Chicago “urban” culture was on display this week on a Chicago Transit Authority train as a 15-year-old middle school student savagely beat, sexually assaulted and robbed an innocent woman.

The train, of course, was a “GUN FREE ZONE” where the law-abiding Illinois residents who have concealed carry license cannot carry the means with which to protect themselves from savage little monsters like this punk.  Of course, 15-year-old DeShawn Isabelle knew that and knew his victim probably wouldn’t be able to meaningfully fight back to his attack, which began with punches to the back of a woman’s head.

Chicago needs more guns in the hands of good guys and gals in order to thin the herd of asocial monsters like this punk.  Guns Save Life is coming to Chicago on May 30th, to begin helping to educate more Chicagoans on the role firearms, in the hands of good guys, can play in defending innocent, law-abiding residents from vicious violent crime.

Read this story and ask yourself:  How can any rational, thoughtful individual be opposed to allowing licensed, law-abiding good guys from carrying concealed firearms on mass transit?  Do they want more people to be victimized like this woman?

Photo via chicago Tribune.

Chicago (Chicago Tribune) – A woman who boarded a CTA train in Oak Park on Monday afternoon was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by a 15-year-old boy, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.

The entire incident on the eastbound Blue Line train was captured on CTA video that clearly showed middle school student DeShawn Isabelle’s face, prosecutors said.

Isabelle’s mother recognized him from surveillance photos released publicly by the CTA after the attack, confronted her son and then took him to authorities Wednesday morning, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Joe DiBella.

The woman, 41, suffered a concussion and cuts and bruises all over her body as Isabelle repeatedly struck her in an otherwise empty “L” car, DiBella said. He also stole $2,000 in cash she planned to wire back to her family in Southeast Asia, he said.

Isabelle, who was charged as an adult, used the money to buy clothes and junk food and pay for graduation expenses, DiBella said.

Judge James Brown ordered him held on $1 million bail on felony charges of aggravated sexual assault and robbery.

The woman boarded the train at the Oak Park station at 3:10 p.m. Monday, entering a car containing only Isabelle, who boarded the train in Forest Park, according to DiBella.

Isabelle walked up from behind the woman and began punching her in the head, DiBella said. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor, where she crouched in a fetal position in an effort to protect herself as Isabelle pummeled her with punches to her face and head, according to the prosecutor.

The teen groped the woman, sexually assaulted her and then sat on her head and continued beating her, he said.

When the train stopped at the next station, Isabelle held the woman down to keep her from getting up, DiBella said. No one boarded the car.

Isabelle continued to punch, kick and stomped on the woman as she lay face down, demanding money from her, DiBella said. He then took the $2,000 from her purse and stole her iPhone.

10 thoughts on “GUN FREE ZONE FAIL: Chicago woman sexually assaulted, beaten, robbed by middle school thug”
  1. What a monster!

    Good work, Illinois General Assembly.

    You kept Deshawn safe and alive so we can house him for the next 20- to 30-years in prison.

    His life isn’t worth the bullet to put him down, but I’d be delighted to make a donation.

    1. Sorry Jim, but precious little DeShawn will probably be diverted to some kind of juvenile counseling program for “at risk” teens and be back on the street in a few months. Then again, there’s a good chance he’ll eventually get shot by either a cop or another thug anyway

  2. I’m in for a case. A real case. 1,000 rounds.

    Good for the mom for turning his sorry ass in.

    Bad on her for raising this piece of crap in the first place.

    I got a $100 bill that says that:

    a) his father has not been present in his life
    b) his mother is on welfare
    c) he wasn’t going to cure cancer or win any Nobel prizes.

    Anyone wanna bet against me?

  3. Sexual predators should be neutered.

    The Illinois legislature needs to be held accountable for this woman’s pain.

  4. I wouldn’t take that bet, but I’d raise you a $100 that this wasn’t his first time doing something like this.

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