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People who hate guns always say that more guns will result in blood in the streets.  Concealed carry?  Oh my!  People will be killing people over parking spaces and in disputes in the check-out line at the grocery store!

They made claims that Florida would be the GunShine state when it was about to be adopted back in the 1980s.

Guess what?  It didn’t happen.  In fact, Florida today – with over 1 million active carry licenses – has the lowest level of firearms-related violent crime ever on record.

Here in Illinois, we faced the same Chicken-Little predictions back in 2013 as legislators were mulling over concealed carry for Illinois.

In the end, freedom and gun owners won.

Now that Illinois has had carry for over a year now, it’s gaining support among some who were initially made uneasy by the gun-hating leftists’ predictions. The Chicago Tribune ran a story recently about the “non-event” that was the Illinois carry law.

(Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown) – When Illinois became the 50th state to legalize carrying a concealed gun in public last year, Lutger, who lives in Frankfort, was one of 92,000 residents to apply for and receive a license to do so.

Lutger, who said he is a Vietnam veteran, noted that his appreciation for firearms goes back to his World War II veteran father, who showed him his gun when he was a child. He said his daughter and son-in-law also hold concealed carry permits.

As those apocalyptic predictions have been proven wrong, even many of right-to-carry’s public opponents are reluctantly admitting the error of their ways.

But [Elwood Police Chief Fred] Hayes, who previously opposed the law, also said he noticed suburbanites who now have concealed carry licenses seem to be less fearful of crime and more confident in community safety.

Of course, the die-hard fringe sticks to its irrationality like white on rice.

But Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s office has not changed its overall stance against the concealed carry law and its implementation, which as the Chicago Tribune reported recently, requires applicants to be vetted by a controversial state licensing board.

“Sheriff Dart has been very vocal about his opposition,” said Ben Breit, Dart’s spokesman, adding that “it’s a tough spot,”

Irrationality is a tough spot indeed.  Especially when everyone can see that you’re wrong, but you won’t admit it.




9 thoughts on “NO BLOOD, ONLY SAFETY: Illinois’ CCW opponents slowly coming around”
  1. Who carries cross-draw like that? I suppose its a good idea if you drive a lot, but any other time you are adding draw time and increasing the likelihood of tracking someone.

    1. Who carries cross-draw like that? I do. Mine is a full size semi-auto that I carry inside the waistband. Using cross-draw, the grip lays against my abdomen and conceals well. “Tracking” is eliminated by draw path. I admit to some concern with getting my arm pinned by an assailant but in my opinion the concealment factor wins out.

    2. I am 69 worked heavy const 45 years and have bad shoulders. To draw from 4 0r 5 o’clock hurt my shoulder. I can also bend over and tie my shoe and not print at all, even in a t’shirt. I cross carry.

  2. Right to carry,
    finally its here,
    no blood in the streets,
    and protection is near.

    1. Thanks John, I try to make myself think of new ones once in a while, I really like it when you have the attendees at the GSL meetings come up with their own new ones, some are really pithy and to the point, will have to bring up to Racheal about doing it sometime, if nothing more than to include all in attendance.

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