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Remember when gun haters worked with every fiber of their being at their job opposing firearm rights – at least 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday while on the clock – to oppose handgun ownership?  You might not.  There was a group called the Coalition to Ban Handguns in the 1970s.  It was later re-named “Handgun Control, Inc.”  That organization was re-named the Brady Campaign or something like that and is now on life-support.

First they opposed our right to own handguns.

Then when they saw they couldn’t fool the population into supporting handgun bans, they switched to battle the right-to-carry revolution sweeping across America.

They lost that battle too, one state at a time.

Illinois was the last state to throw their antiquated prohibition against carry, adopting a shall-issue right-to-carry law in 2012.

What’s the latest from the gun grabbers?

Read this from a Moms Demand Action leader:

As with virtually every other state, Indiana requires a permit to carry a hidden, loaded handgun in public. That’s just common sense: to carry a concealed handgun should require a clean criminal record and basic safety training…


She goes on to write:

But there is a bill pending in Congress that would override Indiana’s basic permit requirements and force our state to let anyone with a driver’s license from states like Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont to carry concealed, loaded guns in public with no permit, no training, and no criminal history check — no questions asked.

First of all, Indiana doesn’t require training to get a carry license.  Just like it doesn’t require literacy to register to vote.

Secondly, this Mom is articulating her support against Constitutional Carry.

They are losing, folks.  They aren’t giving up ground very easily, but they are losing thanks to the good efforts of the NRA nationally and groups like Guns Save Life regionally.  We educate Americans on the proven benefits of firearm ownership.  We shine the light of truth on people like Moms Demand Action to show their falsehoods and demagoguery for what it is.

8 thoughts on “GUN HATERS IN FULL RETREAT: Concealed carry with license okay. Universal reciprocity very bad.”
  1. Hey Jon the antiquated laws that forbid conceal carry are actually “Jim Crow” laws. In 2012 Illinois finally abandoned some of its JIM CROW LAWS

  2. The really funny part is that Indiana already recognizes every other state’s permit. No exceptions. If CCW reciprocity happened, there would be absolutely no change to who could carry in Indiana.

    1. Well except for Vermont. Vermont is the only state that Missouri does not recognize.

  3. “…anyone with a driver’s license from states like Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont to carry concealed, loaded guns in public with no permit…”

    Bald-faced, blatant lie.

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