The suppressor shoot is coming together for Saturday morning, October 17th at the DeWitt Co. Sportsman’s Club.

Saturday, October 17th
DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club
15423 State Highway 10, Clinton, IL 61727

Directions: The DCSC is located six miles east of the city limit of Clinton, IL on Route 10.  Be advised that Google Maps and GPS units are prone to take you everywhere except to the DCSC range.


Ever wondered what shooting a suppressed gun was all about?  Ever wanted to try out a suppressed shotgun, high-powered rifle or handgun?  Here’s your chance, thanks to the American Suppressor Association and Silencerco!

Learn the facts about suppressors and try your hand at shooting them at an upcoming event at the DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club near Clinton, IL on October 17th.  The event will run from 9am to 11:30am and we will have lots of Silencerco “cans” on hand – for rifles, pistols and yes Virginia, even shotguns.  Learn what mufflers for guns can do and what they can’t.

Roughly forty states allow civilians to own and use suppressors, and almost as many allow their use in hunting.  It’s time for Illinois to join the vast majority of states.  It’s the right thing to do.

Media members are encouraged to attend and get to shoot for free.  Everyone else:  there’s a nominal fee to shoot.  Net proceeds will be split between Guns Save Life and the DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club.

The public is encouraged to attend.  A FOID card is not necessary to shoot, so long as you’re otherwise eligible to receive a FOID card.

This event is sponsored by Guns Save Life, the DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club, and the Firearms Technical Group.

If you bring your own ammo, it’ll cost a lot less.  Prices will start at $5 to shoot 10 rounds of .22 suppressed from the Sig Mosquito.  Got .22 subsonic .22s?  Bring ’em!  Ditto for 9mm subsonics.

It’s a fundraising shoot for Guns Save Life and the DeWitt Co. Sportsman’s Club.  Net proceeds will be split between the clubs.

If you know people in the media, encourage them to attend.  Credentialed media shoots for free.

Sig Mosquito .22LR                    10 rounds/$5

XDM 9mm                                   10 rounds/$5

1911 45ACP                                 10 rounds/$10

10” AR-15 SBR 5.56mm            10 rounds/$10

9” 7.62 NATO FAL                      5 rounds/ $10

AR-15 SBR 300 Blackout           5 rounds/$10

(subsonic ammo)

12 Gauge                                      5 rounds/$5

Our Gun, Your Ammo: $5 per magazine

BEST DEAL:  Shoot all you want with any gun (depending on availability) with your ammo:  $25


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  1. Is it time for Saturday morning correct cuz gun saves lives gun news ad says from four to six I think on Saturday which is the correct time to attend?

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