By Mike Keleher

This one is a whopper. Sixteen U.S. House of Representatives Democrats filed H.R. 7115 3D Firearms Prohibitions Act on Friday, November 2nd, 2018 while everyone was looking the other way just hours before the mid-term elections.

You can read it at

The title, the 3-D Firearms Prohibitions Act, also identified in Section 2 as the Do-It-Yourself Assault Weapons Ban, would make you think the bill was all about 3-D printers being used to make polymer/plastic firearms. It's not. I downloaded and searched the entire bill and terms like 3-D and printers are never mentioned beyond the title.

It is all about making it a federal crime to work on 80 percent frames (which are not 3-D produced firearms) and building kit guns at home as well as making it illegal to sell or even advertise gun parts kits-which are currently of course quite legal.

This bully of a bill, has language that slops all kinds of bans together which obviously would violate both the First and Second Amendments and once again calls out "assault weapons" for prohibition without defining them.

It does broad-brush some language which says any rifle, shotgun or pistol which has a removable magazine which could be home created or modified would be subject to these bans .

The title includes bans on sales, purchases, distribution or import of "certain" firearm receiver castings or blanks (Hunh? You can now legislate inert pieces of metal?), ASSAULT WEAPON PARTS KITS, and machine gun parts kits as well as even the advertising of castings, blanks and kits. Let's read that again kids…illegal to advertise parts for sale? 

Oh they did not finish there…they also would require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and this is the best part "and for other purposes"-what the heck is that? I guess we should just trust them to tell us later what "other purposes" are as they decide upon it. They all seem trustworthy enough…

This is one to call/write your U.S. Representative about- now. Yes hundreds or thousands of bills are introduced that never go anywhere, but this one is so awful it needs your personal attention and participation to help insure it passes away of quite natural causes-millions of gun owners who don't want to see their rights slashed.

Don't know who your U.S. Rep is or how to contact them? Just go to www.House.Gov and plug in your zip code to get directed to your Congressman and their phone, website, email and address.

I fired off a quick email to my Rep-took about three minutes including looking them up. Feel free to copy and paste if you don't want to use up your free verse brain fuel.

"Dear Congressman Schneider, congratulations on your re-election. I am writing to you about a new bill, H.R. 7115 which on it's face says it is preventing 3-D guns from being produced. Reading the bill I find it uses language that violates the First and Second Amendments and would make it illegal for legal firearms owners to work on their own legal weapons. I am writing to you to please oppose H.R. 7115 if it should ever come before you in a vote. Thank you very much."

I also logged on to see the full copy of the text of the bill at, saw the listed sponsors, and set up an alert which would send me e-mails as this bill does or does not proceed across the hill.

BTW newly re-elected U.S. Representative Robin L. Kelly (D-Illinois 2nd District) who has served since 2013 was one of the bill's original co-sponsors.

Get on this-ring up your Reps. This is an awful excuse for a proposed law and has the ability to sweep up a number of aspects related to working on your own guns or building them up from parts.

5 thoughts on “Dems Introduce U.S. House Bill to Prevent Firearm Builds at Home, Owner Modifications and Even Advertisements of Legal Parts for Sale”
  1. This is nuts; and people dont think their votes dont count or matter.

     The democrats smell blood so they are going for broke, including a ban on the sale of parts. 

    Dear God what have we done!


  2. Will the NRA and ISRA sell out gun owners? 

    What about Trump will he sell out gun owners? (He did on Bump Stocks) 

    We know that one Illinois gun group will to sell out gun owners; so what do you guys think will happen?

    GOA is completely against this bill. 

    We live in a Nation were Democrats pull magic ballots out of their Butt and far too many gun owners stay home and refuse to get involved in the election process. 

    Maybe we should just turn in ALL our guns and go to the gulag. Of the people I know Most of the pro-liberty people willing to take a stand I could count on my fingers and toe's  


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