Is your blood pressure running low today?  Need a boost that doesn't involve salt or medication?  How about the video showing Coward County Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson (recipient of $8,702/month retirement checks) hiding as the Parkland, FL school killer slaughtered those innocent students and staff members.  In the gun-free zone.  After Coward County Sheriff Scott Israel's department failed to take action after about 40 contacts with the scumbag killer.


Cower and hide, not serve and protect:  Scot (with one 't') Peterson.  Yellow belly coward with the fancy watch.  You too can afford a nice watch earing $8,702 in retirement following your resignation after shirking your duty to protect and serve.


Yep, it's all right here at the Florida Sun-Sentinel website.  They created a video animation of what happened, along with real-time video of Peterson's cowardice and police radio traffic.  Very nicely done.  It looks pretty damning for the Broward Coward. 

Because his behavior was damnable.

Vilified as a coward for failing to intervene in the Parkland school shooting, former deputy Scot Peterson was accused Wednesday of something equally fundamental: Bad police work.

A surveillance video of Peterson’s movements outside the school was shown Wednesday to the state commission investigating the massacre, with the video plotted against an animation showing the shooter’s actions and combined with recordings of police radio calls. Peterson, who has been subpoenaed to testify to the commission next month, resigned in disgrace after videos showed he took cover and did nothing to confront the gunman.

During the ordeal inside the freshman building, which left 17 dead, Peterson called over the radio for intersections to be blocked, which members of the commission said was precisely the wrong tactic when an active shooter is busy killing people. He failed to provide an initial radio report about the shootings to the Sheriff’s Office, letting minutes pass in silence. Peterson told officers to stay at least 500 feet from the building.

The freshman building.  Meaning that David "Camera" Hogg, the kid rejected by every college he applied to, was nowhere in danger that fateful day.  Even if he was at school instead of applying at the local McDonalds to clean toilets.

Hey, someone's gotta make those French fries.

The video is not embeddable.   And it's not on YouTube yet.

Go check it out.

And remember that coward cop collects $8,702 each and every month in retirement. 

But he has to live with himself every day knowing all those wonderful kids are dead thanks to his cowardice.

Dead young people like this girl.



8 thoughts on “COWARDICE ILLUSTRATED: Video shows Broward Cop hiding as killer slaughters Stoneman Douglas students”
  1. Cops hide like rats, children die and we in Illinois get gun control; Doesnt make sense. 

    Being the son of a one time police officer i know that to serve and protect once meant something to the men and women in uniform but apparently it doesnt carry the same meaning today. 



  2. What do we do with such cowards…except publicly shame them.  In post-SHTF world, we will execute them as on the battlefield.  Same with kiddie diddlers.  You'll be put out of our misery toot-sweet.

  3. Talk about more filth from the Left nut jobs.

    Durbin and Duckworth now want people with the code for a 3D gun to spend 5 years behind bars.

    These 2 fools now have a Bill in the Senate calling for 5 years in jail for just talking about 3D code on a web site. 

    Why do people vote for these clowns! 

    Like the above comment says; VOTE RAUNER, VOTE REPUBLICAN



    1. No they weren't, the failure was with their administration.  All the doors were barricaded heavily, the local swat team did not have explosive breaching because their municipality felt that they didn't need to have it.  They had to wait for another team from another jurisdiction who had explosive breaching ability to blow a hole through the wall so they could make entry.  That took a very long time.  Many people died because of that.  Officers were shot when they made entry, so no I wouldn't lump them into the coward category.  For those of you that live in the Chicago area, did you know that Chicago SWAT doesn't have explosive breaching at all, they refuse to allow them to have it. Many attempts have been made but the don't feel like it is necessary.  They also don't have a call out system for Major incidents, in fact they are forbidden by order to answer their Dept phones while off duty.  The department relies on the dedication of the guys on the team to show up instead of having a system in place that would insure a known amount of swat members that would shie up to each incident.  Now imagine memorial day, the guys celebrating the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for this country.  The entire team, with the exception of the guys on duty.  Imagine that they have a beer during this celebration.  Now they can't respond to anything, but because there is no formal call out system in place none of the guys off duty could respond. All the other major city swat teams have a formal system in place to guarantee the number if members who will show up to an Incident, Chicago not so much.  Why, because they would have to pay them a few bucks more a paycheck.  Now keep in mind, the K9, evidence techs, bomb techs, marine unit all get extra pay for special skills and knowledge, and they never get called at any time of day or night for an emergency.  Swat does not.  The team is set up for failure because the liberal mindset sees swat as a necessary evil and treats it as such.  Look at their rifles, a Hodge podge of ancient lowers well past their safe life.  You better hope nothing like the FL nightclub happens here, swat would never have been able to make entry without explosive breaching.  The killing would only have stopped when the terrorist ran out of ammo.

  4. Preclude Tyranny! A vote against a Democrat is preservation of Liberty! Democrats will shred your Bill of Rights.

    Once you're trapped, you are trapped☑Vote against Liberal Fascism while you can. These aren't your JFK or even your Tip O'Neil type of Democrats. They're more like Russian Bolshevics. Vote Republican! Preserve your rights!

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