Here's the roll call for today on SB337.

Halfwits and Heroes

As for those turncoat Republicans in the Illinois House, they include:

Steven E. Andressen (65)
Michael McAuliffe (20)
Peter Breen (48)
Jim Durkin (82)
David Olsen (81)
Patricia Bellock (47)
Christine Winger (45)

Hey, it's the not-so-Magnificent Seven.  Without their support the bill would have failed rather spectacularly.

We've got plans for ya'all.


Gun owners in Illinois are done playing nice.  Just wait until November.  If you're not going to support gun owners, that's okay.  We as gun owners might not endorse your opponent, but we're surely going to let gun owners that you're not with us on tough votes.

Illinois Senators, are you listening?

Because we're watching.

4 thoughts on “ILLINOIS NOT-SO-MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: 7 Supposedly Pro-Gun Pols Voted Against Gun Owners Today”
  1. SB 337 not only tries to put FFL's out of business with fees, approvals, and regulations but also launches the first step to GUN REGISTRATION. First for private transfers and if the traitors get that they will certainly try for ALL gun sales. Make sure to call every RINO traitor listed above and let them know how you feel. Also demsnd that RINO Jim Durkin steps down as House leader. call your Senator NOW and tell them to vote NO on SB 337.

  2. Another case of Illinois legislators thinking they can vote for laws that are better than any other state's laws because "we am smart"  and by the way the federal laws which already regulate firearm sales.

  3. Senate has them also, just watched the SB337 debate, well part of it and it passed 35 to 20.  Haven't seen a breakdown of the votes yet but Nybo argued FOR the bill and Oberwise said he wouldn't vote no and was trying to decide if he should vote yes or present.  Well looks like it was a yes vote since no present votes were listed.  So there are two "R"s that need to go.  I have always tried to vote to retain as many "R"s as possible in the general assy to reduce the "D" majority but the traitors must go.  I would rather vote for an enemy than someone who will stab me in the back.   Jim.

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