Peter Breen says he supports gun rights. Barack Obama said the same thing.

The Politico website says the ground is shifting in Illinois when it comes to the gun debate.  Four Republicans received the strong endorsement of the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC), which has teamed up with Giffords, the group formerly known as Americans for Responsible Solutions.  The two groups endorsed Senator Chris "No Good" Nybo, Representative Wonder Boy Peter Breen, Senator Tom Rooney and Senator John Curran

G-PAC has been around for many years in Illinois, representing the far left extreme on gun control.  Largely irrelevant, at times they's been largely underwritten by a couple of wealthy radicals.  G-PAC employs a couple of lobbyists to generally make it look like G-PAC is actually doing something besides an occasional press release like this one to Politico. 

It looks as though they've teamed up with Gabby Giffords' group, now campaigning as "Giffords".  Apparently the Americans for Responsible Solutions name wasn't low enough on the low-energy scale, so they changed the name to Giffords. 

The Giffords Group brings to mind the changes in the group once at the forefront of gun control in America, the Brady Campaign.  The Bradys were originally known as the Coalition to Ban Handguns.  When that didn't go over so well, they changed the name to Handgun Control, Inc.  And when that didn't find traction with Mr. and Mrs. America, they changed the name to the Brady Campaign. 

Yesterday, in Effingham, the National Rifle Association's President Lt. Col. Oliver North (ret) noted that the company you keep defines who you are.  There's also an old Japanese proverb that says, "When the character of a man is not clear, look at his friends."  Anyway, anyone on the gun rights side who thinks these four are "our friends" needs to re-evaluate their friends.  Because these four are not our friends. 

Here's the bit from the Politico:

THE BUZZ: The ground is shifting in the gun debate. Four Republican Assembly members are being endorsed by the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee and Giffords, an organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to support responsible gun ownership. “This is a move in the right direction. We don’t think saving lives is a partisan issue,” said Kathleen Sances, president and CEO of G-PAC. Since 2016, the organization has been collecting questionnaires from state lawmakers and candidates on their views about gun safety and gun-violence prevention legislation. Based on their answers, the PAC makes endorsements.

This is the first year Republicans have been endorsed—and that’s because this is the first time they’ve filled out the questionnaire. In previous years, Sances said, Republicans haven’t responded—let alone answered that they’d support gun-safety legislation.

The four Republicans who received G-PAC’s endorsement are state Sens. Chris Nybo (24th), Tom Rooney (27th) and John Curran (41st), and state Rep. Peter Breen (48th).


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  1. In the movie Big Jake, "what do you do when cockroaches get in the woodwork" answer is, smoke'em out.

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