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Senator Mark Kirk.

An “F” grade from the NRA will be the last thing any Republican will have to worry about if they vote to approve an Obama appointment to the Supreme Court.

(Daily Caller) – Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that any Republican senator who does not actively block President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination will be voted out of office.

“If I were a Republican — whether the Majority Leader all the way down to the county clerk — and every nominee I would say no hearings. No votes. Lame ducks don’t make lifetime appointments.”

“There is no precedent,” he continued. “And I will simply add, the base will not forgive anyone. Senators will lose their jobs if they block the blockade. There should be an absolute blockade on this.”

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  1. These Republicans fools will talk the talk, but will probably just put it off until after the election, and then confirm anyway. Would that be so different from the crap they have done to us already? Does anyone really trust McConnell, McCain, Hatch, etc.?

    As for Kirk, he lost my vote a long time ago. Conservative Review gives him a rating of 19%. I’ll probably just have to sit out voting in that race. I hoped some decent person, like Erika Harold, would challenge him in the primary, but I guess not.

    1. If enough sit this out then Duckworth is your new Senator. Let that sink in a bit. Also, you have no right to complain about her or what happens when the Dems have control of the senate. I’m sure they would love to confirm gun haters to SCOTUS as they pass away or retire. More than ever our side must turn out and vote.

      You think Kirk is not conservative enough to vote for and give you an excuse to “sit out” that race, then just wait and see what happens and how (not) conservative Duckworth will be.

    2. Bill, my comment is about gun supporters, republicans, etc., “sitting out” an election not specific candidates. Maybe it’s somewhat naive but I will vote for any Republican, real or rino, in the general election because I can’t imagine ANY dem being better than any republican or even any rino.

      Sitting out because some isn’t conservative enough all but guarantees Dems in power and making laws and policy.

      Regarding, Marter, yes, but if Kirk wins the primary I will not sit out and hand the general to Duckworth.

  2. James T. Marter is running as a rebublican against Kirk. I heard him talk on radio , far better than mr. Kirk

  3. Our country is in a lot of trouble because far to many conservatives, christian’s and gun owners don’t think long term or get involved and stand firm on the constitution.

    I realized our gun rights were at risk when the above mentioned groups stayed home on election day in 2012.

    As far as kirk, he needs replaced, lets just hope his replacement is pro-gun.

    Remember when we could have elected Bill Brady over Quinn? Gun owners stayed home because they thought the election was in the bag.

    Never assume a damn thing!

  4. Marter is good guy, but he’s neither a pro politician, nor does he have Trump’s charisma or persona. In other words, his campaign is doomed. Especially when gun people don’t even know Kirk has a primary challenger.

  5. I dislike Kirk just as anyone who supports the Constitution does, but the R next to his name is an important part of keeping control of the Senate. There’s not much he could do that would keep me from holding my nose and electing the R candidate. Not voting is voting for Duckworth, part of the larger threat against the Constitution. Always remember the bigger picture when considering these things. If that means Kirk gets to keep the seat warm in a Republican majority senate, that’s par for the course in Illinois.

    1. I agree to some extent, but really, what has control of the senate gotten us? When fools like Kirk continually vote along with the Democraps, what difference does it really make?

      Here’s a possible scenario: Blowbama makes a nomination and the Republicans choose to stall or do nothing. If the Democraps were to gain control of the senate in November, it would take effect the first of the year, with Blowbama being in office for almost three weeks after that. They could do a lot of crap in that amount of time.

      Something to think about.

    2. Your scenario supports my comment. We live in Illinois. Chicago machine politics dictates most statewide elections. We need to maintain the R candidate to help maintain the R majority. Without that majority, we’d be looking at new Justice Michelle Obama next week instead of rolling the dice and risking it next year. Right now everything rests on McConnell standing firm. Our job is to mobilize so we regain the White House, and keep the legislature…then we’ll be free to repair the void in the judicial branch and secure our freedoms.

    3. After a long but successful clandestine operation to take control of the democratic party, the socialists began to infiltrate the republican party. The real problem here is that our country was fooled in to believing in a two party system and people still believe that the two parties oppose each other. They get their daily instructions on the same conference call.

    4. TRJ, I absolutely agree with you. Over the last two Presidential elections I had friends abstain from voting for either McCain or Romney because they were not conservative enough. As a result, we have Obama in a position to stack the Supreme Court and gut our Second Amendment rights. I don`t like Kirk but if he wins the primary I will vote for him because he is better than Duckworth. The Presidential and Senate races are very important with the Scalia appointment in the wings.

    5. we, the common man, are totally screwed. we’d like to think our vote mattered… but I seriously question that.

  6. Yeah, cause (R) appointments to the supreme court are all-important, like the legal GENYOOS Harriet Myers!!


  7. Let’s don’t just talk about it here. Every one should phone, fax, or email Mark Kirk and let him know how you and your friends feel about the issue. Make sure he knows that even bringing a nomination to a vote is detrimental to his career. Voting for one will likely end it.
    This issue is that important.

    Contact information from his web site:

    230 South Dearborn
    Suite 3900
    Chicago, IL 60604
    Phone: 312-886-3506
    Fax: 312-886-2117

    607 East Adams
    Suite 1520
    Springfield, IL 62701
    Phone: 217-492-5089
    Fax: 217-492-5099

    Washington, DC
    524 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington DC, 20510
    Phone: 202-224-2854
    Fax: 202-228-4611

  8. Kirk wouldn’t know what shit was if it was stuck on his chin. I have NO faith in him. Please vote in the Primary and please vote for JAMES MARTER. You owe it to yourself, our country, our state, and our cause to vote. John Boch, shouldn’t we have a post on here about Mr. Marter so our members can find out who he is? The primaries are a month away.

    1. That would be nice. I was under the assumption that no one was challenging him. I would like to know more about him, but at this point I’d vote for ANY other Republican.

      Since I’ve not heard or seen an ad from either side, I’m guessing that Marter has little chance.

  9. John Boch-are YOU listening?
    You said you are a Trump supporter, yet who did HE support? He gave a lot of money to Mitch McConnell to help him get re-elected. McConnell is the biggest part of the problem. There was a very strong conservative running against him who is now governor of Kentucky. How many Democraps have we heard about that Trump has given money to recently?
    And you want Trump appointing your future supreme court justices?

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