Michael Bloomberg and his Everytown for Gun Control group has teamed up with Al-Jazeera America, the ISIS-loving Muslim news network, to announce the hiring of Jennifer Mascia, a mafia hit man’s daughter.  Mascia’s job will be to advocate for more failed gun control laws, “personalizing the carnage”.


She claims she didn’t know her dad was a murderer until she was 22.  He killed a half-dozen or more people that she knows of.  She feels her work reporting on gun violence is an “atonement” for her father’s kills.

…As though gun control laws would have stopped her father from murdering people.  Do you think her father cared about gun control laws when he was putting bullets into the people he killed for the mob?

She started her gun control reporting/advocacy at the New York Times.  Yes, all the news that’s fit to print as written by a mafia hit man’s daughter.  She wrote for a blog at the Times for a number of months before it was shut down.

Facebook photo via NY Times.
Profiling gang violence “victims” like this one to advocate for taking away American’s constitutional rights didn’t result in an uptick of readership at the New York Times online.  The Times eventually parted ways with Jennifer Mascia, helping them cut costs.

Now, her new role as a working girl is reporting on America’s gun “violence” for Michael Bloomberg.  al-Jazeera America touted her new role in a story titled “America’s best hope for tracking gun deaths is a mob enforcer’s daughter” with a subhead of “A former New York Times Gun Report researcher is reviving her daily gun violence reporting at Everytown for Gun Safety.”

We hope she does better reporting than she’s done in the past.

Then again, if she wasn’t smart enough to figure out her dad was a mob killer in her first 22 years on this earth, she might not be smart enough to recognize the truth if it mugged her.




4 thoughts on “BLOOMBERG TEAMS WITH ALJAZEERA: Gun news in America from a mafia hit man’s daughter”
  1. Bloomberg, Al Jazeera and the mob all working together. How nice.

    What do each of these groups gain if we are disarmed? They gain power over us! Who would of thought!

    Bloomberg says publicly that minorities should be deprived the right to keep and bear arms. This is history repeating itself. Did you know that MLK requested a concealed carry permit? The Democrat Pols of the day declined his request – for his own protection, of course. Bloomberg is just another ignorant, controlling, racist pol in a long line of ignorant, controlling, racist pols.

  2. I find I prefer AlJazeera to other news outlets because their news seems to cover issues with less bias on either side. Isis loving? I haven’t gotten that impression at all. I especially like the detailed 30-minute detailed coverage of different issues I’ve never thought of before. Very eye-opening. Topics range from multiple sclerosis to politics, to techno informations. The only reason I watch the other outlets is for local news coverage.

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