Michaela Fialova photo via UK Daily Mail.
Michaela Fialova poses in front of a trophy.  The anti-hunting kooks are aghast at her hunting, while being completely oblivious to the role hunters play in developing and maintaining healthy habitat for wild animals.

Ah, the would-be fascists who hate hunting (and your gun rights!).

Their campaign against hunting, in part by portraying hunters as redneck hillbillies with missing teeth and intelligence has been remarkably effective, particularly in the big cities where folks have limited exposure to the rural way of life so prevalent in the majority of America.

The same is true of Europe, only with greater population density, the urban bias against hunting (and gun ownership) is a little stronger.

So enter a cute, “hip” Czech huntress Michaela Fialova who is causing the anti-hunters fits.  She’s good looking, charming, stylish and adventurous.


In other words she’s breaking every one of the anti-hunting moonbats’ stereotypes of hunters.

And the moonbats are scared.

They’ve gone into overdrive to “fight” Michaela by circulating a petition at Barack Obama’s Change.org.  It’s titled:  “Ban Michaela Michaelka Fialova from Africa and shut down her Facebook page promoting trophy hunting as being a glamorous thing to do”.

While social media petitions have about as much force of law as a bowel movement, they do represent democracy in action.

Democracy, of course, is two wolves and a sheep voting on who’s for dinner.


So, how is the 27-year-old Michaela handling the pressure from the anti-hunting would-be fascists?

She put up a video on how to prepare zebra and impala steaks, of course.  Yummy.  And hint: they don’t taste like chicken.

Pity the left-wing zealots who play the “tolerance” game unless and until it comes to tolerating beliefs that differ from their own.

Here’s the link to the story from the UK Daily Mail…  Check it out for nothing more than the great photos.  Heaven knows the story itself is awful.





9 thoughts on “RUNNING SCARED: Anti-hunting moonbats seek to ban sexy Czech huntress from Africa”
  1. I am pro hunting and enjoy gsl articles but don’t agree with this at all. If one is to take an animal’s life there should be a respect for the animal’s life. Killing endangered animals flys in the face of conservation. Even in the hunter safety courses you are taught not to flaunt kills as it makes you a bad steward to the sport of hunting And that you may end up alienating someone that might have otherwise have become a good avid hunter or shooter. I’m Kinda dissapointed with you guys. I do not agree with this type of hunting. Deliberately throwing this stuff out there to piss the other side off is a disservice to the community you attempt to serve. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

    1. You have a lot of research to do. Nice opinion though too bad they aren’t facts. The animals hunted are old and cannot contribute to the gene pool anymore. They can no longer breed yet injure younger animals that can. Thousands of dollars are raised from the sale of the tag. Before you knock this kind of hunting please ask yourself this question, when if ever have you donated thousands of dollars towards conservation and fed hungry natives? Yeah I didn’t this so, do some research so you don’t look so stupid next time you comment. You really shouldn’t comment on something you obviously know nothing about.

    2. Just in what way do you see the animals in the pictures are unable to reproduce anymore. I dont think the hunters deliberately go after animals that look old. Even if they are old, the nature will take care of it, humans have intervened the world enough.The thing is, she is trying to promote trophy hunting as a glorious thing to do when it is not! Animal kill to survive while humans kill for pleasure! What people are pissed about this bitch is that she doesnt repect life. You take away life, you have to reapect it, not showing off on the social media.

  2. Get a little more informed on hunting in Africa, and how it actually promotes the survival of the species.

  3. Aaron, you’re all wet.

    Get educated, my fellow GSL reader. Tourist hunting revenue is one of the largest money makers for the economy, especially in southern Africa. That money helps preserve and promote the game species she hunts – like America’s Pittman-Robertson monies are supposed to do in America when they aren’t siphoned off by the likes of anti-gun, anti-hunting liberal Democrats to fund abortion and welfare for illegals.


  4. Agree with other posters. Todd Vandermyde had a great presentation at the Pontiac meeting a couple of months ago about his week-long trip to South Africa.

    He dumped a ton of money there, the vast majority supporting the ecology and healthy populations of game animals.

    Meanwhile, when was the last time PETA and their ilk spent money on habitat for healthy animal populations?


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