 10 rounds. Yet some how this murderer took a gun into a bar and shot more than 10 bullets-gee he must have reloaded. That magazine law does not stop criminals from committing evil acts-it just restricts law abiding citizens from aspects of their Constitutionally protected rights. Is the whole idea behind a magazine restricted to 10 rounds something akin to they will be committing less evil? Is that a thing?

This other fanciful scheme from the "Good Idea Factory" to have Illinois commission a panel which will review and license all gun dealers in the state-who are already vetted, licensed and regulated by the federal government . This plan is just plain ridiculous, or alternatively more evidence of Illinois law makers thinking our laws are better than other entities laws…oh and we can generate some revenue too along the way while insuring only "the right people" can sell guns in this state. Stop over at the Cook County jail and see how many inmates pending shooting trials purchased their guns legally, passed background checks, and from federally licensed gun dealers -none.

Lots of Democrats will be serving in Springfield in 2019, and if they can serve up some anti-gun legislation in 4 to 6 months I am sure J.B. Pritzger will sign it into law next summer. 

What can you do about it? Well as a political pessimist-stock up now on 30 round P-Mags and AR's! The other idea is to take a look at the elections map-there are a whole lot of Republicans in office across the rest of the non-Chicago areas-looks like a red wave actually-but the number of delegates in the high-density areas still call the tune when the money flows.The NRA, Guns Save Life and Illinois State Rifle Association are still going to need your help campaigning against the anti-gun agenda now being openly touted by the liberals.

 Keep your local elected officials on speed dial. Call em, write them letters and emails-they are supposed to represent you-give them the benefit of your knowledge and views to campaign against unabashed gun control agendas. In my crystal ball it looks like rough seas ahead for Illinois and after watching all the election campaigns no one is offering up plans to make it any better-unless you think they can tax the remaining population into somehow fixing the bankrupt state with the some of the strictest gun control laws, highest real estate taxes and lowest financial ratings. Maybe I missed it, but did anyone offer plans to fix the state budget and horrific financial status, real estate taxes, fleeing populations and businesses, or Chicago crime rates? I was willing to listen. Honest.





24 thoughts on “New Governor Crystal Ball Anti-Gun Predictions”
  1. We got our Butts' handed to us in Illinois. Where i live we held the line and voted republican. Sadly far to many gun owners, conservatives and Christians stayed home cause they didnt like Rauner. Well Rauner was not the issue, the future of our state was the issue and the people stayed home.

    The Dems' are now in a wet dream state. Every piece of gun control and taxation they have ever wanted they will get provided it gets to Fat Boy. Fat Boy will sign any and all gun control and tax increases.

    Hell If they can get a total gun ban, Fat Boy will sign it. 

    One question; what is wrong with the Illinois GOP? 


  2. First of all

         Rauner was, and still is an issue. 


         Pritzker is, and will be an issue.

    And lastly

         Everywhere you keep posting that " gun owners, conservitives, and Christians stayed home". The data I have seen does not back this statement up. In my district we had the largest voter turn out in recent history and then some. Many other districts numbers show the same. The results were not what either of us desired, and definitely not good for Illinois or America. However, It is not appropriate for you to try and place the blame on people, who from the numbers and research I have seen and done, DID actually vote. A prudent person would stop blaming everyone except themselves…….unless you have factual data to back up your statements……. You should probably stop talking out your rear, it isn't helping your case any. 


    But……whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better.

    1. Regardless of “where the blame” lies, you are screwed when it comes to your gun rights. On a side note, any word on National reciprocity? Or is that dead in the water?

      As a nation we are all screwed on our gun rights. Eventually we as a gun rights community are going to have to choose if our rights are worth entering into a hot war over. The left will never stop until we are stripped of the 2nd Amendment. We can deny this all we want, but sooner or later (more sooner), a decision will need to be made. The corruption in our election process is clear as day. Look no farther than Broward County, Florida. That process can no longer be trusted. And when you can’t trust our election process to be true, there is only one thing left to do. 

      Let that sink in and ask yourself how far you are willing to go! 

    2. Sadly, it looks like the ball that was rolling towards national reciprocity, has been fragmented into pieces. Our election process has also been fragmented, tainted, and perverted into something that is used as a tool to gain money and power…… Not to honestly and justly represent the people. 

      You are correct, there are dark days on the horizon. Decisions need made, and lines drawn. People need to look at themselves and decide what they are about. Everyone needs to find their threshold of where docility ends, and push back begins. 

    3. Hey puttingthetruthout; your the guy that seems to make comments just to stir up trouble. The turnout may have been a record but not for our side. A statement that far to many gun owners stayed home is just that. I know of gun owners and christians that stayed home. So stop trying to act like you know everything.  A comment claiming the election was more than Rauner is also true. And yes Pritzker will be a Big issue in the coming days.

      So cool it Pal !!!!!!!!!!! 

    4. Freeillinois: I’m not certain he was looking to stir up trouble, rather voicing his opinion and frustration. 

      However, let’s redirect your attention to what I originally typed. What’s your position on that? 

    5. Alpha Co. Is absolutely correct. Voicing my frustration, and my opinion. It is time to think big picture (america, not just Illinois), it is time to think critically. And, as Alpha Co. Stated, it's time to think about where people, as individuals, stand. Find your threshold of docility….. And hold fast to it. 

    6. Alpha Co; I will respond to your comment.

       The Forces of darkness are rallying against us and seek to destroy us.  The one thing that Donald Trump has managed to do is galvanize the spawn of Satan to the call battle.

       Our nation and our state is coming to an end; the values the traditions and the faith that founded this nation hangs in the balance.

       Will we rise up and stop this great evil?

      The Soap box is now gone (censorship).

       The Jury box has been a joke for years.

       The ballot box is all but lost, when democrats can pull magic ballots out of their butt and claim there legitimate. Its over.

       Now the Bolsheviks are going after the cartridge box. Taxes and bans on guns, heck there is a bill in congress to stop 3D printed guns, castings, forging, 80%, kit builds and parts. (HR7115 3D firearms Prohibitions Act)

       Will we be able to stop this assault on our rights, I don’t know. I doubt there is enough founders’ blood left in this country/state to resist.  

    7. Unfortunately, far too many downstate voters who voted, voted for Sam McCann. If Rauner had gotten those votes, it would have, at least, been closer.

      Both Rauner and Harold ran very flawed campaigns, despite the money being available to hire top flight campaign managers. Those same campaign managers pushed people away who could have really helped while running two of worst statewide campaigns in recent history. I believe they both could have won, Rauner with a narrow margin and Harold with a large margin if they had run better campaigns.

      None of this solves anything. Illinois gun owners are in for some very rough years.

  3. As predicted:

    SB3637 11/07/2018 Senator Julie A. Morrison (D) 29th District and Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D) 16th District Majority Caucus Whip have introduced an ammo tax bill. From reading it, I'm guessing it is a shell or markup bill that will fleshed out when it hits the final committee. The camel's nose is under the tent.

    What is a "shell bill"?

    What many Illinoisans might not realize is that shell bills are loaded guns. They put residents at risk of laws that would never pass through a measured, deliberative process of open debate.

    In simple terms, shell bills allow lawmakers to forget about the transparency required in the typical legislative process. Shell bills mean nothing until they mean everything. And by then, it’s usually too late for citizens to do anything.

    Knowing the nastiness of shell bills requires knowledge of how a bill becomes a law in Illinois. A quick primer:

    First, a lawmaker introduces a bill. Let’s say this lawmaker is a state representative, so the bill is introduced in the House. The bill then heads to the House Rules Committee, which is supposed to send the bill to the appropriate committee for a hearing. (If Madigan doesn’t like a bill, this doesn’t happen. But that’s another column.)

    House rules require six days’ notice before a bill is heard in committee. This standard transparency measure gives lawmakers and the public time to examine the bill and voice their opinions. But this posting requirement doesn’t apply to amendments. Amendments only need to be posted one hour before a hearing. Remember that.

    Once in committee, a bill will receive a hearing and a vote, and maybe an amendment on the way. If committee members approve, the bill heads to the House floor.

    The bill then gets a reading on the House floor in front of every state representative. That’s called a “second reading.” Representatives get a chance to suggest amendments during the second reading. If the House votes to approve an amendment, that amendment heads back to committee for debate and a vote.

    After second reading, the bill gets a third reading and a vote from the full House. Representatives vote up or down to send the bill to the Senate to go through a similar process.

    All of this may seem wonky, and it is. Legislating should be slow. It should be open. It should be difficult.

    Shell bills fly in the face of all that.

    Simply amend a do-nothing shell bill once it reaches the final stages of approval and the wheels are set in motion. Within hours, lawmakers can effectively introduce a new bill and pass it through the House, Senate and get the governor’s signature. The mere one-hour posting requirement for amendments comes in handy here.

    1. I have heard of shell bills.

      The democrats see an oportunity to use the powers of the state against their opposition. 

  4. Like him or not, no one learned from the Trump campaign. Projected to not have a chance, Trump beat the witch with his message and his candor. The demonrats cannot run such a campaign this next cycle cause they're all a bunch of lying lunatics. Until the rest of the GOP gets on to this, good luck. Oh, and good luck with all the voter fraud going on as well.

  5. Rauner should have attacked the Mike Madigan stalemate and put the blame where it belonged. Not the best but still Rauner way better than the Prickster.

  6. The Peoples Republic of Illinois has more than 2,000,000 FOID card holders and Rauner didn't even get 2,000,000 votes. Yes some Christians and Conservatives stayed home because they won't vote for a liberal RINO that thinks having a broke state use public tax money to fund murdering the unborn is a good thing. But as usual probably more than a MILLION + Illinois gun owners did just what they always do…. NOTHING !!!! hell some even voted for the guy that promised to remove their rights.  Last year while we Patriots got beat to death in Springfield the nuetered sheep slept threw everything AGAIN. When I'd try to wake one of these eunuchs the usual response was "that'll never pass, I ain't worried about it" my best reply was "that's because you're a f*****g idiot". so that's why we lost. 

    Either way arguing about shoulda, woulda, coulda will do nothing for us now. Deciding where you stand and planning for the future is where effort should be spent. BTW, this is the only forum with solid Patriots ( YOU ). look at some of the others gun rights forums and watch how many typical Illinois gun owners are standing in line to have their rights removed because a bloated liberal gas bag says so. 

    1. Bill, I agree with your assessment of Rauner; He was a very poor Governor.  Problem is Pritzker will be worse.

      This is my take on people that don’t participate in the election process.

      While Rauner was a very poor governor by staying home other candidates at the local, county and state elections lost because these good people stayed home.

      The same thing happened in 2012 at the federal level when 25 million Christians that were registered to vote elected to stay home because of 2 very poor candidates running for president.  How many candidates that were pro-gun, pro-life lost their elections because the good people stayed home?

      Voting maybe the greatest right we have; sadly far too many people don’t seem to care. Now the Democrats seem to be able to pull magic ballots out of their butt days after an election.

      We have lost the soap box due to censorship. The jury box is a joke unless you’re rich.

      So have we now lost the Ballot box, Due to vote fraud by the democrats?

      Today gun owners are under attack by a demon force of Bolsheviks that want total control and they don’t care what they have to do to achieve total power.

      These are just my thoughts…

    2. There is an old saying and it goes something like this….."If you don't take an interest in politics, it will eventually take an interest in you" …..don't know who coined that little phrase, but there is a lot of truth to it…..stay safe out there.

  7. We need to be working at the local and county level so we can take back our State.

    Building party and getting more pro-gun people on the ballot is a must!

    Voting is not winning its only part of the process; building party is the answer 

    We also need to demand honest elections. No more democrats pulling ballots out of the rear end

    1. The republicans have not abandoned Illinois but they are in disarray. I have recently called and talked to my State Reps office about the reason the Republicans are so unorganized. 

      The old Jim Edgar wing of the republican party controls the money and they are as bad as the democrats. Those bastards want gun control and they are not making an effort to fight for conservative values.

      This past election there were 40 seats in the Illinois house with no republican challengers. The only pro-gunners left in the state are down state where I live. Problem is there are not enough of us to impose a change. 

      I was told that we need to contact our local COUNTY Republican Chairman and get involved at the local county level or we are screwed. 

      PLEASE UNDERSTAND We must WORK to BUILD the republican party at the county level; NOW! Or our gun rights are gone

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