by John Boch

My lovely bride and I were out yesterday with a couple thousand of our nearest and dearest friends at the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.  When we checked our email on the way home, it was chock full of messages about a Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership Facebook post starring yours truly.

Here it is.


In a nutshell, some Coalition to Stop Gun Violence intern (perhaps a pajama boy working in his mom’s basement?) took time to visit The Truth About Guns “I am a gun owner” photo album.  They found a photo my then-fiance Wendy took for TTAG’s long-ago promotion that pal Dan Zimmerman posted.  That’s Nipsey the ferret starring with me – or “Nippers” for short.  You can call him Nippers too if you’ve got  a raisin, peanut butter or an adult beverage you’re willing to share with him (in moderation, of course).

All the lonely people?

Reading is fundamental.  Notice the third line:  “I am engaged”.

In fact, as a couple, we aren’t lonely either.  We are surrounded with the love and friendships of countless wonderful people.  If wealth is measured in good friends, I’m richer than Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and all their billionaire gun-grabbing buddies put together.  How wealthy am I?  We had about forty friends turn out to help us move.  That’s wealthy.

While I strive to keep my personal life somewhat private, I thought I’d share some photos from our wedding day to illustrate that point.

(And CSGV, these are copyrighted works and you do not have permission to reproduce them.)














And back to the CSGV post.

Here are some special snowflakes expressing their full-fledged bigotry for the world to see on Facebook.  I’ve sent each of them a message through Facebook, sharing with them their new-found fame.  Expecting to hear much caterwauling in the coming hours.

Christopher Buttner:  “Pedophile”

First up, Christopher Buttner from a photo from his Facebook page.

Buttner the bigot

And a photo of Dr. Christopher A. Buttner, DDS from Albuquerque, New Mexico from his practice’s website:

buttner web

One in the same?


Christopher Buttner is he a pedophile

Really now?  Taking a photo of a man standing with his pet and extrapolating that to “pedophile”?  Project much, Christopher?  From Wiki:

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

According to some research, the projection of one’s negative qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life.[2]

What’s on your hard drive, sir?


Irene Beck:  All hat, no cattle

From her Facebook page.


Irene Beck liar

Irene:  You talk a good game, but talk is cheap.  Email me a cancelled check and I’ll match you dollar for dollar in donations to Guns Save Life.  The difference?  My donation will actually get results.


Jan Terri Machinsky:  “Insane”

Jan Terri Machinskybigot

I’m insane?  By what metric are you making that diagnosis, Jan?  Does your work as a vocalist on Mercer Island, Washington give you special insight into mental health care?  Or is it just your bigotry against people who don’t think just like you?


Lisa Sanford Hopper:  “Turnip IQ”


Lisa Sanford Hopper, a member of the Facebook group, “Terminate The Republican Party“, and “LET’S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN…It’s a start! LGBT EQUALITY”  offers her brilliant insight into my IQ.

I’ll just say that while I have never joined MENSA, I’m eligible (at least three ways).  Are you, Lisa?


Paul Simons:  “Public masturbation”

Photo via Facebook.

Paul Simons bigot public masturbation

Paul Simons works in Philadephia and seemingly has a thing for accusing those he disagrees with of symbolic public masturbation.  Whoa.  Where did that come from?  Is that your Id showing, Paul?  (Projection?)


And we must admit, the CSGV’s peeps have fallen down on the job culling comments that deviate from their deviant party line.  We must say, I think their latest social media splash left them all wet:











I posted this at CSGV’s Facebook page with their graphic starring me.

It lasted about an hour.

You know, CSGV, I was going to send you a DMCA takedown notice as you’ve used my creative work without permission. But then my wife (ahem) reminded me that when your enemy is making a blunder, stay out of their way. Some of the comments in this thread are golden and I intend to use them to gain additional traffic at Guns Save Life’s website, which, I might add, already has *lots* more traffic that Sorry ’bout that.

22 thoughts on “CSGV AD HOMINEM ATTACK: CSGV can’t win, so they opt for personal attacks and cyber bullying”
  1. I was at that wedding with over a hundred others… If you guys are lonely, I would hate to meet people who have friends! 5 minutes with John or Wendy (preferably Wendy.. Sorry John) would clear up any confusion. But then again, we are talking about people who are off the rails anyway in their beliefs.. So, in the end there is no reasoning with them.. After all, they are the types that voted for Obama

  2. The sassy blue shoes are what I wore to get married in just so there’s no question about it. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  3. There is a medical term for what this CSGV pajama boy did – it’s called projection!

    John – smile. If this is the best they’ve got, then you already won.

  4. While I’m sorry you got dragged into this, it’s always great when the anti-gunners willingly expose their true colors, mood disorders, emotional problems, mental illness and all. They are “shooting themselves in the foot,” so to speak.

    These are broken and twisted people. The childish ad hominems point to stunted growth of emotional maturity. The wild accusations are textbook projection and are hints of something even more dark and sinister.

    Let’s be thankful this group is scared of guns because if they control firearms like they control their emotions somebody is going to get hurt.

    1. Yes, preferably themselves, not that I wish upon anyone ill-will, if the incurably mis-/un-informed these bigots represent ever tried their “skills” with firearms, they would be most likely to injure themselves than put any holes in a paper target or old soup cans.

  5. Seems like a wonderful wedding day. Guns, girls, love and happiness. I’m guessing there might have been some drinking and dancing later on, but it certainly isn’t something I would expect to see of a loaner insane pedophile marrying a miserable crazy cat woman.

    I only know John and Wendy through their classes and GSL. They are warm, wonderful people. The give so much of themselves to others in training and activism for our gun rights. As if they aren’t busy enough, I heard Wendy talking about helping wounded American servicemen through that HOOAH bunch this year.

    Funny how good people attract good people into their lives. It’s like they have a gravity about them. They attract fellow good people while leaving negative people behind to wallow in their bitter, hate-filled misery.

    I don’t count myself as a friend of theirs (yet), but would be honored to someday find myself there.

    Unlike these prejudiced-filled asses from CSGV.


  6. Appears to be a poor man’s version of what they call “doxing”. It’s supposed to embarrass and aggravate you.

    Ooh. Burn. /sarc off

  7. I am glad CSGV didn’t pick on someone easily intimidated by cyber bullying. Can’t wait to see if the CSGV supporters take it as nice as they give it. My money is that they’re gonna be snivelling bitches.

  8. I wish these CSGV people knew how funny they are with their projections. Every time they start one of these ad hominem attacks, its like bringing a knife to gunfight.

  9. I heart ferrets. CSGV followers show their asses again. Nothing new. The brain fairy can’t get to everyone, ya know.

    Good on you for pushing back.

  10. You don’t have to have much of an IQ or a pulse to see how tirelessly and selflessly John dedicates himself to the cause and serves others. If you’re as lucky as my wife and I to have trained with him, he’s even more impressive in person.

    He’s a good and decent man to boot.

    [Just don’t dream of attacking him … you’d be DRT quicker than a magic trick!]

  11. I have to agree with the post above: If this is the best the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has, then we’ve won this war.

    Who funds these people anyway? Obviously **they** are the ones with the turnip IQ.


  12. In addition to trash talking Chris Kyle, they are also trash talking Dakota Meyer, a CMOH winner.

    Those people are moonbats at best and some, like Dr. Butthead, are right down there with child molesters.

    Funny, can anyone remember them trash talking that Muslim that shot up the Texas Army base? Or the Muslims who did the Boston Marathon bombing? Or the Newtown killer? Or Gabby Giffords’ would-be killer?

    You’re in an elite club, John.

    Don’t let them get you down.

    F*** em and their distasteful, childish, and pathetic work and their equally bigoted, bed-wetting followers.

  13. Welcome to the club. I was the first one they chose to ‘out’ on Twitter, attempting to intimidate/harass me by repeatedly using my real name. They also denounced me as an insurrectionist in front of a US Senate Committee.

    They’re regularly lied, slandered, and libeled firearm owners including efforts to call child protective services for ‘abuse’. These people, like Richard Pearson said at IGOLD, are treacherous.

  14. John, to his MANY gun-supporting, law-abiding, Constitution-believing country-serving, gainfully-employed, Christian, real-existing friends (not Facebook “friends”)know that he would lay down his life for them if the situation would arise where his gun handling skills would be needed. In fact, he would also defend the lives of the very lib-idiots that mindlessly attack him, as they cower helplessly on the floor in front of lawless thugs with stolen guns. John IS that kind of selfless man. Keep up the good work! You are one of the good guys.

    1. Thanks.

      I’d probably stop to help someone with an Obama sticker on their car too.

      Two Obama stickers? Prolly not so much.


    2. A disabled vehicle with 0bama stickers on it? Call the local (or national) NAACP, or the revrun Al (not-so) Sharpton. See if they can send out an 0bamason. (Trevon, Michael Brown, et-al?)

  15. Keep up the great work John. I know you and Wendy don’t take personal attacks like this one too seriously….Who would? Obviously someone who did not learn in high school that attacking someone personally like this does nothing. I said before when I started recieveing phone calls from the terrorist…sorry….I meant Anti-2nd people…that its a lot like swatting a fly with a buick….and ya know what? It truly is. These people are sooo small in their personality, and mental structure that they are VERY small like a fly. Us? Big, bold, strong, and with the equipment to get the job done….not to mention the long endurance….just like a Buick!

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