Guns Save Life has worked closely with the National Rifle Association's staff to put together a plan for this fall's mid-term elections.  In fact, we publicized a general overview of our multi-point election strategy plan almost two months ago.  It is coming together quite nicely. 

Points three and four involved educating our people on how to more effectively lobby their own legislators one-on-one and how to get more active helping our friends in elective office.  Of course, we're deferring to the experts on these points and they're coming through for us.

Here's a sneak peek at the announcement.  Further notifications, via email, texts and possibly US Mail will begin going out in the coming days and weeks.  We're encouraging the other gun rights organizations in Illinois to publicize and promote this event as well, so feel free to forward the information!

We'll see you at SCHEELS on Wednesday, September 12th!  (Yes, we know that's the night of Charleston's GSL meeting.  For those in the Charleston area, we'll take notes and share this information with you following the event.)


National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action

Grassroots / Citizen Lobbyist Training Session

Wednesday, September 12th  6:30pm
3801 S. MacArthur Blvd, Springfield

An evening of training and education featuring
NRA’s Grassroots Field Coordinator David Conte
and NRA-ILA Illinois Liaison John Weber.
Learn how to personally lobby your legislator more effectively.
Learn how to make a difference for friendly legislators at election time.
Socialize and network with other gun owners and gun rights activists.

Come out early to eat and socialize at the SCHEELS cafeteria.

This event is free and open to the public

Depending on turnout and other factors, there may be additional events in the Chicagoland area.

RSVP here!

5 thoughts on “NRA Grassroots / Citizen Lobbying Training Session: Sept 12 at SCHEELS in Springfield **UPDATED: RSVP!**”
  1. Please start an email list (GSL members, perhaps?) and send information updates so those of us that aren't able to attend these meetings can receive the information. 

  2. We are really going to need all the time and skill we have.

    THE BUZZ: A new independent poll shows Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker with a commanding 16-percentage-point lead over incumbent Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. The survey, conducted by NBC News/Marist, has 46 percent of registered Illinois voters backing Pritzker, compared to 30 percent supporting Rauner. Libertarian nominee Kash Jackson is at 6 percent in the poll, and third-party candidate Sam McCann is at 4 percent.

    We need to all reach out to any Illinois voter we can influence.

  3. I figure JB has the governor's office "in the bag" because of the Chitcago dumbocrat "machine", all the Crook county deceased "voters", and all the negative "publicity" Rouner gets from "sNews" that is anti-Republican all the time. DumbocRATS hate ultra-rich white guys unless they profess to "tax-the-rich" (aka: anybody with a job) and hide their own mulit-millions from the "tax-man" to keep themselves rich, as JBK Prickster does.

    Again I will have to vote against corruption, Madigan/Prickster, and again my vote will be diminished by the corrupt Chitcago thuggery. Oh well, at least I vote no matter how "disgruntled" I get. Just once, I'd like to be "gruntled", whatever that is.

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