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Is it any wonder when you hold the police back from enforcing the law, you get more criminal mischief.

Such is the case in Baltimore, where Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (pictured above) tied her police officers’ hands to, in her words, give “those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”.

With tacit approval like that, it’s inevitable that further trouble is on the way in that city.

What will it take?  Will people have to die at the hands of the “Black Lives Matter” trash before the adults step in and hold the violent responsible for their actions?

Gun owning Marylanders will take action to protect their homes and businesses if Mayor Low Information won’t allow her police officers to rein in her rampaging constituents.

AP photo via Elkhart Truth

A “peaceful demonstrator” in Baltimore steals a woman’s purse, among other articles.


AP photo via Elkhart Truth

“Peaceful” Black Lives Matter protestors attack two white men in Baltimore.


AP photo via Elkhart Truth

What Baltimore needs is a couple of dozen Oath Keepers to stand watch on the roof of those businesses with their homeland defense rifles.

19 thoughts on “MAYOR LOW-INFORMATION: Baltimore mayor coddles “Black Lives Matter” rioters”
  1. You know, I bet this “woman” would have none of this if it were her residential neighborhood these black thugs were “destroying things”.

    But it’s someone else’s stuff.

    Kind of like welfare payments.

    There are too many blacks raised without decency and morals today. I blame the lack of nuclear families.

    For that, I blame Democrats and their “Great Society”, paying welfare to single moms. Why get married and have responsibilities when society will pay you to be irresponsible.

    And the pay goes up when you have more kids.

    Those feral bastards understand the muzzle of a gun, just like the ones in Ferguson. They also understand that the “authorities” are scared to death to deal with them, for fear of the aftermath.

    I say let’s take a tougher stand against these thugs.

    Throw a little chlorine into their gene pool.

    1. “Throw a little chlorine into their gene pool.”

      Is that a nice way of saying “aim for the nutsack?”

    2. You lost all credibility when you started off with the word “black”.
      Your ‘logic’ applies to a lot of white trash hillbillies as well. Who by the way are too well armed. Hint hint.
      But that would take an extra measure of intelligence on your part that you obviously don’t have.
      My weaponry doesn’t care what race is committing criminal acts against my family or myself.
      Fully Armed in Indiana

    3. Maybe I missed something but where exactly are “white trash hillbillies” rioting,burning others people’s property,throwing rocks at the police and stealing toilet paper?

      Editor: Please, let’s not use the N-word or similar.

    4. Maybe I missed something too.If you’re not a [black] or a white trash hillbilly,where exactly do you fit in? Perhaps you’re an illegal mexican or a filthy hippy.

      Editor: See above.

  2. She stepped back and allowed outside rioters to come in and trash part of Baltimore. That would make her an accomplice and a criminal.

    If it’s anything like Ferguson – the locals will be none to happy about what’s happening to their community.

  3. Put a little cyanide in a batch of cocaine, and distribute it free amongst the protesters. If they are willing to use that crap, they can suffer the consequences, and civilized peoples will be better off.

  4. Some say it is unfair to hold disadvantaged children to rigorous standards. I say it is discrimination to require anything less–-the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    George W. Bush, campaign speech before the NAACP (2000)

    The reality is that everyone already assumes that blacks can’t act right, cant behave the same as other races, can’t succeed or achieve at the same levels as the rest of the world… and every damn day blacks prove them right!!

    This clueless mayor should be lambasting “her people” and tell them that they are better than that.. that they should be ashamed for acting like animals… that this man may have been done wrong, but the process will prove that out..

    Instead she provides cover for their chimpout.

    Because its more about power and votes than it is about ‘racism’
    Its all a scam, and nobody wants it fixed when theres money to be made.

    As for me, It sure seems that blacks cannot adhere to a code of social behavior that the rest of the world has used for centuries.

    1. I think you need to be careful about generalizations. Most of these rioters are from outside Baltimore and are deliberately causing a problem. On top of that, we seem to have the press speculating that all of the gangs are banding together to specifically target cops.

      We are all being manipulated. The press wants ratings. The agitators want a race war.

      To generalize the bad behavior of a few agitators to a whole race is intellectually lazy and plays right into the other side’s hands.

      The kid at the center of this died from a spinal cord injury. He probably had an unstable c-spine fracture and did not receive appropriate medical care. The same people who want us to hate blacks are simultaneously telling the AA community that this kid was deliberately injured or denied medical care.

      There are too many lies. This needs to stop.

    2. BZZT!

      That’s the mainstream media talking.

      Almost 90% of those arrested last night were from the area.

      No, it’s opportunistic black thugs.

  5. This “mayor” was too busy parkin’ her thumbs up the @ss. Besides, black democrats have a example to fix everything for Baltimore
    …. make it like Detroit.

  6. “Outside agitators” is a convenient whipping boy for holding the local idiots blameless. As has been reported, most arrests are local goofs who are destroying their own areas so they can steal a six pack.

    And for some leaping generalizations, all I see are blacks acting up. Not koreans, not Irish, always the same faces, always the same behavior.
    And before someone wants to start that argument, FBI stats don’t lie.

    1. I don’t think even xxxxxxxxx are stupid enough to take a bus ride just to steal toilet paper,I seriously doubt it would be worth the time and effort but then again,xxxxxxxxxxx aren’t known for their smarts.

      Look, Goose/Guest/Whatever: If you can’t articulate your thoughts without playing games to evade a perceived filter on the N-word, then don’t post here. Surely you are articulate enough to communicate what you mean without using that word. If not, I suggest thesaurus.com.

  7. The reality of this black criminal coddling mayor is completely lost upon her and her allies: Working Americans, who worked hard for their property including businesses, are expecting government representatives to uphold the rule of law.

    If the police won’t protect property, then it makes gun ownership benefits personal for everyday people. Some of these very people may have been indifferent about about ownership before now. But seeing that the police won’t come riding to the rescue from rampaging punks makes gun ownership even more appealing and adds millions more to the “gun owner” family.

    It’s akin to liberals who go out of their way to promote abortion. The fact that they are effectively killing off tomorrow’s generation of leftists before they are born is completely lost upon them.


  8. I agree with much of what Sam Whittemore said about gun ownership but this is Maryland a state that makes Illinois look like a “gun owners utopia.” Jim.

    1. The reason the feds want to disarm White,law abiding citizens is so we will have no defense against black,criminal subjects,all the more reason to buy,buy,buy,guns and ammo.

  9. I can still see the words “white trash hillbillies” in the comment section,that’s racially offensive where I live Mr. editor.

    1. Yeah, I think you know better than that. You can write white trash hillbillies to your heart’s content. Ditto for black trash ghetto dwellers, or pretty much anything else except R-rated graphic sexual descriptions, the f-bomb, and personal attacks liable to get you sued. That leaves 99.9999999% of stuff fair game.

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