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Chicago Police solve less than 20% of homicides.

I’ve heard numbers as low as 10%, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

It’s not because police are incompetent, or lazy, or indifferent.  No, the blame falls squarely on the people who refuse to get involved in keeping their neighborhoods safe by identifying bad guys to the authorities.

Some will blame a distrust of police and a long history of abuse going back to slavery.  I had a guy do just that last night after a gun control town hall in Champaign.  Well, guess what?  If you raise your families to distrust the police and to disregard the rule of law, then you’re going to be in for more of the same violence and misery you’ve enjoyed for the past fifty-plus years.

“Snitches get stitches” is a familiar saying perpetuated by bad guys.

Well, in our view, it should be replaced by “Thugs get slugs” in these communities.

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Aaren O’Connor’s murder last week shocked many in Chicago.  She wasn’t your typical shooting victim with a long list of arrests, gang affiliations and a proud membership in the “Just turning my life around” society.  She was a law-abiding, productive member of society hit by a stray bullet fired by Chicago’s thug community.

Her family and friends have put up signs seeking information to help solve the crime and bring the killer to justice.

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It looks as though there might be some hope as someone in the community offered their information as to the identity of the killer(s) as evidenced by that photo at the top of this story of Chicago Police’s biggest break to date in the case.



8 thoughts on “A “CLUE”: What passes for Crimestoppers in Chicago.”
  1. That’s a lot more cooperation than they usually receive. Of course IF the police look into this they will probably only arrest someone on graffiti charges.

  2. So cynical you are.

    We’ve got Chicago PD the TV series in Chicago!

    They always get their guy (or girl).

    (And, of course, the victims so often look like this girl. Waiting for a new episode with this story as its plot line…)


  3. If the flyer in the bottom photo with the flowers beneath it is where she was shot…….what ws she doing there? The block looks like a craphole.

    1. If you are going to post links, please make them relevant tot he discussion.

      Don’t click the link above, it’s a random health site, not 2A.

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