All aboard the FAILBOAT!

#Unforgotten.  It’s a new hash-tag created by the desperate to maintain a sense of relevance in Illinois for the Illinois Coalition Against Handgun Ownership, or Violence, or something like that.

Here’s their email blast to supporters, complete with all the typos, warts and all:

We are happy to share with you a very powerful video we released as part of our UNFORGOTTEN campaign.  The video is an inside look into our campaign and honors the lives of gun violence victims.

As you know, the UNFORGOTTEN gives gun violence victims a voice and a space to share their stories.  This video honors the victim’s memory and inspires others to take action to stop gun violence.

Yeah, it’s a stupid YouTube video that starts off with a mother admitting that her son was killed by an illegal gun on a bus.  Yep, one more gun law will fix that!

Then they have some clips of publicity some half-hearted “art exhibit” has garnered in Chicago.

What a farce.

ICHV is struggling to remain relevant in a very blue state where they have lost every effort to restrict residents’ Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.

The email sends you to a website (  ranked # 6 million and change according to Alexa:


Of course, the ICHV’s website isn’t ranked a whole lot higher:


It’s hard to remain relevant when your website’s traffic is measured in scores of unique visitors each day.

It’s also hard to remain relevant when your beliefs are wildly unpopular with everyday Americans, especially as 2/3rds of Americans now believe having a gun in the home makes it a safer place to be.


3 thoughts on “ADVENTURES IN IRRELEVANCE: “Unforgotten” is Illinois gun grabbers’ latest FAILBOAT adventure”
  1. YouTube advocacy?

    Nothing screams amateur hour like YouTube advocacy.

    ICHV is a joke.

    Didn’t they try to launch some grassroots competition to Guns Save Life a few years ago with comical results?

    I’d google it to make sure but I’m busy at the moment.

  2. Social media activism is like masturbation. It feels good, but you’re not accomplishing anything except wasting time and resources.

  3. While the anti-gun crowd is quickly becoming a joke the gun rights people need to start focusing on restoring lost rights.

    the pro-gun movement played prevent for so long they don’t seem to know how to play offense.

    Remember if your only playing defense the best you can hope for is a tie/stalemate


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