CNN has never been what one would call an unbiased news network.  However, like many on the Left, they've been leaning towards the unhinged of late with their coverage as a whole.  (All the while, their ratings continue to plummet…).  On Monday morning, a Somali Muslim refugee, admitted into American legally by President Obama, went on his personal jihad against Western civilization at Ohio State.  In response to that attack, of their anchors suggested that instead of getting self-defense training, female students at Ohio State should instead wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslims.


Yes, that's some weapons grade stupid right there.


5 thoughts on “*THIS* IS CNN: CNN suggests Ohio State coeds wear Hijabs in solidarity”
  1. Maybe she should lead by example.

    Someone save her life and run over a shit-eating dog, would you?

  2. put up or shut up, The democrats let thousands of Muslims into our country and all they want to do is kill born here Americans, of course the media people who advocate this crap think they are not going to be affected by this!

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