by John Boch
Guns Save Life Executive Director

Guns Save Life gets proven results.  This past month has seen us working on multiple fronts to defend your right to defend yourself.  

Most importantly, we worked with the National Rifle Association to slow down the onslaught of gun control bills in Springfield.

We also stopped Village of Deerfield’s gun ban for now, thanks to the NRA-ILA’s outstanding legal team.  

Not only all that, but we took unwanted guns up to Chicago and sold them to the do-gooders in Rahm’s Chicago.

But wait, there’s more!  We’re working closely with  both David Conte, the NRA-ILA’s new Regional Grassroots Coordinator, and John Weber, the NRA-ILA’s new Illinois liaison on a plan for this fall’s elections.  Working together, and with your help, the good guys will make examples of select Illinois politicians.  Yes, voting against guns has consequences.

Mr. Conte, who appeared at three GSL regional meetings and saw-first hand our fun, friendly and informative meetings, praised GSL extensively for our members and our work.  


The spring session wrapped up very early in June.   The Democrats, under House Speaker Michael Madigan’s leadership, pushed gun control.  Hard.  Why?  It distracted the mainstream media from sex scandals swirling around Madigan’s office and still more against his fellow Democrats.

Madigan is juggling nearly a dozen sexual harassment scandals in his office alone.  One women referred the Speaker’s Office as a locker room.  A week later, Michael Madigan’s chief of staff resigned after announcement of yet another sex scandal.   Meanwhile, Senator Ira Silverstein and now-former House Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang both resigned from their leadership positions following credible allegations.   

What’s more, as Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller wrote, everyone in the Capitol Complex knew about Lou Lang – much the same way everyone in Hollywood “knew” about the pervert Harvey Weinstein.  Miller called it the “worst-kept secret in the Capitol”.  And yet nobody came forward (!!).  

In the end, three gun control bills are on the way to Governor Rauner’s desk.  Please call his office (217-782-0244) and urge him to veto them all.

The “new” Gun Retailer Licensing bill now includes formal gun registration on all sales in addition to all the other warts in the original bill.  I look for the governor to veto this bill outright.  It did not pass with a super-majority in either the House or Senate.  The Dems have used a procedural move to keep this bill off the governor's desk until after the election, depriving Rauner of an opportunity to veto the bill ahead of the elections.  Politics, you know.

Two bills that did pass with super-majority support include a 3-day wait for all gun purchases and the Lethal Violence Order of Protection bill. 

The Lethal Violence bill passed after the ISRA went neutral on itISRA Executive Director Rich Pearson called this bill the Snitch Bill earlier in the session.  I thought that a nice moniker.  However, after revisions were made watering it down, our sister gun rights group went neutral on it.  

Guns Save Life remained opposed to the bill because we see the abuse with existing orders of protection – particularly during divorce proceedings – and see this bill as no different.  The bill has no meaningful provisions for liability against accusers levelling baseless or vexatious complaints.

Different groups, different perspectives.   [Attacking or flaming the ISRA on this will not be allowed in comments.  They simply had a difference of opinion with us and we can respect that.]

There was also some talk that the NRA dropped its opposition as well, but those claims remain patently false.  

Will the governor veto these two bills despite the super-majority votes?  It will all come down to his assessment of the mood of the state in August when the 60-day window for action approaches.  He won’t want to give Democrats a chance to over-ride the vetoes to publicly humiliate him ahead of November’s election.

If he does veto them, we will need to make sure to pressure squishy legislators to uphold the veto.  Yeah, it means making calls, office visits and writing letters.  And getting our friends and family to do the same.  Is your State Rep. solid on guns?  If so, then call House Minority Leader Jim Durkin’s office (217) 782-0494 and tell him to sustain the governor’s vetoes.

Remember in November!
This summer, we need to energize ourselves and our pro-gun friends to get out and vote in November.  Bring your friends and neighbors to do the same.  The Chicagoland Democrats in particular lack enthusiasm for this election.  But if pro-gun folks don’t show up out of disgust in the governor’s race, we cannot capitalize on a lack of turnout among the anti-gun types.

Sign up today to attend the Second Amendment Foundation’s Gun Rights Policy Conference.  It will take place right here in Illinois at The Hyatt Regency O’Hare on September 22, & 23.  It’s FREE to attend – they even provide lunch.  These events are incredible and will help arm you with all manner of information and skill sets to make you a better citizen and activist.  REGISTER HERE!

Lastly, on a personal note, Guns Save Life will have two new members soon.  My lovely bride and I are expecting twins with a due date around Thanksgiving!  Exciting times.

Thank you for being a member and thanks for coming out!


10 thoughts on “GSL ExecDir Report: Guns Save Life gets results, Madigan uses gun control to distract from sex scandals”
  1. Shouldnt  we be calling Rauner and asking him to Veto those gun control bills? 

    After all gun owners  are the largest demographic group in the State we should be deciding the future of this state 

    1.  – It was noted above "In the end, three gun control bills are on the way to Governor Rauner’s desk.  Please call his office (217-782-0244) and urge him to veto them all." – – – AmericaFirst

    2. Heck Yes you make calls to Rauners office and every other member of the General Assembly. 

      Just because some group decides to compromise or cut a deal doesnt make it RIGHT 

      Rauner needs to know that gun owners think for themselves, Gun Owners vote, pay taxes and are sick and tired of having our Rights trampled on.

      Illinois Gun Owners are not lead around the State by a single group or organization. The majority of us believe in the Constitution has  our guide.  

      We need to let Rauner know that his re-election depends on REAL  gun owners, not sell-outs. 

      Now we know why 7 Republicans decided to vote for gun control; they felt they were given a pass. Now we know why Peter Bren, a man with a 93% NRA rating voted for gun control.


  2. When I talk to friends, co-workers, and neighbors about guns and gun rights, I will often find folks  that don’t even know who their legislators are. This makes me want to scream and bonk them on the head like a V-8 commercial. We’ve all got to make calls and lots of them! I have every one of my legislators and Gov. Rauner’s phone number in my contacts for easy dialing. One 30 second phone call probably doesn’t have much persuasion, but 1000’s of them definitely sends a message.


    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Boch! 

  3. Regardless of the distraction, Please remember this, Jeanne Ives as so soured conservatives on Rauner that gun owners are the ONLY group left that can re-elect Rauner. 

    We need to make certain that Rauners people get that message when we call and ask him to VETO ALL GUN CONTROL BILLS SETTING ON HIS DESK.

    Then this November we must vote for Rauner even if we must hold our noses

  4. I would also offer my commendation of the efforts of the NRA.  The NRA has worked very hard for Illinois gun owners.  I realize there are times when we disagree with one position or another.  In most instances it is an example of the point made by Bismark over 150 years ago: "Politics is the science of the possible or the best possible result." With the current Chicago leadership and domination in our legislature, we are going to have to work tirelessly on every single issue and do the best we can.

  5. My fear is we will end up like New Jersey, where guns are almost completely banned. I dont even think a lousy 22 marlin is safe in new Jersey. 

    This is why we must get out and vote for pro-gun people and republicans 

    We must start encouraging people to run for office if we ever hoe to change the make up of the Illinois General Assembly 

    Plus the left is now calling for a Civil War. We do not owe the Democrat party a thing 

  6. Is any illinois gun group working to get Rauner elected or at least exposing JB. I have not seen a thing where i live. 

    Every gun owner in the state needs to hear about the JB gun grab.

  7. Not to change the subject. But I  wondered what Jesse Jackson jr  is doing now.   Well. Nothing. He gets $138,400. A year from the government. !!!! 

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