We’ve written at length that more Islamic jihad is coming to America – and how to prepare for it..

The mainstream media loves to cover up for Muslim attacks on American soil, but Americans know it when they see it.  September 11th Islamic attacks, the Muslim major at Ft. Hood (we won’t use the scumbag’s name, but are pleased he’s now in a wheelchair from getting shot back during his rampage), the Boston Marathon Muslim bombings, just to name a few.

And now, terror was soon to come to Illinois, thanks to two Muslim low-life dirtbags, one wore the US Armed Services uniform and the other was a convicted armed robber.

Their plan:  to fight on behalf of ISIS, the goat-fornicating (<–*warning, graphic*) Fourth Reich seeking to convert, kill or subjugate non-Muslims.

Yes, it’s great news that the two were picked up.  Unfortunately the good guys haven’t yet had an opportunity to help these two achieve “shahada”, which is martyrdom where they believe they will receive their 72 virgins and lots of little boys to sexually molest.

The bad news is that the good guys won’t always discover these plans and foil plots to kill the innocent.  For an example of a missed plot:  the Germanwings Airlines pilot that just crashed his plane full of innocents into the side of a mountain in the name of his pathetic, pedophile “god” Mohammed (cursed be his name, likeness and being).


(Washington Post) – Authorities arrested an Illinois Army National Guardsman after he attempted to travel to Libya and fight with the Islamic State as well as the soldier’s cousin who was plotting to attack a U.S. military installation and kill scores, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

Hasan Rasheed Edmonds, 22, and his cousin Jonas Marcel ­Edmonds, 29, both of Aurora, Ill., were charged with conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

FBI agents intercepted Hasan Edmonds at Chicago Midway International Airport on Wednesday evening before he was able to board a flight to Detroit and ultimately make his way to Cairo via Amsterdam.

…Jonas Edmonds was willing to stage an attack in the United States and “unleash the lion,” the complaint quoted him as saying.

Reuters photo.

Edmonds told another FBI undercover agent he would purchase assault rifles and grenades to carry out the assault against the facility where his cousin had trained. He anticipated killing between 100 to 150 people, the complaint says.

Hasan Edmonds corrected his cousin, saying a more realistic count would be closer to 120. He said he would provide a list of officers to kill and a military uniform for his cousin to wear during the attack.

Just another reason we need to end the “gun free” zone status of military bases.

10 thoughts on “GIVE ‘EM SHAHADA! Two would-be lslamic warriors nabbed in Illinois”
  1. These two scumbags will probably serve a couple of years, if convicted. While in prison, they will indoctrinate other wanna-be terrorists and recruit them to the “cause.” Then there will be even more terrorists to deal with. If Obama’s Dept. of Justice (DOJ) gets involved, these two will likely not serve any time and will be hired by the DOJ to go out as good will ambassadors singing the Islamic song of “Death to America.” Keep your socks and powder dry. You’ll probably need them both.

  2. Where did you get the info about the German pilot? Everything I’ve read said it had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.

    1. Everywhere? I don’t think so. Haven’t seen or heard it on regular news. Have to wonder what’s up with that.

  3. I vote to shoot them in the back of the head. Or give them a one-way ticket to Mosul.

    Let them practice their parachuting technique. Sans a chute.


  4. An intelligent looking pair to say the least. It runs in the family too. One’s sister claims “it’s jus a case of discrimnation cuz dey wants a worships as a muslim.” No, there are no misspellings in the quote. Sadly.

  5. You think these boys get up at oh-dark-hundred for their morning prayers?

    I kinda doubt it.

    They’re just looking to go out in a blaze of glory.

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