Female Motorcyclist Defends Her Life In Road Rage Attack - and the Aftermath

The Truth About Guns has a great story about self-defense, and there's also a first-person account to go along with it.  A 24-year-old young woman named Aubrey Bowlin had the misfortune of inspiring the road rage ire of Bruce Jones, a 60-year-old man.  She rode on a crotch rocket motorcycle.  He drove a GMC SUV with his wife.

To make a long story short, he jumped out of his truck after menacing the cycle rider aggressively.  He grabbed her, battered her and when he tried to restrain her, she head-butted him with her helmet.  At that point, he grabbed her by the helmet and began beating her helmeted head against a concrete divider. 

Female Motorcyclist Defends Her Life In Road Rage Attack - and the Aftermath

At the same time he tried to wrest her helmet off, and her chin-strap effectively began to choke her.  She remembered she had a gun and accessed it as her attacker continued his savage attack.  Against a woman!

She pulled her pistol out and fired one FMJ round into Bruce Jones' thoracic cavity from near point-blank range.  Bruce died on the side of the road.  In an interview, Bowlin says she barfed multiple times inside her helmet after collapsing. 

Female Motorcyclist Defends Her Life In Road Rage Attack - and the Aftermath

It took cops between ten and fifteen minutes to arrive in rush hour traffic.  While police initially put Aubrey into cuffs, after taking her to the hospital in an ambulance, she gave police a statement and cops told her she was free to go after the hospital discharged her.

In the YouTube video of an interview she did with a motorcycle enthusiast, she explains about thousands of dollars in medical bills she incurred.  $6,000 for the ambo ride.  ER surcharges.  None of which were covered by her health insurance.  Including PTSD counseling, etc.

Therapy is helpful, but it is the “most expensive thing I’ve seen, to date,” she said. Because of this, her family and friends have set up a GoFundMe page for Bowlin to help with the costs of counseling.  In another interview, she talked about her struggles to cope with the aftermath.

Each day is a struggle, but Bowlin is determined to move on.

“It’s not only myself I have to deal with; I have this pain on my family,” Bowlin said through tears. “My family has to think about daily that they could have lost their only daughter.”

Here's the video.  It's not very often that you get a first-person account of a defensive gun use.  Especially one that includes discussion of the aftermath.


And then there was lost time at work too.

Female Motorcyclist Defends Her Life In Road Rage Attack - and the Aftermath

Here's part of the story at TTAG:

“Aubrey Bowlin, 24, never thought she’d find herself in a fight for her life — much less a fight that began with road rage — while commuting home from work on her motorcycle.” No one ever does. And that’s why over 17 million American are now licensed to carry.

During the Seattle woman’s commute, another car repeatedly tried to run her off the road. Then traffic came to a halt.

There's a Go Fund Me page for Bowlin to help her cover her medical expenses and so forth.

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  1. Honey doesn't need a "Go-Fund-Me."

    Honey needs to sue the estate of the dead guy.  IT was a foreseeable consequence of his actions – felony actions, by the way – that she incurred ALL of these costs.

    The estate will settle up, quick.  

    She was in the right, absolutely.

    1. I was thinking the same thing.  Jerk in the truck thought he was going to show this "punk" motorcyclist some "r-e-s-p-e-c-t" and bit off far more than he could chew.  Makes you wonder how many others he beat up on the side of the road before this girl.  Yeah, sue the bastard's estate.  Grab up his car, house and life insurance.  Assuming life insurance paid as he got deaded while committing a felony crime or six.

  2. Is it just me or is she kinda, uh, built.

    Yeah good shoot by a good lookin woman.

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