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Get woke, go broke.  The NFL fumbled in their handling of the National Anthem protests at NFL games two or three years ago.  Their favorability and attendance at games has plummetted.  Now, it looks as though the disrespect to America's National Anthem has spread to the Major League Baseball.  Last night, only four of the Chicago Cubs team bothered to come out onto the field from the dugout for the National Anthem. 

And only two of the four actually wore players' uniforms.  Where was the rest of the team?  [We’ve since been told it is custom for players to remain in the dugout for the Anthem.] 

Not only that, but the crowd was so selfishly busy trying to mob the National Anthem singer for selfies, that they wouldn't allow the Marine Corps flag detail to leave the field.


Truly shameful behavior, folks.



From the Gateway Pundit:

There can only be a couple of explanations. Either all the players are tucked into a corner over by first base, or most of the Cubs are inside the dugout/locker room/bullpen.
Given that the players were not all tucked away over by first base, I’m only left to wonder why so few are on the field. And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. It’s happened in other stadiums as well.

For an answer, let’s look to Cubs coach Maddon himself, who commented on the Anthem issue back in 2017.

Maddon’s anti-rules philosophy gives the Cubs the space to do whatever they think’s necessary to get ready for the next game. It’s freedom from: dress codes on road trips, guidelines on facial hair and overloaded mandatory batting-practice sessions.

That hands-off approach has worked to the point where the defending World Series champs could clinch a second straight National League Central title as soon as Tuesday at Busch Stadium and celebrate in front of the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s not unusual to see only a small group of players, coaches and staffers standing on the field during the national anthem.

“That’s up to them,” Maddon said. “I’ve never really had a policy regarding being out for the anthem or not. A lot of times guys like to do different things right before the game begins. Sometimes, you’re on the road, you hit later and you get in later and then your time is at a premium. So I’ve never really had a specific theory about coming out for your anthem at all.”

Well, there you have it. The Cubs aren’t required to attend the singing of the National Anthem. Keep in mind, the Cubs specifically announce to the entire stadium, requesting people stand and remove their hats in honor of our National Anthem. Got that?? You save up your hard earned cash and pay exorbitant ticket prices, cough up more for food and drink, and the Cubs ask YOU to stand, but NOT the millionaires supported by all that spending!

Major League Baseball has created a situation where players are able to show their support for NFL and NBA protests, while not actually making an overt public statement. More cynically put, they’ve all decided to show protest solidarity while continuing to take as much of everyone’s cash as possible without rocking the boat.

MLB needs to do better than this. What message does it send to kids that the players they idolize can take it or leave it when it comes to honoring those who’ve laid down their lives so we can enjoy freedoms we take for granted, like enjoying our nation’s pass time on a summer night? it says, America can be taken, or left, for granted. Shameful.

The National Anthem is as much a part of the experience of going to a game as watching the team win the World Series. Maybe more. At the very least, players need to see themselves as EXTREMELY high priced entertainers who put on a show 162+ times a year, and the Anthem is their opening act. It’s horrifically rude to ask the audience to participate in such an important part of the show, but tell the cast they’re allowed to take a pass, and crap on one of America’s most sacred symbols in the process.

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  1. What an uninformed, fake story.  This site just threw its credibility away and joined MSNBC.

  2. Seriously..  this is malicious fake news right up there with CNN. "We didn't see something, thererefore racism" (or in this case anti-americanism).

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