Moms Demand Action were quick to blame "gun violence" for this morning's Muslim terror attack on Ohio State's campus on their Facebook page.  Even though the only shots fired were discharged by a good guy with a gun to stop a Somali refugee stabbing and slashing people after plowing his SUV into a crowd.

Of course, the mindless followers of MDA were quick to add their two cents' worth, blaming gun owners and the NRA for this Muslim terror attack:

John Charlotte Mosto Why is this news ?? We are averaging 1 school shooting per week. for the last 2 years. Apparently there is no constitutional right not to get shot.

Jean Richardson Just another day in the NRA's America. Remember guns make us safer.

Marcy Schleider Schulman My son is thankfully safe in his dorm watching this unfold from his window. A nightmare to get a text like this. We shouldn't have to worry about our kids getting shot!

Really?  He's watching people get shot?  Or are you just an unmitigated liar?

Rick S Smith This is seeming to become an everyday occurrence.
More guns in a high stress environment carried by hormonal driven youths can only result in more of these incidents

Jeri Burke Are your guns still more important than the safety of our children??

Rebecca Cohen RUN HIDE FIGHT is not a policy solution. Making it harder to get guns IS. Sick of this BS.

Annie Mendelsohn No where else on earth are our children in danger like this, being shot like this. No where is safe.

Rosemary Danforth Barrett WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? voting blue was NOT sponsored by the NRA.

Deb Salewski Guns are way more important than innocent victims…Thank you NRA and your political puppets…..

Christine Arriaga Rivera Another case of people who should not have access to guns misusing them.

Andrea D'Arcy Mead Every parents worst nightmare. How can we continue to allow this to happen to our children?

Lynn Barta We are teaching are kids to run, hide, FIGHT instead of keeping guns off of their campuses and keeping guns away from dangerous people. The FIGHT should be for this!!!!

Lori Burton Admokom The NRA must be so happy again! So sorry for the continued chaos brought about by easy access guns, but ka Ching $$ for you NRa

11 thoughts on “MOMS DEMAND FACTS? MDA & Friends Blame Guns(!) in Ohio State Muslim Terror Attack”
  1. The only gun at this crime scene was in the hands of a police officer who used it to dispatch a subhuman animal straight to hell.

    The only thing that can stop a bad guy with evil in his heart is a good guy with a gun.

    As for the innacurate, hysterical reporting of a mass shooting?  The main stream press has become irrelevant.  I don't believe anything they say.

  2. This is MADNESS! As a UIUC teacher with a concealed carry license, why am I not allowed to carry to class like faculty and students in Texas? (Yes, I know… we live in Illinois…) I have close to 100 kids in my class. Both classroom doors open to the outside, there are no locks and no way to shut them close if there is an active shooter on campus. The chairs in my classroom are bolted and cannot be removed. Hence, no way to "block the entrance" the way we are instructed to do. How am I going to protect my students in case of an attack? If I were allowed to carry my gun to class we would at least have a fighting chance!

  3. The fake media (Bolshevik Press)  spread the lie that the OU incident was an active shooter. Then they tried to claim is was a machete. The truth, it was a butcher knife.

    The media in this country is a joke! 

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