Mega-chain Walmart may have met its match in Hannah Brumbles, an 18-year-old Oregon woman.  See clerks at the St. Helens, OR Walmart refused to sell her a $209 Ruger 10/22, citing an arbitrary company policy discriminating against 18-20-year-olds.  Young Hanna seeks a $135,000 settlement. 

Why that particular amount?  It's the same amount assessed against an Oregon baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

"Discrimination is discrimination," her father told the local Willamette Week newspaper.

Hannah's father said Walmart's people laughed at her proposed settlement, instead offering $150 and a non-disclosure agreement.  Obviously Hannah told them where they could insert that low-ball offer.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has taken Brumbles' complaint and run with it.  Their investigators have already determined Wally World violated state laws.  What's more, they filed a formal charge a week ago.  In other words, Walmart's policy has the potential to cost the company dearly.  Especially if the company persists in arbitrary age discrimination.

The OBOLI people have suggested a $5000 penalty, which will buy more than a couple of high-end custom 10-22s and accessories.  And a small ammo fort to go along with them.  However, with that decision, Hannah might be able to sue in state or federal court and end up with a whole lot more than $5,000.

And if every other similarly inclined under-21s decided to do the same, Walmart will have to revisit their arbitrary discrimination policy on gun and ammo sales.

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  1. Hopefully the young lady is succesful and Walmart and other companies can see what happens when you side with anti freedom bigots. I have dumped Walmart as a place to shop since the day they changed their policy in an effort to pander to the leftist agenda. Walmart, Dick's or any place with a "gun free zone" sticker is somewhere none of us should support.

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