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Remember Adam Smith?

Of course not.  He’s a jackwagon whose two minutes of “fame” cost him his awesome job as a company Chief Financial Officer, his house, his career.  He and his family are now on foodstamps.  Why?  Because he was a complete, unhinged bully to some poor young woman named Rachel working at a Chick-Fil-A drive through.

Here’s the video of his asshattery, titled “Former Lecturer/Corporate CFO Bullies Chick-fil-A Clerk”.

Interestingly, Rachel, the target of Smith’s tirade, maintained poise and dignity through the entire encounter, proving her decency – and that she was the far more mature person.

It reminds me a lot of people who post unhinged, leftist hate at the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership Facebook page.

Here’s what these people wrote about Chris Kyle, a much-decorated American hero:

Caroline Marie I will keep on trashing that bastard.  He was a MURDERER.

Matthew Scott Szerzinski  Kyle was a bigot and a liar who happened to be a good shot.

Daniel J. Webster Jr “Live by the gun, die by the gun” from this former Navy Officer who trained with Seals and was stationed in Coronado where they train

Dawn Henke Not a hero. Brags about how much he enjoyed indiscriminately killing people. No sympathy from this army veteran.

Bianca Bangor Not by any means a hero.

Chris Steele Soulless?

Valerie Martin soulless, heartless, and brainless!

Howard Gold In his book, Chris Kyle said that he burglarized homes after killing a “bad guy”. This is not the act of a hero.

Richard M. Ponce I’m a Navy Vet. And this guy is a disgrace to the uniform I wore. Politics has nothing to do with it.

Matthew Scott Szerzinski Apparently all you need to do to be a hero in some people’s estimation is shoot foreigners. I’m sure Kyle did things that helped save fellow service members lives. I’m also sure he was a sociopath and a liar.

Samuel FN Hall The face of a dead asshole…

Robby Clewley Idolizing a murderer .. That’s real good America

Scott Sproat i can second the above comment-what goes around-comes around. its called karma.

Shelley Farrell what a trailer of horse shit.

Daniel Coates First thing to know is that the man was a LIAR and fabricator of stories to enhance his abilities and skills, ie, machoism/reputation. That was proven in a court of LAW. Then, he made his reputation shooting women, old men and women and children from hidden positions in cities we blew up and invaded, without any supervision per se. “it’s you’re call”, ie. do what you want, we will cover your ass! All the while being protected by a squad of Marines!

Lori Fondren Bridge Mr. Kyle was a liar

John Girgus Eh, fuck this guy.,

Mari Tatlow Steed Of all the things with which to create a hornet’s nest of lies, using Chris Kyle/’American Sniper’ ranks as the worst. Whatever about his military record: Kyle is a sad indictment of the need for better gun-control. And for less lying. Irony at its best.

Michael Bailey Psycho.. The only good thing about this guy is the happy ending.

And here’s what they wrote about me:

LisaSanfordHopperSpecialSnowflakebigot Jan Terri Machinskybigot Paul Simons bigot public masturbation Christopher Buttner is he a pedophile

The last chap Christopher Buttner’s Facebook avatar photo looks a lot like the photo of Christopher A. Buttner, DDS.   Is it just another case of a successful person risking their livelihood, home and personal assets to crassly bully others because they don’t agree with them?  Is it that they just can’t help but let their leftist ideology and bigotry trump their sense of decency in order to make themselves feel better?

In any event, back to the Jack Wagon star of this story, Adam Smith, aka Mr. $200k/year plus a million in stock options.

According to Adam in a story at ABC (warning:  video auto-plays and you can’t shut it off) angry calls were rolling into his company minutes after his post hit YouTube.  He lost his job before the end of the day – and the $1 million in stock options.

Unemployed, and without a solid nest egg of savings to fall back on, he lost his house and moved into an RV with his wife and four kids.  Yeah, nothing like making your family suffer because you wanted to be a bully asshat extraordinaire.

Months later, he was hired by a company who didn’t know about his stardom on YouTube.  That job lasted a week or two before they found out and fired him.

He’s been interviewed by a number of businesses and they all have no desire to hire a guy who has proven himself so spectacularly to be an immature bully.  Nobody is willing to take on Adam “Jack Wagon” Smith who they see as a monumental public relations disaster waiting to happen.

Now he’s on food stamps – and he’s reached out to ABC News with a “poor me” story.

Here’s a word to the wise, including Christopher Buttner and the rest of the CSGV fanclub:  Think before you start calling people names and acting like an immature bully.  It might cost you more than you think.

13 thoughts on “ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: Leftist bully goes from CFO to foodstamps”
  1. Smith is obviously a brainless school yard bully and deserves the consequences.

    Rachel, on the other hand, is a professional I would offer employment.


  2. I’d bet Chick Fil-A, being the company that they are, would offer him some free food. Being the hole that he is, he would probably not accept it.

  3. I remember an old criminology professor at the University of Illinois named David Bordua talking about “just desserts”. Adam Smith is getting his. It’s richly deserved.

    I echo Dan’s remarks: Rachel is the type employee that is in high demand. No doubt she’s far more successful now than her antagonistic bully.

    If she’s still with “Chick”, she’s destined for corporate management. That’s easy to see.


  4. RE: Adam Smith, I take a rather cold, hard view on the world and am glad this happened to him, kids and all. At first you might think to yourself, “those poor kids are innocents,” and you’d be correct. However, in this country they will not starve or freeze to death, and they will be afforded the basic human rights that Adam pretends he champions. Furthermore those same children are being raised and molded by someone that is seriously bent and, barring some personal epiphany of their own, will likely continue on that track. Imagine the twisted mind set of one man being amplified four times in a generation.

    This will prove to be a valuable lesson for them, I’m sure.

    RE: Rachel, she is as poised and polite as every employee I’ve ever encountered at Chick fil A. That’s a huge testament to the top-down culture created and fostered by their supposedly hateful boss in the E-suite, who is obviously informed by his Christian faith. It provides a stunning backdrop upon which to view the reprehensible behavior of the so-called open-minded and caring human rights crusader.

  5. It is hard to believe that someone in Adam’s position would believe that a regular line worker at a restaurant with more than a thousand locations would have the same beliefs as the founder. At issue was the founder’s comments regarding gay marriage. No customer or employee was said to ever have experienced discrimination. I am an advocate for civil rights, but business people are free to believe in what they wish and donate their money how they like. Tolerance and acceptance runs both ways. Adam is a leftist because he was trying to force his beliefs on others.

    1. Also methinks the lady doth protest too much…I saw the video without getting any background first and thought Adam was a gay man. And I still think so.

  6. I won’t take that bet, KK.

    How much do you want to bet he doesn’t have any love for our military or our country either?

  7. Fun to watch this self inflated clown push around a sweet girl who is doing nothing more than working for a living. I have been to Chick-fil-a several times, always with remarkable staff, clean surroundings, and never a political message anywhere. Nothing more satisfying than knowing this arrogant assclown is fresh out of work. Theres plenty of tolerance, as long as you agree with the leftists.

  8. Miss Rachel remains poised and polite through the entire encounter. I see good things for a young lady with such grace. She reflects well on the company.

  9. In his mind he is great, probably a divorce in his future, His being a Gay activist and all! a used too was has been, never more! outstanding arrogance, Life’s lessons catch up sooner or later! feel bad for his family!

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