12 articulate women are featured in the NRA's 12 Women Shaping The Shooting World.   Each are great, positive role models for women in general and our rights in particular.

What to the anti-gunners have?

Amy Shumer is their latest up-and-coming advocate for taking away your gun rights.


Which woman would you rather your daughter/sister/wife emulate to others?

Hat tip to Gun Free Zone

5 thoughts on “WHY WE WIN: NRA’s 12 Women Shaping The Shooting World vs. Amy Shumer”
  1. Nice.


    Amy Shumer is Chuck Shumer's crude neice.  she is screwing everyone in the phonebook.  she is up to the letter w.

  2. There is no comparison of these 12 great women in regards to the otherwise no talent wannabee comedian of whom I won't participate in recognizing her name as without her anti-gun freak uncle Chucky Shumer in congress would be just another nobody.

  3. Twelve women who are straight "shooters" and one that needs a shot to the head. Maybe a chocolate cream pie OR . . . . 

  4. Seems freaky anti-American Family’s enjoy propagating their BS anyway they can even if they have to try and Capitalize on brain dead Sugar Uncle’s political hack’s name!

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