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Lee Goodman.  He dressed up to speak to the press at a big gun-grabber rally in Chicago by donning a sport coat over a t-shirt.


We rolled our eyes when we heard from a member that Quixotic concealed carry opponent Lee Goodman had published a book.

We’ll give him some free publicity to promote his tome,  Too Many Rights and Too Many Guns: Repealing the Second Amendment to make America safer and more free.

Here’s some info on it from Amazon:


Amazon photo.

Historically, the rights that individual Americans enjoy have also benefited the country as a whole. But the right to bear arms has become destructive of our society and a threat to all of our other rights. This book examines the ugly pro-slavery and genocidal origins of the Second Amendment and the resentment, anger, and profit motives that fuel today’s pro-gun culture. It offers a practical solution to the problem of gun violence.

“Lee Goodman provides a sweeping analysis of the history behind the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the rise of the gun culture in the U.S., and the campaign of fear orchestrated by pro-gun lobbies. His challenge is equally bold: Repeal the Second Amendment as the chief obstacle to the development of appropriate gun laws. Read this book. It just might save your life or that of someone you love.” — Charles R. Strain, Professor of Religious Studies, DePaul University

“Chicago and the nation continue to be under siege with the easy access to guns and the bullying of the NRA. Lee Goodman has been on the front lines trying to help save lives.” — Rev. Michael L. Pfleger, Pastor, Faith Community of St. Sabina

“Anyone sick and tired of the epidemic of gun violence across America needs to give this book a close read and seriously grapple with its ideas and the call to action for citizens to reclaim control of our democracy.” — Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director, Political Action

About the Author

Lee Goodman is an attorney and leading activist in the effort to reduce gun violence. He organized the opposition to expansion of concealed carry and has worked for years to empower people to bring about changes in public policy and practice that will promote peace, freedom, safety, and individual well-being.

Oh yes, the reviews are delightful.

Let’s start with the 5-star reviews:

on April 28, 2015
Format: Paperback
A friend gave me this book when we were in a public restroom and I was out of toilet paper. Knowing I was in peril, he slid the book to me under the stall door. I was apprehensive at first but found the paper to be quite gentile whilst I cleaned off all the coffee propelled @$$ lava off my brown star.

Later that day I was walking home and a passerby saw this work of art in my hands and assumed that since I obviously disdain guns he robbed me. I felt stupid because I actually love firearms but I wasn’t carrying that day. The criminal was obviously new to crime because he was shaking worse than Michael J Fox drinking a 4 pack of Red Bull in the middle of an earthquake…I’m positive I could’ve taken him had I been carrying. I gave the robber my wallet and tried to get him to take the book but he said “no thanks…if I wanted to read something stupid I’d read anything by Shannon Watts, Barack Obama, MSNBC, CNN, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Diane Feinstein”. I don’t blame him.

After my failure to give the book away I finally made it to my house and used the remains of the book to level an old coffee table that’s been wobbling for years. It detracts from the over all Feng Shui, but I’ll live with it.

Over all it’s a good sturdy table leveler and emergency toilet paper.

on April 28, 2015
Format: Paperback
Obviously written by a genius. How did we ever miss the fact that we need to get rid of our freedoms to have more freedoms.

This book had encouraged me to finally write my new diet book. “Weight loss through all you can eat buffets” the premise is the same.

I can’t wait for this book to make the NYT top sellers list. I’ll anxiously await the sequel, “guilty until proven innocent, how your rights to a fair court process is really annoying, and stands in the way of the Great Eagle of DC protecting us from ourselves”

on April 27, 2015
Format: Paperback
SUPER SUPER AWESOME!! As a home invader, mugger and assailant by trade, am very grateful for Mr. Goodman’s efforts as he attempts to convince the American people to disarm themselves! Thanks for making it easy for me Mr. Goodman!

And now some critics:

on April 27, 2015
Format: Paperback
Per-capita gun violence is at an over 20-year low despite record sales and this genius thinks the solution to the “gun violence epidemic” (LOL) is further infringement of individual rights. The absolutely moronic premise of this book almost makes me want to kick off a campaign to repeal the first amendment.
on April 27, 2015
Format: Paperback
Crappy work of fiction by a guy who devotes his life to a low-interest lost cause. The second amendment has NOTHING to do with slavery or genocide, nor has it ever. This would explain why the entire book is written in crayon and many of the pages have bites missing out of them.
on April 27, 2015
Format: Paperback
Amazing a person with the IQ of an avocado was able to write a book. With such “awesome” leftist authoritarian arguments it is clear the author was not just dropped on his head as a baby, but that his parents used him as a ball in a full court basketball game. The only thing more amazing was that the description of the book managed to find 3 people who have a combined IQ of 13 in which to quote regarding the book. While these morons question the second amendment, the rest of America questions the first after reading this trash.
on April 27, 2015
Format: Paperback
Traditional wisdom tells us to avoid judging a book by its cover. While I generally agree with that sentiment, this book is most certainly an exception. Apparently, the self-publisher/author didn’t test the title with a single person who knows the definition of “irony”. I’m now seriously questioning the efficacy of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier’s discovery that “matter can neither be created nor destroyed”. I just don’t see how all the matter in the universe could account for that much irony or fail, contained in 6 words that form this “book’s” title.

Clearly, the author has accepted, and is willing to profit from, our (maybe just his?) constitutionally protected right to free speech/press. So, I guess he’s established an implied baseline for “acceptable” rights, which he is unwilling to part with. I suppose that’s where it ends though, so long as the rights that he holds most dear are protected.

The Second Amendment? “I don’t like (sic understand) guns so chuck it”.
The Third Amendment? “There’s no war on our soil, so it no longer applies! Get rid of it!!”.
The Fourth Amendment? “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you’ve got nothing to worry about! See ya..”

I could go on of course, getting all the way to the 15th/19th Amendments. Do we really need them? Mr. Lee Goodman doesn’t, clearly, because he isn’t of a minority race, former slave, or woman (assumed from the name and profile picture) so just ditch it! He’ll still get to vote, after all, so why waste the paper?!?

If Mr. Goodman truly feels this strongly, that we have “Too Many Rights”, I think he would find many countries in the Southeastern Asia era preferable to this little experiment we call the U.S. and her Constitution.

7 thoughts on “OXYMORON OR JUST MORONIC? Anti-concealed carry crusader’s new book meets the real world”
  1. “the right to bear arms has become destructive of our society and a threat to all of our other rights”

    It’s dickheads like this that will never understand that it is the Second Amendment rights that protect all of our other rights.

  2. I’m kinda thinking along the same lines as Sam. Did he write this book to sell it to some lefty organization to launder the money in some way?

    Surely this book isn’t ever going to be a best-seller.

  3. Lee Goodman may have stumbled across a piece of truth though it’s no surprise he completely missed it. Some of the very first gun control laws in the country did concern blacks and slavery. Those laws were enacted specifically to ‘keep blacks in their place’ and not allow them full freedom and liberty. The ‘even a stopped clock is right twice a day’ phrase might apply to Lee if only he didn’t manage to read the clock backward. Sigh… Such is the progressive mind…

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