Remember Sgt. Sam Dickerson, the Chicago cop who wouldn't let Wendy and me turn in a total of eleven guns between us at the June 2 Chicago Gun Buyback?  The same cop who ordered me to accompany him outside after he caught me snapping a photo inside the church building where they held their event?  The one who banned me from ever participating in a Chicago gun buyback again?  You may not remember him – at least by name, but he's gonna remember me.

GSL Chicago Buyback 3 Sgt Dickerson

Yes, I escaped Chicago's Public Safety Headquarters in one piece Monday.  The Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson must not have recognized my name or spotted me.  Either way, I spent literally all afternoon on the fifth floor, right around the corner from Special Ed's office.  At the high-security Internal Affairs Bureau, I completed my part of the formal complaint process against Sgt. Dickerson (pictured, center, holding box).

The IAD sergeant indicated that my interview marked the beginning of the formal investigatory process.  He would interview Sgt. Dickerson and probably a number of the other officers present at the event.  Apparently Chicago PD has a "Rule 14" (or something like that) that says if a Chicago police officer lies to Internal Affairs about an  investigation, that usually results (almost always?) in termination.

That leaves Sgt. Dickerson to tell the truth or to lie.  The only catch is if he fibs, and IAD finds another officer that corroborates my account and contradicts Dickerson, that swirling may well be Sgt. Dickerson's job and pension circling the drain.


During the interview, I lauded the other Chicago police officers at the buyback as kind, courteous and professional.  The CPD officer checking the guns was exemplary for his ability to safely and effectively clear the guns as they came in – something missing at previous Chicago gun buybacks I've "participated" in. 

Furthermore, I'll also say that the two IAD officers – both sergeants – I met were truly outstanding as well.  Both were friendly, courteous and kind.  Nice people.  And the two female officers working the front desk both proved themselves a credit to the department.  I should know.  Like a dunce I left my phone on the information desk while fishing out a second ID.  The one officer had it with a smile when she saw me coming.   She gave me a little gentle ribbing, but I had it coming and we shared a laugh.

It's really a shame how an officer like Dickerson can cast a cloud over Chicago's finest.  The rest don't deserve that one bit.  Not one little bit.

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  1. I guess you’ve never heard of the blue wall of silence.  

    You can be right but it’ll never amount to anything.  

  2. Assuming any of them heard it, which is iffy at best I suspect, yeah, doubtful they would break bad on DICKerson.  However, Boch’s not the one with his job on the line.

  3. Once again, John expends personal time, money, and energy to help the public.   We appreciate it.  After the way he actied towards John and others, I sure hope the sgt enjoys his investigation.  Hopefully the results will justify the effort.

    Thank you!

  4. I wouldn't count on too much happening.  The sgt in question is a "Merit" sgt, who could not pass the test to be promoted by score so he was promoted on his "merits", the union has been screaming for the city to define merit to no avail. Merit is basically, who you know, who you blo*, and of course the politics of race.   Those deserving of a merit promotion due to performance are rarely given a promotion.  Any way, my knowledge of this person is he fits two of the categories listed above.  What you need to ask is, to be provided a written policy that was in place when you went regarding how many guns can be turned in and if you had to live in that community.  I would also ask if being white in a black neighborhood disqualifies you as the sgt implied.  He probably expressed his personal opinions in regard to you, and had little in the way of an official policy.    Anyways, you got a taste of CPD merit leadership.  If you are wondering why Chicago keeps staying a war zone with no effective strategies to combat the violence, all you have to do is look at it's leadership and how they got there.  Almost none of the CPD leadership have been promoted from test scores, practically every one was given merit promotions.  Please do a foia request, you will be shocked.

    1. " a written policy that was in place when you went regarding how many guns can be turned in":  Check.

      Also a current written policy on video and still photography of officers in the course of their duties:  Check.


  5.    Nice write-up this morning about this on Second City Cop, worth the time to check it out.   Jim.

  6. Based upon the above caption he'll probably go on extended disability for all the heavy lifting until he's able to retire with no consequences. Plain and simple he's a political hack with a weak back…

  7. Jim is right.  I clicked through from Second City Cop.  Yeah, Dickerson is gonna remember you.

    too damn bad you didn’t video your experience.

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