The Obama Administration is pushing for more black "guardians of the community" by demanding (the FedGov never "asks") America's counties, cities and other political division hire dope users, criminals and physically and mentally infirm applicants to police their cities.

What could possibly go wrong?

How long do you think this policy of Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement will last under Trump?

Judicial Watch has the story:

In a push to hire minority police officers, the Obama administration is asking the nation’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies to forgive drug use, disregard the criminal records of candidates from “underrepresented communities” and lower standards on written and physical exams. It’s part of the administration’s Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement initiative following a string of officer-involved shootings involving African Americans. Key to the mission is the racial diversification of local law enforcement agencies so that they “better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.”

6 thoughts on “POLICE APPLICANTS: Obama admin wants cities to forgive drug use, disregard criminal records, and lower test standards”
  1. People from “underrepresented communities” are welcome. However, we must not lower our standards and we must not disregard criminal records. If anything, we raise the standards. 

  2. At least they will be driving a car with lights and carry "GUNS:. If they drove a long comuter train I woudl get " WORRIED". HA HA HA HA

  3. Doc,

    sorry to see you have not paid attention these past 8 years, …0bama does not care if his "constituants".carry guns, remember "Fast and Furious" guns for Mexican drug lords, Chitcago gang thugs, Black Lies Matter, and just the everyday junior punk thugs in their chosen professions need to be safe from law abiding NRA members carrying firearms for personal protection, which 0bama want's to take away. After all, …legal firearm ownership is what causes criminals to mis-use guns, don't cha know?  (extreme sarc.)

  4. Seems our standards don't need lowering.  If anything, they could use some tightening.  Just like Obama's arse.

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