Roy and his daughter at the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day in March 2015.
Roy and his daughter at the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day in March 2015.

Roy K. is the man behind Days of our Trailers, a pro-gun blog read by a who’s who in the gun rights community.  He’s been a great friend to Guns Save Life and to your editor emeritus for many years.  He’s also a member of Guns Save Life, as one might imagine.

He’s tired, and taking a break from blogging.


I’m tired of reading post after post of nasty, hate filled rants by anti-gun fanatics.  I’m tired of watching testimony by anti-gun politicians who either outright lie or are so stupid as to make me shake my head as to the completely ignorant constituents who voted for them. I’m tired of watching the war zone that is Chiraq and being blamed for it because some mentally deficient gang banger wants to shoot up his ‘hood to gain some cred.  I’m tired of reading half-educated ‘journalists’ repeat the same memes and talking points over and over in the papers.

I’m tired and I’m burned out. I still read the updates from my friends but I just can’t get the motivation to follow suit anymore.

He spends a lot of time (too much in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion) reading trash on social media posted from ideological zealots who want to not only deprive you and me of our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms, but throw us in prison as well.  He deserves a higher place in heaven for his good work over the past eight years.  Even if his time spent watching the mental thieves did nothing but degrade his own sanity and tested his patience for the occasional glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.


9 thoughts on “A RESPITE: Days of our Trailers blog taking a break”
  1. Totally understandable… I stopped reading the news (for the most part) and closed my social media accounts a couple years back for the same reason. My life has much more peace now, and I can just focus on personal relationships with the people I meet in person.

    I’m not saying one way is better than the other, just that I fully appreciate the need for a respite from ignorance and hate.

  2. Roy, sorry to hear of the burnout. I’ve been to your blog a few times (usually when it’s linked from GSL). It’s always a shame when the good guys burn out. I guess that happens when Bloomberg isn’t paying you to write and do activism.

    Hope a rest does you well.

    Ethan, I’m too old to give a crap about Facebook. My grandkids don’t think Facebook is one bit “popular” today. My kids aren’t even on there anymore to speak of. My wife is on now and then and complains it’s all just a bunch of pictures of what people had for dinner, their pets and silly statements they believe to be witty. Oh yeah, and lots of ads. I suspect it won’t be long before she closes her account. If the kids or grandkids want us, they’ve got our email and phone number.

    Actually talking to people is so 19th century to kids and young adults today. They’ve always got their faces in something electronic, even when with their friends. What kind of life is that?

    Speaking of which, I need to finish reading the news and participate in society.

  3. Roy, I understand but hate to see you go. Hope your sabbatical is short and healing.

    1. I don’t usually answer a smart ass reply. My opinion is most people that make them aren’t smart enough to comprehend the answer but I’ll make it simple.
      I read gun blogs for gun related news, not off topic rants.

  4. I found GSL by reading Roy’s blog. Roy, I will miss reading your comments, I can understand the burn out. Thank you.

  5. Every body needs a break. When you come back, it will be with renewed vigor. Well done, you have definitely earned a vacation.

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