When you’re in a hole, and you’re still digging, then you’re not too bright.

But nobody ever accused Moms Demand Action of being smart.  A little frisky perhaps, as their organization’s name sounds like a low-class adult entertainment title.  But smart?  No.

In recent days, these not-so-bright ideologues really thought they had something when a mass shooting happened at a Spring Break party.  They jumped on it with both feet and their shovel and posted it on Facebook, citing the mayhem as a result of college students being irresponsible around guns.

Screen cap via GunFreeZone blog.

Because college students are so responsible around guns…” they wrote.

It dovetailed, or so they thought, with a recent Washington Post story – written by a psychiatrist –  titled:  “You think your drunk college-age daughters are bad with their iPhones? Imagine them with guns.”  Running that story through the universal translator:  “College students shouldn’t be allowed to have guns on campus because my 17-year-old daughter has a drinking problem that leads to irresponsible behavior.”

Washington Post photo

No consideration was given to this psychiatrist “Mom of the Year” for raising a girl who is on the fast track to alcoholism and a criminal record.   Yes, Dr. Mom bought her daughter one “highly desirable” iPhone after another.  Only to see them broken or lost in her minor-daughter’s alcohol-fueled benders, running from the police, presumably driving drunk, and engaging in all manner of highly irresponsible behavior.  All of it enabled, to one degree or another, by her sad excuse of a mother who then has the audacity to project her daughter’s irresponsibility upon all teenagers and young people.

Dr. Mom laments the relatively low risks of rape (the one-in-five claim is a complete sham) and criminal violence, while completely ignoring the much higher risks of drunk driving and alcohol abuse.

So with that in mind, the Moms Demand Action South Florida thought they really had something.

Watching the narrative unravel.

It didn’t take a day before the facts came out.

The person who tried to kill those other college students?

He wasn’t even a college student, and certainly not on his way to curing cancer, inventing a new class of antibiotics or anything else meaningful or productive in our society.  He was a member of America’s criminal class.   He was out on bond from his sixth arrest since 2012.

MOBILE, AL (WALA) – David Jamichael Daniels, 21, of Mobile has been charged with seven counts of attempted murder and is currently in the Bay County Jail awaiting his first court appearance today.

This is Daniels’ sixth arrest since 2012. He was previously arrested on gambling charges as well as use/possession of drug paraphernalia, controlled substance and possession of marijuana second. Daniels also has been charged with loitering, a probation violation and disorderly conduct in the past.

When Moms Demand Action in South Florida started getting ridiculed for their attempt to project this criminal’s behavior upon ordinary college kids, they changed their Facebook post.


A better lead would have been:   Party with illegally armed felons out on bail…  what could go wrong? 



5 thoughts on “MOMS DEMAND ACTION WON’T PUT DOWN THE SHOVEL: Moms fail …again.”
  1. Yup! Our skid row wannabees, Drunks, drug addled perverts, dope peddlers and users, Orgy loving children being accosted by a crazy gun toting man, and the guns get blamed! huh?

  2. Since when do facts mean anything to them? Misinformation has been an effective tool since day one (ask Hitler). They recognize the fact that millions will read the headline…..and nothing else. When the true facts are published (two days later on page 32) few will pay attention.

  3. Who reads the newspaper anymore?

    Thank Goodness for the Internet. Not many people still get their news from the old-guard mainstream (lame-stream) media. Smart people go to the internet to get their news. Even me, as a sixty-something, figured out years ago that Internet news is far better.

    Moms Demand Action are buffoons. If it weren’t for Bloomberg’s billions and Shannon Watts’ pretty face, they would be done and gone.

    Their “news” is more sensational and less fact based than the National Enquirer we see at the checkout line at Walmart.


    Perhaps if they spent more time parenting and less time hating guns, their little 17-year-old daughters wouldn’t be running from the cops and endangering the rest of us by driving drunk.


  4. Armed good guys truncate the thug life. No good guys? Thugs get to thug.

  5. Of course, the safer our society is, the shriller the hooker moms’ silly proclamations grow!

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