The latest revised Firearms Industry Licensing Act, SB-337, passed the Illinois House today with 65 votes.  Not veto proof, but a number of Republicans voted for it. 

Call your Senator tomorrow and urge him or her to vote "NO" on SB-337. 

Yeah, they may ignore your call.  Call anyway.

Don't know who your Senator is or their contact info?  No problem.  Find Your Legislator & Contact Info.

Yes, we're making a list and checking it twice of our supposed allies who are voting for this bill that we all should know by now stands as a whole lot more than a "licensing" bill.  

It would:

  • Ration you to NINE firearms transfers per year.  Nice, huh?
  • Imposes all manner of expensive, onerous and open-ended requirements on dealers.
  • Creates an official state-wide firearm registry.
  • Makes it a felony if you lose more than one record of a firearm transfer.
  • Provisions that make a license holder ineligible to continue as an approved dealer if, for any reason, their CCW license is suspended or revoked for any reason.  Yes, lose your right to a livelihood in an ex parte order of protection during a divorce!

And there are plenty more reasons to oppose this steaming pile of used dog food.

You don't need to mention them when you call your senator's office because they are just making a hash mark that you called against the bill.

So make that call tomorrow.

Here's the roll call for today.

Halfwits and Heroes

As for those turncoat Republicans in the Illinois House, they include:

Steven E. Andressen (65)
Michael McAuliffe (20)
Peter Breen (48)
Jim Durkin (82)
David Olsen (81)
Patricia Bellock (47)
Christine Winger (45)

Hey, it's the not-so-Magnificent Seven.  Without their support the bill would have failed rather spectacularly.

We've got plans for ya'all.


Gun owners in Illinois are done playing nice.  Just wait until November.  If you're not going to support gun owners, that's okay.  We as gun owners might not endorse your opponent, but we're surely going to let gun owners that you're not with us on tough votes.

Illinois Senators, are you listening?

Because we're watching.

2 thoughts on “CALL YOUR SENATOR! Gun Retailer Licensing Passed the Illinois House. Look for a Senate Vote Tomorrow!”
  1. Putting Mom and Pop FFL's out of business and REGISTRATION of every gun in the state is the road this bill ( SB 337 ) is on. Calling YOUR Senator is a must.

  2. This stupid crap passed the Illinois House and republicans voted for it? 

    Where do these fools come from?

    So Rauner maybe are only hope of stoping this treason?

    People we must vote these anti-gun clowns out of office, This bill is nuts.

    I already know of one FFl that is closing shop because of this threat. Pretty slick for the democrats. Some of those democrats claim to support gun rights but if the democrats get their way there will be no dealers to buy from.

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