Photo by CBS Detroit.

It was a very bad night for a layabout ne’erdowell as he went to rob a woman in Detroit.

Not only did he get shot, but then he got to play the role of chew toy for a pair of pit bulls afterwards when the suspect continued to advance on the woman after being shot.

The woman, who is a licensed to concealed carry, remains in custody and a lot of folks are asking why.

DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit homeowner who shot and seriously wounded an alleged intruder in her yard remains in police custody, although the reason is not clear.

The woman’s husband, Leon Jones, said his 46-year-old wife Stephanie was getting out of her Jeep early in the morning on Minden Street, near 6 Mile Road and Gratiot, when their dogs alerted her to an apparent intruder hiding in the gated backyard.

“The dogs were letting her know somebody was out there… They were letting her know: be aware, because they were very aggressive out there,” Jones told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas. “I think because of the dogs is why she’s here today; because she wouldn’t have had a chance to get to her weapon if the dogs didn’t let her know he was out there.”

Once the intruder was injured, the dogs took over, Jones said.

“When she shot him, the dogs took care of him — pulled him back into the yard on down the side of the house there,” he said.


3 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDING: Detroit woman shoots attacker outside home, then the dogs got him!”
  1. Good bite!

    Someone buy those dogs a nice steak.

    Or bring that a-hole back and let them snack on him some more!

    It’s time to demand the police release Stephanie Jones! #BLACK LIVES MATTER!


  2. It’s michigan. Don’t that tell you anything ? I am in Michigan a lot and anything that the police do there is no surprize to me. I just got back from there I cal tell you a lot of crap the cops do in michigan. Take a close look at one of their. Blue squad cars. Reminds me of. 1945 !!! I hate going there but I have a lot of work up there !!

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