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It’s a good time for freedom and liberty.

And it’s a particularly bad time for bad guys in Kansas and Mississippi.

And it’s bad news for Bloomberg and his merry band of bought-and-paid-for shills trying to foist the burden of gun control upon good Americans.

Kansas is set to approve concealed carry without a permit today.  The new measure will take effect July 1st.

— Gov. Sam Brownback plans to sign a bill allowing Kansas residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

The Republican governor’s office scheduled a signing ceremony for Thursday afternoon at the Statehouse. Legislators approved the measure last week.

The new law takes effect July 1.

The National Rifle Association says Kansas will become the fifth state to allow concealed carry without a permit everywhere within its borders.

Mississippi is set to adopt a whole series of reforms, including permitless carry in purses, briefcases and other containers.  The NRA-ILA has the details:

On Sunday, under the leadership of Lt. Governor Tate Reeves (R), the Senate adopted conference committee reports on Senate Bill 2394, sponsored by state Senator Terry Burton (R-Newton), on a 49 to 3 vote, and Senate Bill 2619, sponsored by state Senator Haskins Montgomery (D-Bay Springs) unanimously, giving final legislative approval to both measures.  Reeves made SB 2394 a priority legislative agenda item for his office this session.  Governor Phil Bryant (R) has already publicly announced that he will sign both bills into law.

These two measures make critical pro-Second Amendment reforms, including a clarification that a state-issued permit is not necessary to transport a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case.  These bills also streamline training requirements for the enhanced carry endorsement on permits for veterans and men and women in the Armed Forces, reduce the cost to both active military and civilians who obtain regular DPS-issued permits to carry firearms for personal protection, and ensure that your right to purchase, own and carry firearms and ammunition are not infringed upon through federal rulemaking or overreach by local governments.



2 thoughts on “100% WIN: KS to approve Constitutional Carry today, MS to approve ‘purse/briefcase’ carry”
  1. Wins indeed!


    And it’s April 2nd.

    Bet Bloomberg wishes these were an April Fool’s joke. The joke is on him!


  2. Yes let us not forget or let go unnoticed. That Sen. Montgomery. Also sponsored by a democrat. Thank you Sir !!!

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