On Thursday, the new NRA President Oliver North's came to visit Effingham, Illinois.  He dazzled the audience with a terrific speech that hit upon God, country and family.  Oh yeah, and guns too. 

The event saw seven hundred or more turn out to see an American hero, Oliver North.  The Leatherneck gained fame during the Reagan Administration during the Iran-Contra affair.  Democrats tried to get North to say something to discredit President Reagan, but the Lt. Col. proved unflappable.  He showed poise and charisma under fire as Americans tuned in to watch the hearings that Democrats thought would bring down Reagan.

Anyway, speaking of Democrats – a handful of senior citizen protesters did their thing outside in the hot summer sun.  It would be a shame if they got sunburned on their necks.  Because we know how they hate rednecks.

Inside, everyone loved the flag, family and the good Lord above.  Veterans received special recognition, including four from World War II.  We had a number of speakers, including our own Chris Miller, running for the Illinois House.  Jeannie Ives said a few words.  If I was a betting man, I'd say she runs for Illinois Governor in four years.  Also, Darren Bailey and Blaine Wilhour spoke, both of whom are running for Illinois House seats.  And are strongly pro-gun.

How pro-gun?


Check out their donation receptacles.

After the preliminary speakers, Oliver North took the stage.

Here's what I wrote for TTAG about his speech:

Oliver North masterfully delivered his presentation, poking fun of the media, Congress and the “kooks” outside. He talked of the importance of God, country and family. Today he lives in Virginia with his wife of well over 50 years. They share a farm on some land that saw a Civil War battle in 1864.

The old Leatherneck spoke of men back then who volunteered to fight to end slavery. And ones before that who risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to give us the American independence from Great Britain. From there he talked of today’s all-volunteer armed forces and their noble acts of courage and selflessness.

As an example, he showed a photo of a group of Marines kneeling ahead of a mission.  They said a prayer, North said, not for themselves, but for the EOD dog and his handler, a Lance Corporal.  The dog and his handler would exit the helicopter first at the enemy location, identifying potential IEDs and saving American lives at great risk to themselves.

Oliver North praised men willing to continue to serve even though they had lost their legs in previous combat tours.

As he held up his Bible, he talked about reading it under orders from his commander early in his military career.  And he talked about the importance of family.  He mentioned the three things he has given all of his kids and grandkids as they become adolescents.  They each received a box with a lensatic compass (with a topographical map of the area where North and his wife live in Virginia), a Bible and a 20-gauge shotgun.  If they learn to use all three things and use them well, he tells them, you’ll never be lost, hungry or need to fear anything.

Additionally, he clearly relishes his new role as NRA president.  Moreover, he looks forward to growing the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization.  Not to mention he enjoys helping genuine, freedom-loving conservative candidates win public office.  Obviously, once an American hero, always an American hero.

The new NRA president will represent gun owners well.  After all, who doesn’t love heroes?

I'll put up the whole story here tomorrow.  If you want it sooner, head on over to The Truth About Guns.  It should be up this afternoon at 3pm.

In the meantime, here are some photos.