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It’s gone from bad to worse in Chicago, with criminal violence spiraling out of control, thanks in part to generations of strict gun control and, of course, the Great Society programs that replaced fathers with checks from Uncle Sam.

With gangs replacing father-figures in the lives of many poor, inner city youth, it’s no wonder Chicago is where it is in violence.

It’s all made worse by the law-abiding gun owners often hiding their gun ownership in a closet, sort of like many gays used to hide their homosexuality for fear of ridicule and discrimination.

Guns Save Life is coming to Chicago soon.  We’re going to give the law-abiding gun owners a voice in local affairs to promote gun owner rights and defend everyone’s right to defend themselves.

Given what’s been going on in recent days, it can’t happen too soon.

Chicago Tribune reports:

2 dead, 12 wounded in shootings across Chicago

Two men were killed and at least 12 other people were wounded in shootings across the city since Wednesday morning.

It gets better.

From Second City Cop:

Safe Passage Shooter

About a week-and-a-half ago, we pointed out a story of a high school dean attempting to execute a teen dope dealer he was involved with. Now after Wednesday night’s bloodletting, we hear the a Safe Passage worker is suspected of shooting a 17-year-old girl in the chest Wednesday night down south.
Guess he couldn’t get his shooting done during “work” hours.
6 thoughts on “WELCOME TO CHICAGO: 2 dead, dozen shot **on a Wednesday**! “Safe Passage” worker as shooter in one incident”
  1. This is what you get for 80 years of Democratic rule in Chicago. I just heard on the radio that Chicago is about 10 years behind Detroit in becoming a destitute, broken, vacant, crime-ridden, economically depressed city with no hope of renewal. No amount of money will fix Detroit and Chicago is in its shadow. Guns in the hands of good people in Chicago will do little as long as Democrats are in power there. Those good guys with guns need to get the heck out of that killing field.

    1. It is NOT DEMOCRATIC ..IT IS DEMOCRAT “rule”, it irritates me when people actually think democrats are DEMOCRATIC! Democratic = of, or upholding democracy, of, or for ALL of the people; treating others as ones EQUALS; The democrats are all about themselves, their “party”, or their chosen ethnic or “flavor of the month” group such as gays, LGBTblablabla, blaacks (aka:afro-antiamericans) and any “special interest” groups, AND VERY AGAINST firearms owners, republicans, Christians, especially Catholics, TEA party people or any “free thinkers! ….prove me wrong…

    2. I would say that these results are from democracy. Democracy has been described as two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner, but it goes a little deeper than that. Typically voting gives one the choice between two alternatives, but often there are countless alternatives that we in a free society are never given a choice about, and that is the shame. When one says that voting is a right, of the founding generation few, I think, would agree. They did not have universal suffrage, often only for land owning males. Sounds sexist or elitist? Not really if you think about it. Not really if you think about it. Most were God fearing people, and our Lord commanded that the husband be the head of the family and love it and take care of it as Christ did the church. Who can say that that type of man would not vote for his wife’s best interest? And on being a land owner, it typically takes restraint and intelligence to acquire enough money to purchase land and maintain it. These men truly had “skin in the game” and typically wanted little from the government then to be left alone.
      There are many reasons to say democracy is not the best way to run society, one just needs to look and have an open mind. After all, most of the tyrannical dictators who killed millions of people last century were in positions that were, at least initially, democratically voted on.

  2. The big problem going on is Chicongo is tearing down “the projects” trying to turn this swamp of crime and corruption into a gentrified shining beacon of culture on the lake by exporting their dispossessed trash down state.Federally subsidized housing is the vehicle.Many towns are trying to hide the fact that crime and drugs arrests are going up.Urbana is a good example.

  3. There’s no shortage of Canadian culture that remains in Chicago.

    They don’t call it Chiraq for nothing. Even though there aren’t (yet) a lot of Muslim nutcases there yet.

    Sadly, some black folks are doing a fine job doing to themselves what the Klan could never quite do.

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