Phone calls to downstate Illinois Democrat Senators aren’t working to Senate President John Cullerton to motivate him to allow pro-gun and pro-hunting bills a fair chance to be heard in committee.   Yes, one man, Cullerton, is serving to block these bills.

It’s time to ratchet up the pressure in the court of public opinion.

Do you have a Democrat State Senator in your district?  Write a short, sweet “Letter to the Editor” to your local paper. 

Let them know your displeasure with 1) Senate President Cullerton’s obstructionism against the will of the Illinois’ voters and 2) with your local senator’s support of Cullerton as Senate President if he’s going to obstruct pro-gun bills.   Is your downstate Senator *really* pro-gun and pro-hunting like the downstate residents of his or her district if he or she continues to vote for Cullerton as Senate President?  No, they are not.  No more than Harry Reid was pro-gun when he voted to confirm radically anti-gun U.S. Supreme Court nominees.

It’s time to hold their feet to the fire to help them see the light.  Let their be consequences for their votes for Cullerton’s radical anti-gun and anti-hunting attitudes.

Here’s a template that you can use.  You can made the necessary changes (see bold areas) and email it or print it in hard-copy after you cut and paste it into your word processor.  Use it or write a similar letter and let’s get these into local papers across Illinois.

To the Editor:

Recently, Illinois’ Democrat Senate President John Cullerton has held up all manner of bills, refusing to allow them to be heard in committee.  These are popular bills that enjoy bipartisan support that he’s obstructing, and if Illinois voters knew a single big-city politician was obstructing common-sense state-wide reforms, they would likely be upset and displeased.

The bills in question are nothing radical.  They are simple reforms some of our gun laws in Illinois and to make some changes in Illinois Wildlife Code to bring it more in line with recommendations of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists.

Furthermore, I’m upset and displeased with my local state senator, Senator XXXXXX XXXXXXHe/she claims to be supportive of gun ownership rights of the people of our district and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, yet he/she has done little or nothing to push Mr. Cullerton off his radical obstructionism of these bills.

At the same time, during campaign season, my local senator FIRST AND LAST NAME tells me he supports our beliefs on guns and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  Yet after we elected him/her to represent us and our values, he/she voted for a radical Chicago Democrat machine politician as the Senate President.  Mr. Cullerton doesn’t represent people here, and we don’t share his fringe beliefs.

All I want is for these bipartisan bills to be allowed a free and fair vote on their merits.  Doesn’t that seem like the American way?



3 thoughts on “ACTION ITEM: Phone calls aren’t working. Write your local newspaper…”
  1. Stop voting for Democrats. Even if you like your local state senator, you are still supporting corruption and the Chicago Machine.

    Good iGold attendance would probably help convince Senator Cullerton to behave like a representative of the people instead of like the corrupt tin pot dictator that he is.

  2. Mine’s a Republican.

    I stopped voting for Democrats altogether after Jimmy Carter. And no, I didn’t vote for that hillbilly peanut farmer, either. He might have been book smart, but he was an awful president. Today, he’s a Muslim-coddling, Jew-hating moonbat right up there with Cher, Alex Jones, and Jesse Ventura.

    Voting for today’s Democrats is nothing more than voting for the pre-Civil War slave-masters of the South. They’ve done more to keep black people poor and disintegrated into society than the Klan ever dreamed of doing.

  3. Alas, mine too is the party of Abe Lincoln.

    Surely somebody here has a Democrat state senator in IL!


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