Champaign, IL (Guns Save Life)  – Gun control advocates were on hand to help organize gun control at the grassroots level in Champaign at a town hall meeting of sorts sponsored by the local Illinois Democrat Representative Carol Ammons.  Probably close to two thirds of the fifty-five or so present were Guns Save Life members, scattered throughout the room, and probably half of the remaining folks drove down from Chicago to bring Chicago-style gun control ideas to Central Illinois.

Rep. Ammons started off by telling everyone how she supports our right to keep and bear arms, and how her grandfather was a firearms instructor at an Illinois prison.  Barack Obama likes to say how he supports our gun rights too.

She said that she didn’t see it as a political issue, but she did lament on how 35,000 people a day were killed by guns.  The local legislator commented on how the panel explored both sides of the issue, even though no pro-gun rights panelists were present.  They were all but one paid anti-gun activists.  Their employers included the Brady Campaign, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control or the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

The Executive Director of ICHV Colleen Daley repeated the old “we’re not a gun control organization” line, and claimed they are an “anti-killing” organization and how they don’t see this as a political issue.  The most significant thing that ICHV does is encourage school kids to write anti-gun contest entries, “so our kids can have a voice”, as if naive school children are the best, most cogent proponents of ICHV’s flawed anti-gun position.

Interestingly, Miss Daley touted that of a meager 3500 people who have used the voluntary background check for private transfers, 2000 of the sales were denied.  Color us skeptical.

The local coordinator for Moms Demand Action Lauren Quinn introduced herself and bragged about Moms Demand Action group’s 3.5 million members.  She rattled off a host of “facts” that were dubious at best and from an alternate universe in some cases.

Quinn also touted Everytown’s “gun safety” education for kids.  Unlike the NRA’s apolitical “Eddie Eagle” and “Stop!  Don’t Touch!  Leave the area!  Tell an Adult” motto, Bloomberg’s well-paid first-grade internists came up with “Be Smart”…  something not even their local leader Lauren Quinn could remember as she stammered through reading what the “SMART” acronym stands for.

They brought up a couple of families who lost family members to violent crime to tug at the heartstrings, and appeal to emotions to promote more restrictions not on violent criminal predators, but on law-abiding Americans.

They avoided describing “criminal” violence as just that, but instead substituting “gun” for “criminal”.

Guns Save Life’s Michael Mitev, a former political prisoner in Bulgaria in his youth, gives the would-be gun grabbers hell at the anti-gun organizational meeting held at the University of Illinois YMCA - in a room where all sorts of flags were displayed overhead, except for the American flag.
Guns Save Life’s Michael Mitev, a former political prisoner in Bulgaria in his youth, gives the would-be gun grabbers hell at the anti-gun organizational meeting held at the University of Illinois YMCA – in a room where all sorts of flags were displayed overhead, except for the American flag.

The good guys owned the “Question and Answer” segment, and all in all, the event went well for us.  For them?  Not so much.


28 thoughts on “DIRECT ACTION: GSL crashes gun grabber organizational meeting in Champaign, IL”
  1. Let me guess… if there was no American ag, then there was no recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, right?

    Sounds like hippie heaven…

    1. More like communist heaven. No American Flag. No Pledge. No nothing but failed hard-left Democrat talking points masquerading as “reasonable” and “common sense”.

      Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.


    2. Those of us with half a brain are NOT going to let these brain dead liberal nitwits take all of us down with them. We are going to out organize them, out shout them, out vote them, And if they need it, I have heard hickory shampoo works wonders too.

  2. Odd… I saw the puff piece on late news TV. You guys weren’t even mentioned. Though they did show a room that was half empty and said about 60 people showed up. And, of course, they photographed the dummies a few times for effect.

    Thank you to all the GSL members and friends that were able to make a showing.

  3. We were just telling them the facts and truth this is all. They as usual were spitting antigun lies and stupid propaganda. The politically correct panel thought they may see some ‘ignorant rednecks-gun lovers’ and tried to insult our knowledge and intelligence but mostly our love for the truth and our natural given rights protected by the Bill of Rights! That was the mistake on there side.Hope next time they will know and come better prepared. Although I doubt.

    1. That would be the equivalent of losing an entire large city every year! I think we’d all have died out long ago if their crazy figures where even remotely correct. Ah, anti-gunners and their crazy numbers, LOL!

  4. Yeah, and over half of private gun sales were denied?

    Smells like chocolate cake, er I mean bullshit.

  5. Thank you GSL and all of you 2A rights activists! WCIA even briefly showed John Boch speaking on behalf of us “good guys with guns.” Keep fighting for the truth!

  6. Article in the News-Gazette does mention JB, but is only a paragraph or two at the end. Kind of like “oh yeah, him too.”

  7. One of the first thing I told them (as did John and other of our good people there) that this lie about 35 thousand killed per day is a lie (this is per year of course, and 70% are gang related killing, 15%-20% suicides and rest accidents and defense) they didn’t care at all and still repeating the lies and rhetoric to the end (and how 90%!? of American people support more gun laws?!) before we finally told them the facts and the truth. But again they are all well trained misled, confused progressives who may think that if a lie is repeated 100 times we will believe in it. Wrong. We believe in the truth, facts,logic, history and reality. We also believe in our natural given Rights for self defense,in our Freedoms and Liberties guarantied by our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Therefore I had my shirt with sign saying ‘America design by geniuses run by Idiots!’. I don’t think they like it, neither I care if they don’t, but I also don’t believe they understood it because of their lack of knowledge about our Founding Fathers and our Constitutional Republic. Hope next time they are better prepared, although I doubt, because when the truth and the facts are on our side, thing are more simple, easy and clear. And indeed the UN flag and the rest of the bunch flags they have there are more ‘darling’ and ‘familiar’ than the american one.

    1. These people do not care about facts or truth. They are not willing to admit they are wrong, so the question remains, what can we do to change their mind? Unfortunately, I say there is nothing we can do but resist as long as we can hold out. As it stands, it would appear our worst fears are what it will take. They call these things re-education camps in other parts of the world. I sure hope it never comes to that, but it sure doesn’t look promising from where I stand. Once the powers that be are done with these useful idiots, they will begin applying hickory shampoo liberally. I just hope the re-education process begins before our gun rights are gone.

  8. “They never attempt to justify their position, because they never could. Their sole purpose is to destroy political opposition. That is why debating the Left is impossible. They are not debating. They are calculating ways to destroy you.” ~James Simpson

  9. We get upset, angry and outrage with people like this because no matter what the truth and the facts are, they will still repeat lies and propaganda with no end.With liberal progressives (aka commies) one can’t argue because they don’t have any logical or reasonable argumentation, facts or explanation about anything. They don’t have any logical objection to prove us wrong. What they want is to further abolish all of ours personal Freedoms and Liberties, and to totally destroy whatever is left from our Bill of rights and Constitution. There is no where in the news on mainstream media that people who exercising their rights to have and carry guns for personal protection or Gov’t thugs, are ever committing any crimes,killings, robberies or mass shootings.They don’t say it or care about this one too. Unfortunately the main stream media even a trashy liberal paper like C-U News gazette will tell, not what really happened there, but just ‘their’ part of the story, so the ordinary readers will think,’wow, these activist and groups there are really trying just to make our streets more safe’. This is their agenda. This is why the truth can be only found in the alternative media today. And f course they don’t know what bloody dictators Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin,Mao, Pol-Pot did and why, nor they care.But we do! They don’t know what T.Jefferson, Patrick Henry, B.Franklin,S.Adams,J.Madison and the rest of the Founders did, said and meant 250yr’s ago nor they care. Yes, but we do! So all of this is not only for this one meeting or the puppet clowns trying to misled the public.They are misled and confused even more. This is bigger than us and of course million planets bigger that all of them. This all is for our country, our Freedoms,Liberties, Rights, for the lives of our kids and grand kids and for the truth.So we must try and dare to tell people the truth, so they don’t think that the propagandists are right.I know it’s hard, frustrating and difficult most of the times but we have to.The worst thing good people can do is do nothing! Because only the Truth Shall Set us Free!

  10. “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” Ronald Reagan

    Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren for inspiration. Some day they will ask you what happened and why you did not fight to stop this death of our liberty.

  11. Attn Chicagoland:

    From Krebs Customs twitter:


    Your ISRA has learned that a gun control group called “Northwest Suburbs Organizing for Action(NWSOFA)” will be holding a recruitment and strategy meeting this week in Arlington Heights. The NWSOFA has the following objectives:

    1. Passage of a state “dealer licensing” law which would drastically raise the cost of firearms and ammo and eventually lead to the closing of all gun shops in the state. The NWSOFA is a proponent of Father Pfleger’s “Bad Apple Gun Dealer” campaign which has harassed law-abiding firearm dealers for several years.

    2. Replacing the late Justice Scalia with a gun grabber.


    1. No matter where you live, you should plan on attending the NWSOFA Meeting:

    WHAT: Gun control recruitment and strategy meeting

    WHEN: Thursday, February 18, 2016

    TIME: 6:30 PM

    WHERE: The Corner Bakery, Northpoint Shopping Center, 470 E. Rand Road, Arlington Heights

    NOTE: Please dress “under cover” so that you are not denied entry to the meeting. Nobody needs to know your view on guns until the meeting gets started.

    2. Pass this alert on to all your gun owning friends and family and tell them to attend the meeting.

    3. Please post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards, or social media sites to which you may belong.


  12. Soon or later most or all freedoms are lost do to apathy, brainwashing and ignorance of the masses. Big part also is a lack of vigilantism from the good people. Another reasons are complacency and when big part of the population become heard of obedient cowards, following the rulers orders without any critical thinking. And of course FhoaX news,CNN,ABC,MSNBC and the rest plus Hollywood of course and you have it.The steps from here to total tyranny are not very many. The global progressives and communist are working on this in the last 100yr’s here.Here in US they made and organised UN, World Bank, IMF, and not long ago NAFTA and CAFTA, followed recently be the TTP act.The last 50 yr’s with the new emigration laws for open borders and not letting emigrants from Europe to come here (only 3%, the rest 97% are cumming from third World countries from Africa, Asia,Mexico and S.America) and all this change the ethnicity in the country,its cultural fabrics, education, economy and and the way population is voting.All this new people don’t care about the Bill of Right, the Constitution, the Founding fathers or the American history. They are easily manipulated with welfare freebies and promise for ‘change’, equality’ and ‘yes we can’and rest of the socialistic slogans, rhetoric and propaganda.These big block of ‘well informed’ voters will continue to vote for anyone who promise them the ‘free lunch’.The last several US administration are openly promoting the Global New World Order agendas and openly are telling American that the country is destine to be and resemble the new United nations country. (UN owns the best and most of the federal parks, lend etc. in US today)And there you have it,Warfare and welfare, open country borders,(the country is bankrupt) the real jobs are gone, the middle class is almost nonexistent,but we have here DHS, Patriot Act, NDAA,NSA, and so on. And people are still continue to put in political offices not only professional politicians (for life) but people who continue to do everything possible to destroy our constitution, Bill of Rights and our country as well. Not only they are passing all kind of rules, restrictions and laws against American people but they made sure with some pervert new laws the country to resemble more Sodom and Gomorrah of the Western World today and nothing to do with the American Republic the Founders meant to be. I’m sure the founding Fathers are rolling in their graves right now.
    And on top of all this the Gov’t is considering people who love their liberties, Freedom, Follow the Constitution and the Bill of Right ( with the 1st.2nd and all 10 amendments)own guns, veterans and Christians to be ‘dangerous’ and potential ‘domestic’ terrorists?!Wow, go figure. Very strange is’t it?! But who let it be?! The people did. Unfortunately from what I witness, was able to see and I know now after been here for 25yr’s, I believe that most of the american people don’t have a clue as of what and why is going on and don’t have any idea what is at stake here and what they are loosing. Sad but true. I just hope the history proves me wrong this time. For the sake of our lives and the future of our children and grand children.

  13. and remember we fund the nonsense at uiuc put out by these “PERFECT HUMANS” and then wonder why so many do not have a clue….we will never get them to change no matter what facts we present….the only method is to cut of their funding….

  14. Did any of the “advocates” make threats of violence towards those GSL members who crashed the discussion? Shouldn’t the post by “anon” be removed for the threat of using “hickory shampoo” on “nitwits”? How is it possible to promote a civil discourse while ignoring the counterproductive tolerance?

  15. from what I can hear is a bunch of clucking from the podium and front of the room.. Just hens clucking

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