In the world today, you’re known by the company you keep.  Great people attract other good people into their orbits.  Meanwhile, bad people tend to attract more of the same into theirs.  

In our lawsuit against the Village of Deerfield’s evil new gun ban, Guns Save Life could not be prouder to partner with the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, the National Rifle Association.  Both groups remain at the very front of the fight for freedom and liberty for Illinois gun owners in deeds as well as words.

I knew early on that the Village of Deerfield had partnered with two other law firms in addition to the high-priced Chicago law firm that normally handles Deerfield’s legal needs.  

The Brady Campaign’s legal team stood as one of those firms.  We’ve seen the Brady Campaign’s legal work and its long string of humiliating defeats.  The Bradys do news conferences to the mainstream media well.  Later, when the cameras and reporters have moved on, the “brilliant” Brady lawyers have lost.  What's more, they sometimes even leave their plaintiffs facing hundreds of thousands in bills!  

The other firm I didn’t initially recognize, Perkins Coie.  I’ve since learned that Perkins Coie has close ties to the Clinton Foundation.  Perkins Coie also did work for the Fusion GPS organization.  Of course, Fusion GPS is now famous for their infamous “Russian dossier” against Donald Trump.  Perkins Coie has also reportedly served as counsel for the Democrat National Committee during Hillary’s failed campaign for President.  Her most recent failed campaign, that is.   

Good vs. Evil.
Good vs. evil exists well beyond our Bibles and Hollywood movies.  The battle between goodness and wrongness exists in our everyday lives as well.  

Frankly, I have great pride in how Guns Save Life works side-by-side with the great people at the National Rifle Association to protect and defend the basic civil rights of Illinoisans, and in particular the residents and visitors to the Village of Deerfield in this lawsuit.  I also find it interesting who the village fathers of Deerfield have retained to defend their unAmerican gun ban.  It surely looks as though the forces of good and evil have aligned for this battle.  

The good guys won the first skirmish with our win on the temporary injunction against Deerfield.  Time will tell how long it takes for us to win this battle.

One thought on “GOOD VS. EVIL: Guns Save Life vs. Clinton Foundation Law Firm in Deerfield Gun Ban Suit”
  1. Perkins Coie is eBay's law firm, too.

    In fact, they AUTHORED and LOBBIED the adoption of the infamous "Internet Auction Listing Service" law a couple of years back.

    Which eBay immediately began violating once the same became law.

    Perkins Coie is some of the scuzziest lawyers known to man.


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