trainwreck in illinois

Yesterday, Prairie State gun owners took a beating in the Illinois General Assembly.

The Gun Retailer Licensing Bill (SB337 Amendment 1) passed and goes to the Governor.  The vote:  Senate 35-20House 65-49-0.

This bill now includes gun registration, a felony provision if you lose records of two or more transfers in past 10 years (or is this another bill?), gun rationing to nine transfers per year, universal background checks (aka no more private transfers), onerous open-ended burdensome regulations for dealers, and – as an added bonus! – higher prices for you, the consumer.  l am sure there's more, but those are the highlights.

The Lethal Violence Order of Protection (HB-2354…  aka The "Snitch Bill" as Rich Pearson branded it) passed both houses and goes to the Governor.  The vote:  Senate 40-11.  House 80-32-1.

This bill would deprive gun owners of their due process rights by granting ex parte (meaning you don't get a chance to defend yourself) orders requiring a gun owner to surrender all firearms and ammunition.  Actually, you don't surrender them…  the government comes and seizes them.  Then, within 10 days, you get to hire an attorney and fight to get your firearms rights restored.  At your own expense.  Just as traditional orders of protection are never abused, we're confident these will never be abused.  But sponsor Kathleen Willis didn't want to put in language to sanction false or vexatious complainants. 

72-Hour Waiting Period for ALL Firearm Transfers (SB3256) passed the House (Vote 72-44).  Action expected in Senate today (assuming they haven't left town after passing the budget).

As if a one-day wait ever prevented a crime?  Three days will somehow make it better?


So what the heck happened?

Already, the finger pointing has begun. 

"Was the NRA even in Springfield?"  Yes, since Monday.  I was in Springfield myself on Tuesday and had a very productive breakfast meeting with him.

"I'm never giving to the NRA again!"  Really?  That's like saying you're never going to the doctor again because an infection returned.

You want a place to point your finger?  How about the legislators who voted for this! 

And why did they vote for it?  Let's look a little deeper.


Why the push for gun control this year?

Two primary reasons.

#1:  Hysteria:  "We have to do something!"  Between the Mandalay Bay attack last fall and the Parkland School massacre in Florida, a whole lot of suburban legislators heard from people in their world who think that we need to "do something" – anything – to reduce the potential for something horrific like this happening here.

#2:  Mike Madigan's Sexual Harassment problems:  #METOO.  The leader of the Illinois Democrat Party has a #MeToo problem.  Madigan has had MULTIPLE sexual harassment scandals in his office in just the past few years.  And accusations that he's aggressively worked to cover up others.  Then there's others like Senator Ira Silverstein who sent a hundreds of pages of sexy Facebook messages to an attractive, younger blonde female lobbyist.  Sorry, Ira, you're not nearly as handsome as Bill Clinton.  And not as effective at using your power to bed women.  Voters rejected Silverstein during Illinois primary, deciding that 'sleazeball' is no resume enhancement.

And today, there's supposed to be an announcement of ANOTHER long-time sexual abuser that's a member of leadership.  Given that Jeanne Ives will attend, I'm speculating that it's not Republican leadership that will be named.  But if it is, so be it. 

Passing gun control helps push the Michael Madigan's Sexual Harassment Scandals off the front pages.  And Madigan has cracked the whip with Democrats.  And we've got some Republicans who have been buffaloed into thinking they need to support "something" in order to keep their jobs. 


Blaming the NRA, ISRA, GSL, Illinois Carry, FFL-IL, or Springfield Armory for this?  I'd blame gun owner apathy long before I'd blame any of the aforementioned groups, including GSL.  Blaming the people in the trenches, doing the fighting, is both counter-productive and illogical. 

However, gun owner apathy towards politics has been around a long time.  The two big changs this year are the hysteria and the sex harassment scandals.


What happens now? 

1.  Call the Governor.  Ask him to veto Gun Dealer Licensing.  The Governor will likely veto SB-337.  This bill is worse than the first one he vetoed and the Governor will use this veto as red meat for conservatives in this upcoming election.

2.  My Magic 8-ball says if the Senate passes SB-3256 by a large, veto-proof majority today, the governor takes no action and it becomes law after 60 days. 

3.  What happens with the Lethal Violence OPs?  That's anyone's guess.  When you call about SB-337, ask him to veto this bill as well.  We shall see what the mood is in 60 days if the Governor vetoes this bill or allows it to become law without his signature.

4.  I know that Guns Save Life and the NRA-ILA are working to identify some races where we can make an example of legislators who betrayed gun owners.  This includes more than one Republican.  We're single-issue and if we've got a Republican voting against us – especially one that campaigned as pro-gun and now stabs us in the back…  Ditto for Democrats who have done the same.  For races where we doubt we can tip the scales against our betrayer, we'll planning on making their races a little more competitive (and expensive).  A little money on well-done messaging can go a long way.


In the coming day or three, we expect an update from John Weber, the NRA-ILA liaison in Illinois.  In it, hopefully he will give a candid assessment of what happened and what's next from his perspective. 

In the meantime, keep the faith.  Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to become engaged if they aren't already.  Also, before the election, contact some pro-gun candidates and offer to help their campaigns.  Let them know why you're volunteering.  This may involve making some phone calls, walking and knocking on doors, or helping to put out signs.  Or holding informal tea parties for the candidate at your home.  There's a lot of things you can do to help pro-gun candidates.

Sitting at home, brooding about yesterday's votes and telling the world you're not giving another dime to the NRA is exactly what the Michael Madigans and Michael Bloombergs of the world want you to do.

26 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED? Illinois Gun Owners Took Beating Wednesday in General Assembly”
  1. Sorry to hear how bad it is in Illinois.  All conservatives are welcome here in Texas.  I escaped from Will county 1 ½ years ago.  No snow or state income tax to worry about and A/C takes care of summer heat.  I have to decide indoor or out for range time.  Then which one.  1000 yard and cowboy skeet/trap ranges near by.  Wild hog open hunting year round.  CCW in car with no paper work at all.  CCW course 8 hours total for 5 years.   Open carry is legal with CCW and Cap & Ball are Not fire arms.  No FOID CARD.  No waiting period for purchase of fire arms.   You all come on down here.  Feel the pride! god Bless Texas.

    1. Their are many states which believe in the publics 2nd Amendment rights far more than Hellinois. Its just another reason for those who can get out are leaving the state in great numbers. From 2007 to 2017 700,00 have left the state. 33,000 last year alone. I'm guess that the number will be greater this year since all the taxes rates are going up again as usual.

  2. My wife and I are going to leave this state. I am sick of Chicago liberals running it as their own personal domain.  The taxes are among the highest in the nation with the property tax being the highest.  Indiana and Florida look better.  I would love Texas but don't like it being a community property state.  

    1. We have already moved our property investments to Tennessee as have a number of our friends.

  3. The #1 reason everything is so bad for gun owners is the fact that we have about 2.5 MILLION FOID card holders and about 230,000 CCL holders but only a very small fraction bothers to do anything to preserve gun rights, call the reps., file a witness slip, OR VOTE RIGHT. Making things worse are the do nothings who start crying " why doesn't the NRA, ISRA, other groups do something ??? " While they plop down on their fat ass and most aren't even a member. The NRA is supposed to roll into Springfield and make everything better by representing do nothing gun owners who can't even make a phone call ? The liberal filth and gun control traitors couldn't have a better target than Illinois. If Pritzger gets in, you'll wish you lived in Commiefornia or New Jersey.

    1. Amen, couldn’t have said it any better myself. This is the most complacent state and sadly the antis know it.

    2. The problem is the general citizens of Illinois.  It is not the Gun Owners, NRA or anybody else.


      Cook county population alone is almost twice as big the all the FOID card holders in the entire state.   We are a small minority.  We are out numbered.  We do everything that is asked of us but our voices fall on deaf ears.


      I am sure, like me, all of you try and vote for those who will stand up and fight for our rights and freedom.  Yet we still have what we have in Springfield.


      We are supposedly a constitutional republic, but it appears in this state, we are a democracy where the majority wants to “do something” and “feel safe”.  Your rights don’t matter.  We are no longer a constitutional republic where our rights and freedom are protected from the majority rule.


      "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." – Benjamin Franklin


      No, you can’t blame the gun owners or any group who Helps and Supports them.  The fault falls directly on the citizens of Illinois.   The citizens of this state reap what they sow.  


    3. Let's also not forget all of the illegal voting in Illinois. It's only going to get worse unless we fight that too.

  4. Sadly we will comply, or the state will make you all felons.

    I am all for seeing just what John means by taking action against those who screwed us.

    1. With the leftists that are in power within this states goverment the second part of your first sentence reminds me of a quote I once read.

      There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any goverment has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when their aren't enough criminals, one has to make them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live witout breaking laws.

      Can you guess who said that?


    2. Well,  you are right in a way. It is one of Ayn Rand's quotes, but I don't believe she had ever had it used by any of the characters in the novels she wrote.

  5. HB2354 is a big problem. We must call Rauner and ask for a veto.  

    The reason gun owners in this state dont get involved is due to mixed signals. The NRA and ISRA were behind the FOID card and where i live that is still puts a bad taste in many gun owners mouths. 

    Its up to those of us that do make an effort to inform others and encourage them to at least vote.

    Please remember we have lost over 33,000 people a year in this state since Rauner took office due to High Taxes and gun control by the Democrats. 

    This not going to be easy. 

    What does Todd Vandermyde think of all of this? can he give us any advice? 

  6. Ok I have to ask this question. I come to GSL and I read about the 3 gun control bills passed in the General Assembly. 

    I go to the ISRA and the only bill talked about is SB337. 

    I dont like any of these bills I think SB337 and HB2354 are both BAD, BAD, BAD bills.

    So why is there no effort to have ALL of these bills vetoed by Rauner. 

    The snitch bill has abuse written all over it.

    The only way I can see this thing getting turned around is to get gun owners to vote. 

    I suggest we Start calling talk shows like Alex Jones and talk about the gun control issues in Illinois and encourage people to vote. CSCtalk Radio is another show we can call. So are shows on GCN or Republic Broadcasting or the microeffect in the morning with the Intel report.  

    This is the easist way to get the word out fast. It worked years ago when Blagojevich was in office. thats how we helped stop SB1195.

    The smaller shows will normally allow people tp call in and talk about various issues.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too.

      Just spitballing here, but Rauner won't veto something he knows will get over-ridden unless it is politically expedient.  And I just don't see that here.

      And honestly, when has the ISRA ever been a power player in the Gen. Assembly? 

  7. HB2354 is a bill designed to get innocent people hurt or worse. 

    I know we dont talk much about them but where the hell is GOA or SAF? 

    Most people dont even know these bills exists. Its a lack of education on the part of the gun groups for not doing a better job of educating the people. 

    There needs to be a free alert system for gun owners, but it cant be ran by sell-outs and traitors. Every gun control bill must be fought. 

    Even Alex Jones has a free alert system to spread what ever he wants to spread. Your telling me we can do the same thing? 

  8.  All of these bills can be abused and most gun owners dont have a clue.

    I know of 2 times in Illinois where claims of mental illness were used by family members to steal land from a family member so they could seize the person’s wealth. 

    This bill HB2354 can be used to steal land and wealth; all it’s going to take a claim of a threat risk and a gun and the state is obligated to show up and kick down the door. 

    Guys if we don’t make calls to the governor and demand a veto of these bills we deserve what we get.


    1. Yes but,,,no, we don't deserve to be betrayed. We "elect" people we believe will be honest to their Oath of Office but they are not. We should be calling for their resignations or impeachments to help send the message that their psuedo socialist/marxist ideology will not be tolerated in IL.

  9. I just received an Action Alert from the NRA calling for the veto of ALL of these horrible bills. 


  10. Dismal attendance at IGOLD equals emboldened anti 2nd Amendment legislators. Did you see this much of there BS back when IGOLD had those huge numbers of people because of conceal carry efforts? When they don't see your face they get brave. Ranting about it here and on FB carries no meaning for them. It's time we met in front of the Capital Building for a good old fashioned protest.


    1. Back then IGOLD had 10,000 in attendance and it still took an appellate court decision to get us CCW.  And back then, we had a more favorable makeup on the GA.

      You're right:  Ranting online does nothing.  We've (NRA & GSL) got some ideas to make some legislators' lives…  more complicated as we approach the election.

      Some of this stuff GSL will pull off independently.  At least that part of stuff that doesn't involve advocating for a particular candidate.  And educating folks about bad candidates will work quite nicely.


  11. Thank Springfield and the other pistol company for this legislation! boycot them into oblivion!

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