Good old Sleazy JB.  He penned an op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times recently in which he claims that gun bans, magazine bans and “full funding” of anti-gun groups will bring peace to Chicago’s violent streets.  

For a filthy rich guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he's doing very well.  He has never worked a real job a day in his life after inheriting a $1.6 billion fortune, yet he surely thinks he knows how the real world works.  

In reality, we all know that if strict gun control really worked to prevent violence, Chicago would be one of the safest places in the nation.  Instead, it’s known as Murder City USA.

Deep down, ol’ JB probably knows that more failed gun control won’t end senseless violence.  More likely:  he just doesn’t care.  It sounds good to inner city constituencies desperate for the violence to end.

Once more, imagine inheriting 1.6 billion dollars.  With a couple hundred million of that, Big JB wants to buy the office of Illinois governor.  To do so, he’s busy pandering to blacks, particularly in Chicago.  

But before now, when he thought nobody would hear him, JB Pritzker rated blacks on a scale of how offensive he perceived them.  In JB’s world, blacks are servants, not equals or leaders.


Now, in public at least, he’s busy pandering for black votes like countless Democrats ahead of him.  Filthy Rich JB talks a good talk, just like other Democrats of years generations gone by:  “If we just had more gun control…”

Have you noticed how the Democrat message never changes? And despite years decades of Democrat control, Chicago has not gotten any better for African-Americans, or pretty much anyone else.  

Austin Neighborhood

Did the lives of 99% of blacks in Chicago improve under Democrat Governors Pat Quinn or Rod Blagojevich and the gun control they implemented?  Nope. In fact, Illinois has only slid further into debt and Chicago’s reputation as Murder City USA has grown.

Yet to this day, these voters still fall for the same old shuck and jive from slick-talking politicians promising still more failed gun control and government hand-outs.  As if those will somehow solve the violent crime problem in their communities and lift them out of poverty.

The Democrats never fix it. The Democrats tolerate violence, turmoil and poverty.   In fact, Democrat politicians frequently thrive on it.  Their policies like gun control don’t liberate their communities.  Instead they perpetuate the status quo, keeping inner city residents shackled to the plantation.  

Like the others before him, ol’ JB’s words are simply that – hot air.  It’s not like he’s ever going to ever visit, much less live in the Austin, Garfield Park or Englewood neighborhoods of Chicago.

Now JB stands on his soapbox in the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times selling his snakeoil.  “It will be different if you elect me!”


Sure buddy.

“Criminals should not have access to guns!” he writes.  That’s already law.  However in Cook County, Democrat State’s Attorney Kim Foxx frequently does not even pursue slam-dunk cases against criminals with guns.  

And if she does charge them, they get released on electronic monitoring by Democrat Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, saving the county $143 per day per inmate they don’t have to shelter and feed at the Cook County jail.  

Instead of advocating policies that would help drive economic growth for the inner cities, JB talks the same old tired talk of Democrats in election years past that will leave these neighborhoods mired in the same old poverty and despair.

While Donald Trump has brought an economic revival that has lowered African-American and Hispanic-American unemployment to historic lows, JB Pritzker wants to double down on Obama’s failed policies – and keep folks shackled on the same old Democrat gun control plantation.

6 thoughts on “Filthy Rich JB Pritzker loves gun control. African-Americans? Eh, not so much.”
  1. JB is Bad news for ALL of Illinois; regardless of where you stand on gun laws.

    We MUST ALL spread the word of JB and his love of HIGHER TAXES and GUN CONTROL.

    Everything that Trump has tried to restore will be lost if JB is elected.

    Illinois can not go backwards; We must go forward.

  2. For landlors out there:

    JB made a commitment to institute rent control throughout Illinois as well.

    For renters:

    Rent Control eventually means much higher rents and lots of homelessness. Look at San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and LA and you will see that I am right. 98% of all economists agree.


    1. Well, it does make sense as the commucrates have been trying to make our state into Illifornia for a long time.

  3. Preclude Tyranny! A vote against a Democrat is Preservation of Liberty! Secure you Bill of Rights! Vote Republican!

  4. There is a claim that the democrats have a "Stay Behind Network" in Place working to stop Trump, Stop gun owners and conservatives.  It looks real to me, but You make the call if this claim is real or not. 


    Please share this video. 

    Please vote for gun rights this nov, hold your nose if you must, but vote republican. Tell others to do the same

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