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The mainstream media are constantly searching for the next Michael Brown story in their desperate attempt to retain some viewers/readers for their failing business model of bringing a leftist spin to the news.

A week or so ago, it was the YouTube video (caution language) of LA cops shooting a homeless man as he lay on his back on the ground.

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The mainstream media and the leftists in America were outraged at what they tried to sell as oppressive LA cops shooting a poor, unarmed homeless man minding his own business.

The reality:  The man, a convicted bank armed robber who has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals, was being questioned because he was accused of robbing and assaulting another homeless man.  Old habits die hard for the member of America’s criminal class, who fought violently with several cops, ignoring their commands and trying to hurt them.  At one point, he grabbed a cop’s gun and tried to shoot the cops.

They shot him dead right there, saving California’s handful of remaining taxpayers the cost of incarcerating this violent lunatic.

Obviously, the video and the back story didn’t bring any real increase in viewers or readers to the mainstream media.  After just a day or three, it was only the far left kooks who hung with the storyline that it was police brutality and malfeasance that led to the would-be cop-killer’s death.

Looks like a legitimate member of the media, doesn’t he?  At least he wears his bias on his chest.


Now: Madison

Killings by Police Madison

Now, we have the latest case from the liberal city of Madison, Wisconsin after the shooting of a 19-year-old black man named Tony Robinson by a white cop.

The Black Lives Matter / “I can’t breathe” crowd claim this cop shot down this poor, unarmed young man after chasing him into an apartment on suspicion of jaywalking.

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Tony Robinson.

The reality:   Robinson was a convicted armed robber on probation (the liberal catch and release criminal justice system sentences an armed robbery to probation?).   A neighbor of Robinson told a local paper that he was a good boy and armed robbery was so “out of character” for him.  After asking him about his conviction, she said he told her “he would never do anything like that again.”  He was (surprise!) more recently arrested as part of a quartet caught after an armed home invasion in Madison.

Why did the cop chase the 19-year-old?  Was he really just jaywalking?

Not according to the NY Daily News (take that for what it’s worth):

Madison police were told that Tony Robinson had assaulted a friend, tried to strangle another person and was “yelling and jumping in front of cars” by dispatchers minutes before the unarmed teenager was fatally shot Friday night.

Hearing a disturbance inside, the cop went inside and was attacked by Robinson and shot him.

We’ll have to wait for the evidence to show whether or not the shooting was justified, however Robinson’s grandmother wasn’t waiting and took to Facebook (via a story at Heavy.com).

To u officer, who shot my unarmed grandson 5 times, who was running away from u while u were pulling out your gun and chasing him, where was your taser. I want u to know the young man u killed was gentle loving great kid. U took away the day he turned 35. U took away my great grandkids. This, what they call a wrongful death. This what I call murder.

His mom identified him as a good boy (also via Heavy.com):

Robinson’s mother, Andrea Irwin talked Saturday morning to WKOW and said, “My son has never been a violent person. And to die in such a violent, violent way, it baffles me.”

Never was a violent person?

An armed robbery conviction, an arrest for armed home invasion and more police contact on the night of his death under suspicion of beating one person and trying to strangle another isn’t a violent person?

Robinson’s momma ought to look in the mirror to see why her son is pushing up daisies now.

7 thoughts on “GRASPING FOR STRAWS: The latest Michael Brown from Madison, WI?”
  1. I don’t know about the evidence, but since this armed robber’s grandmother can offer her opinion, I’ll offer mine:

    Good shoot, officer.

    Last time I checked, cops don’t go around shooting compliant, law-abiding Americans.

    Thank you also for saving the taxpayers for all the welfare and incarceration costs. That armed robber piece of crap was never going to be anything but a boil on society’s ass.


    1. Meanwhile, in a million other instances, everything went as it was supposed to.

      Cops are like gun owners: The overwhelming vast majority are good people doing good work.

      There’s ALWAYS going to be an exception.


    2. Yes We know…all of us white people are racist and in violation of the civil rights act all because we are WHITE………Do yourself a favor …….GFYS.

  2. Hold on, he was arrested for two separate armed robberies? I read about the home invasion. What was the other one?

  3. I watched the armed gang in blue shoot the unarmed homeless man in LA. I saw him GRAB for NO GUN. NOBODY’s gun. He didn’t do it.

    The only way you consider this NOT another case of a cop killer is if you mindlessly and blindly believe everything a cop says. Remember this as they BEAT YOU TO DEATH while every one of them screams “STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING STOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTINGSTOPRESISTING”

    i WOULDNT believe anything any cop told me ever.

    I’ve been in trial and watched cops LIE through their teeth under oath before GOD country and fellow man without compunction, even about little irrelevant things. COPS will lie about anything and everything.

    The next JURY I get to sit on I pray it’s a cop/killer, cause he’ll go down.

    THE LA shooting was just another cop murderer.

    Just wait, it’s coming to an east Central Illinois copshop near you.

    Cops are the same the world over – not to be trusted.

    Shame on you all who support these murdering thugs.

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