So Sunday, a 24-year-old loser lost a video game and decided he wanted to shoot the people who beat him.  That's right:  he thought shooting people over a stupid video game was some how going to make things "right" in his dysfunctional mind.  Can you spell l-o-s-e-r? 


Not only that, but he shot up a gun free zone. 

How is that even possible?  Why, don't those signs stop guns from entering?


Oh that's right:  "gun free zone" signs just keep law-abiding good guys out.  Criminals ignore the signs just like they ignore our laws and societal norms.

What kind of person did this?  Well, for one the deranged killer thought Americans are "retarded" and supporters of President Donald Trump were "Trumptards".  In other words, he was a radical leftist.  Before he suck-started his pistol at least.

katz-reddit-killer cropped

Isn't it amazing the projection in this loser's mind?

CBS News reports that the loser bought a pair of handguns in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. 

The 24-year-old gunman who police say opened fire at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday legally purchased two firearms in the weeks leading up to the attack that left two dead and nine others wounded.

David Katz, of Baltimore, Maryland, recently purchased a 9 mm pistol and .45-caliber handgun, along with extra ammunition, but only used one weapon in the attack, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said in a news conference Monday. He said one of the weapons had an aftermarket laser-sight attached.

Maryland has some seriously strict gun control laws, too.  Here's the Brady Campaign's (now the Giffords Law Center) Scorecard. 


How about that!  Gun control failed.  Again.  The loser obtained the handgun despite admissions (plural) to mental hospitals.  From Fox News:

The gunman who opened fire on a "Madden NFL 19" tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday was hospitalized previously for mental illness, according to court records.

Divorce filings from the parents of 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore showed that as a teenager he was hospitalized twice in psychiatric facilities and was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications, The Associated Press first reported Monday.

 It just goes to show that the only thing that stops an America-hating leftist with evil in his heart is a good guy with a gun.  Or a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Rest assured the gun control lobby will use this loser's final shot as a reason to take our guns away.

14 thoughts on “TOTAL LOSER: FL gamer killer bought gun in Maryland, brought it to a “gun free” zone”
    1. Seriously John? I strongly suggest that you review what psychotropic medications can do to the mind. You're not even close with the heart med analogy. (Yeah, I'll be back for any reply to this.)

    2. The dangers of SSRI drugs are real and extremely serious when improperly prescribed.

       This family of drugs causes the user to loose or lack empathy; it leads to violence and suicide.

       However I am getting tired   of this constant brow beating of mental illness. In my opinion its just pandering by lawyers and family members trying to divert attention away from other issues.

       Larry Pratt said it best in an interview when he said; People suffering from metal illness are no more violent than any other demographic group in our nation.

       How many school shooting have we had were bullying was a major factor? (too many) Gun Free Zones, Drug deals, illegal immigration and just a rotten society were every child expects a ribbon for participating and now that their older cannot cope in the real world while they live in their mothers basement.

       And the list goes on..

    3. Heart meds starve off future attacks. Psychotropic meds have side effects of suicidal and violent thoughts which in the last stream of these incidents everyone of the individuals had been prescribed them.  That seems to be a common link, along with historys of unstable homes, alienation and lack of parenting.  Of course there are those who are just plain evil.  


    Leftists Push Gun Control After a Shooting. Then Facts Come Out.

    Democratic politicians and left-wing activists rushed to push for gun control in the moments following any tragic shooting.  ‘It’s clear Congress must stop stalling & act to protect Americans from the daily tragedy of gun violence.’

    They already have!

    On September 25, 1789 Congress did act when it passed and sent to the States for the ten ratified Bill of Rights amendments. Ultimately, were ratified as additions to the Constitution on December 15, 1791, and became Amendments One through Ten of the Constitution.


  2. More "gun-free" (aka:killing Zone) murders. When will the gun-haters learn that "gun-free"zones are not observed as such by those who are intent on murder. This LOSER had premeditated some kind of murders because he bought these firearms and ammunition long before his gaming tournement, brought them with him, and somehow got them into the tournement. If he won, would he still have committed the murders? We will never know, but with his mental deficiency probably so.

  3. In reference to jboch and israelfirst posters:

    Although this is a subject matter of which I could go on about, I'm pretty much a short to the point type of guy hoping that a reader gets it. That said I'm going to take the quote by israelfirst post, "Larry Pratt said it best in an interview when he said; People suffering from mental illness are no more violent than any other demographic group in our nation." With that there is a line that needs to be drawn between mental illness and those people that are prescribed psychotropic/SSRI medications rather than throwing these two catagories into one group BECAUSE IT IS a trojan horse to deprive more Americans their God given right of self defense of which culminates somewhat as ones' 2nd Amendment rights.

    Over the years I have (as have many others) known many young people diagnosed with ADHD, ATD, and other alphabet soup names for conditions that are not psychotic but are normal issues of growing up that my generation conquered with parent/child discipline. Back then, some time in the corner, a spanking, or being grounded was the preferred method to freaking out a kid's mind with psychotopic/SSRI drugs. For instance my neighbor's kid didn't focus on school work at 8 years old so he's on meds. This kid isn't mental, he's just a kid bored at school. So what! 

    So what happens here (from examples like that) is that Big Pharma makes a lot of money off of selling drugs so this will continue. They'll pad the politicians campaign funds. Politicians will be easy on the pharmaceutical companies, rinse and repeat. They're all in in together for the money. It's a crooked way to make a living, real health be damned. Crooks don't want good guys to have a way to defend themselves.

    And back to what happens here folks is that those that aren't mental but are on meds will be denied their 2nd Amendment rights. The whole issue of getting folks on any type of mind altering meds is to put them in the mental catagory and thus destroy the 2nd Amendment for more Americans. Going through a divorce and your nerves are shot? The doc gives you a low does of Activan to take off the edge and presto, you're on psych meds and your gun rights may be challenged as laws change. This is why the one size fits all of mental illness is a trojan horse. It's the back door that the gun grabbers are playing folks for. Be very, very careful with terminolgy that can be so easily twisted. 

  4. the bait truck made me steal, the bike lock & chain made me assault, the drug made me ingest/smoke, the fork made me eat, the gun/video game made me shoot…

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