From left: Stephon Kinchen, Neil Thomas, Anthony Simpkins-McDonald | Cook County sheriff’s office, Chicago Police (caption and photo collage via Chicago Sun-Times).

Meet the Three Stooges, Chicago Style.

The trio of thugs stormed into a shop in the 7400 block of North Western in Chicago Sunday, looking for some scratch according to the Chicago Sun-Times.  They didn't even ask nicely, instead pulling guns and demanding money.  An employee with a concealed carry license in his pocket and a gun under his shirt drew down on the dastardly trio and let fly some ballistic therapy.  He administered some hot lead supplements to one and a half of the three bad guys (one future veterinarian sufffered only a graze, sadly). 

In the face of hot lead coming their way, all three of the bad guys fled in a big hurry, leaving a nice trail of blood which came in quite handy to Chicago Police to assist in their apprehension of the Three Stooges.

What's worse, they then had an arraignment in front of a Chicago judge that didn't find their behavior amusing or harmless.  Two of the would-be armed robbers will stay in custody with 900,000 bails and the third – the hyphenated guy on the right in the pictures – has a $250,000 bail.

Darn shame, huh?


5 thoughts on “CONCEALED CARRY WORKS, EVEN IN IL: Chicago shop employee shoots two of three armed bandits”
  1. I find it amazing that even perpetrators that are DOA still have mugshots of when they're alive. Oh wait, no I'm not. 

  2. 7 blocks from n my house ( west ridge)

    I believe having a CCL is almost an urban necessity nowadays.

    Im glad i have mine.

  3. Darn shame they will be released to the streets to do it again.  The judges pockets are lined with gold.

  4. Someone wake that one dipshit up.  Is he that stoned that he can't stay awake?  I bet he would wake right up if they gave him the magical plunger treatment!

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