by John Boch

“Justice for Nick”

That was the theme of a vigil in Atlanta for a young man killed by police after he stole a Maserati and tried to run them over.

Life is about choices and

How poorly did Nick Thomas choose?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution photo

Yet the community from which he came rallies in his death, claiming he was a victim of overzealous cops.

The problem is exacerbated by “community activists” who call for the use armed violence against the police.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution photo

The president of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said Tuesday that black Americans should exercise their Second Amendment rights by defending themselves against hostile police officers.

“I am going to advocate at this point that all African Americans advocate their Second Amendment rights,” Georgia SCLC President Samuel Mosteller said at a Tuesday news conference in Atlanta. “You stand there, [police] shoot. You run, they shoot. We’re going to have a take a different tack in order to send a message to the majority community that we are not to be victims.”

Mr. Mosteller:  You deserve to be rebuked.

You were spot on that all Americans – including African Americans – advocate for their Second Amendment rights.  Good guys with guns deter bad guys from plying their trade.

But suggesting that people use guns against police lawfully doing their jobs is fraught with peril for you, your fellow African Americans and our police.

Your enemy, Mr. Mosteller, isn’t the police.   It is attitudes such as your own that you somehow aren’t required to submit to the lawful authority of police doing their jobs – trying to make the entire community, including your own, safer.

If you don’t want to be victims, cooperate with the police in identifying violent criminals instead of protecting them and rallying “for justice” when they are shot dead by the authorities while engaging in anti-social, violent behavior.  Raise your children right to respect those in authority and to value education, hard work, decency along with moral and ethical behavior.  So long as “your children” eschew education and authority while embracing welfare, single-parenthood, and the evil that is the Hip-Hop culture, you’re going to be the victims.  Of yourselves.

Not surprisingly, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has disowned its Georgia chapter president’s words.






7 thoughts on “VIGIL FOR A SCUMBAG: Atlanta activist suggests blacks “send message” by using guns against police”
  1. I support my local police.

    Their job is hard enough.

    Police don’t need a-hole “reveruns” telling people to fight them.

    Nick would have probably bailed out of jail by now if he hadn’t tried to run some cops over in a stolen car.

    Life is harder when you’re stupid.


  2. Is there even any amount of violence against police that would make these activists concede lethal force was justified?

  3. The same guy made the news from the little ghetto thug who wrapped a stolen car around a telephone pole after robbing some old lady…

    He got a heart transplant because his mommy played the race card a couple of year ago.

    Anthony Stokes, the Black teenager with a criminal background whose battle to get a heart transplant was aided by a leading civil rights group, was subsequently abandoned by the group after he got his transplant and disappeared from the headlines.

    The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a group co-founded by civil rights icon the Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., took Stokes’ case to the national media in the summer of 2013 when the then fifteen year-old Stokes was denied a heart transplant over “non-compliance” issues. At the time Stokes was wearing a court-mandated ankle bracelet reportedly for fighting.

    Less than two years after receiving a donor heart, Stokes died during a crime spree Tuesday night in Georgia. According to police Stokes carjacked a vehicle, took it to a house that he broke in to, fired a gun at the elderly female resident then fled in the stolen vehicle. Stokes was spotted by police who gave chase. He lost control of the vehicle hitting a female pedestrian. Then Stokes wrapped the vehicle around a utility pole. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Anthony Stokes was just seventeen years old.

    If I see many more cases like that, I’m gonna go down to the driver’s license place and take my name off the organ donor registry.

    I’ll be damned if I’m going to give my organs to a goddamned piece of human shit that rapes, robs and acts like an animal.

    1. More than likely, next in line for the heart was a white man with kids, who gave back to his community and was adored by all who knew him. Of course, none of that makes a difference when “Black lives matter.”

  4. Curious that our rainbow of people in the USA all runs toward much more monochromatic when it comes to crime.

    Must be all those evil cops…
    The stats don’t lie… the number one killer of young black males is OTHER YOUNG BLACK MALES.

    How is this the white mans problem?

  5. There is a lot of good black folks. Unfortunately they dont get the publicity of these savages.

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