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Pictures are sometimes worth a thousand words.

Other times, they can convey far more than a 1000 words' worth of messaging.

Like this one, for instance.

Rahm Voter Laser


Or this one…

Rahm Voter Rifle


Or these…

Rahm Voter Money and Gun

Rahm Voter Money


But wait!  That's not all!

Rahm Voter Pistols  Rahm Voter Pistol

Rahm Voter Ol Girl

Yes, the gang members and the politicians in Chicago are in bed with one another.  The Chicago Magazine covered this some time back.

Gangs and Pols

And little has changed.

Can you see just a little bit why nothing changes when it comes to stopping the pervasive violence in Chicago's poorest neighborhoods?



3 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL PLANTATION MINDER: Murder City Mayor Rahm with ‘Banger”
  1. Has some weird-lookin' beret-wearin' bang-gangers infested chitcago, or what?   That guy really likes the "hang-loose" sign, sho'nuff, don'he?  

    And they believe they're our equals? 

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