Colleen Daley, the Illinois Coalition Against Handgun Violence executive director, sent me an invitation to pledge a donation "to honor each victim of gun violence in Illinois every month."  Nothing like crass fundraising off the death of violent crime victims, right? 

So, how much are each of these dead people worth to the Illinois Coalition Against Handgun Violence?  $0.43.  Forty-three cents. I don't know that I've ever seen dancing in the blood of dead crime victims quite like this.

It's true.  Here's the first part of her emailed solicitation:

On average over 1,100 Illinois residents are killed by guns each year, and many more are injured but survive, often with life-changing injuries.

We must not normalize this or become desensitized to the impact of gun violence.  Instead, we must remember those community members lost to gun violence by honoring their legacy through our efforts to prevent future loss.  The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence’s new “Stop the Violence” pledge program allows us all to accomplish this goal.

For 43 years, ICHV has worked to educate Illinois residents on the negative impact of gun violence has on our communities.  Through our “Stop the Violence” pledge program, we ask that you pledge $0.43 to honor each life lost to gun violence in our state

Forty-three cents.

She also wrote, "we must remember those community members lost to gun violence by honoring their legacy".  Emphasis original. 

Fair enough.  Let's look at some of these community members lost to gun violence in Chicago.

  • Kendall Brown.  On August 5th, Kendall Brown, the Gangster Disciples member with 30 arrests and five convictions was shot to death after unknown offenders exited a white Jeep Cherokee at 4852 W. Winchester Avenue.  What an appropriate street name as the killers made multiple hits upon Mr. Brown, "resulting in his death".  Mr. Brown's illegally possessed gun was found on the scene.  The Jeep was found in flames at 4314 S. Paulina.  Kendall's Strategic Subject List score was 331.  His arrests include Robbery, Burglary, Dope, More Dope, Driving a Stolen Car, Oct 2014 Felon in possession of a firearm.  He got 4 years in prison for that and graced our streets early. 
  • Earl Young. On August 3, Earl Young, aged old enough to know better, decided to argue with another man over dog feces at 7732 S. South Shore Drive.  Yeah, dog crap.  One thing led to another and the other person produced a firearm and shot Mr. Young, 30, rapidly and promiscuously, resulting in Mr. Young taking the room temperature challenge.  A member of the Vice Lords, Mr. Young's SSL score just barely topped 300 at 303.  He had 23 arrests and a pair of convictions.  He liked burglary, robbery and domestic battery before succeeding at the room temperature challenge.
  • Kenny Ivory worked hard to get to his SSL score of 398 at age 17 before he took a single gunshot wound to the gut.  "The victim was reportedly riding a bicycle with his brother when he was pursued by the offender who was also riding a bike.  The offender produced a handgun and fired several times, striking the victim in the abdomen.  The victim fled on foot and collapsed in the alley at 7642 S. Union where he died tired."  When he wasn't attending the Community Youth Development Institute, he engaged in some extracurrcular activities including home invasion, "R/C" (whatever that is, I doubt it's good), Theft and Armed Robbery. 

There's more, but you get the idea.

And for every one like those three, there are truly heartbreaking stories of good people killed by gang violence.  Sometimes good people serve as an unintended backstop and end up dead.  Like She'nyah O'Flynn.

A gunbattle between gang bangers resulted in an errant round striking the 12-year-old cheerleader from Michigan in the neck, killing her.  She wasn't a banger.  She wasn't hanging out with bangers.  Her family was simply visiting relatives.  And in an instant, she was gone.

She'nyah O'Flynn (Courtesy: Covert Public Schools)
She'nyah O'Flynn (Courtesy: Covert Public Schools)

I'm going to say Miss O'Flynn's parents would be appalled that someone would attach a value on her life of $.43.  She had her whole life ahead of her as a great student, well-liked in her school.  From the Kalamazoo News.

'Just a great young woman,' superintendent says of girl, 12, killed in Chicago

COVERT, MI — A 12-year-old Covert girl killed when gunfire broke out in a Chicago neighborhood is being remembered as an energetic pre-teen who did well in school.

"She was just a great young woman," said Covert Public Schools Superintendent Bobbi Morehead.

She'nyah O'Flynn was spending time at her stepfather's home in the West Garfield Park neighborhood and was returning home from a cousin's eighth-grade graduation when a bullet struck her in the neck about 11:20 p.m. Thursday, June 14.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, police sources do not think She'nyah was the intended target and say the gunfire stemmed from a large block party where two men opened fire.

Morehead said She'nyah had just finished the seventh grade at Covert Schools and she was an honor-roll student.

ICHV should be ashamed of themselves.  Attaching a value of 43 cents on each homicide victim for donations?  Talk about blood money.

Even the three profiled above had a mom (and a dad) grieving over their loss.  They may all have fellow siblings mourning the loss.  And certainly others like Miss O'Flynn have lots of people who loved her.

Using their deaths to raise money just seems so…  repulsive.  Who came up with this idea for ICHV?

And here's a screen shot of the whole thing.


5 thoughts on “BLACK LIVES MATTER: Chicago homicide victims apparently worth 43 cents each to Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence”
  1. Have you thought about returning the "favor" and sending her an application to join GSL?

  2. Think about that poor dead cheerleader.  If these people didn't celebrate "eighth grade graduations," she'd never have been there. 


    Who the hell celebrates an 8th grade education? 


    Oh, sorry, rhetorical question. 


    1. Room temperature challenge!  I love it.

      I think the block party was unrelated to the 8th grade graduation.  I always wondered what the big deal was about graduating 8th grade when I was a kid long ago.  My grandparents explained that in their day, that was an accomplishment as most people were working on farms, factories or mines within a couple of years after that.  Back then, an8th grade education was as good or better in many ways that a HS graduation today.

  3. The program serves one purpose, to give them money. The woman Colleen Davis to use her own words is "desinsitized" to any dignity or common sense. Quite frankly her plea is distasteful and disgusting. It's amazing how low the libturd left continues to go.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful young lady and to have her life taken away for nothing, absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. Rahm needs to just just down and let someone that knows how to run things take over. We all know that’s not going to happen and hopefully his days as “mayor” are numbered. To the O’Flynn family, I am sorry for your loss and pray that She’nyah is in a much better place.

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